Waxing services at home for women

Women have been on the quest for beauty since times immemorial. And they have been pushing the beauty demanding boundaries in search of elegance. Surely unwanted hair is a hostile enemy to flawless beauty and this all women have unknown for thousands of years. And waxing of hair is not a new concept at all. What all has changed is the method to access these services. Where earlier, the majority of women used to go to the salon to remove hair now, it is the other way round. 

Waxing services at home for women is now the new approach for smooth and elegant skin. Home waxing services have surely brought about significant changes in the lives of women. With this way, a beautician reaches out to you at your home and gives you your requested services. It has numerous advantages and benefits as we have discussed ahead. 

Why to take waxing services at home for women from The Monsha’s

When it comes to Waxing services at home for women, The Monsha’s is one of the leading names. This is because the company invests heavily into its beautician and at multiple levels. You can always be sure about booking a waxing service from the Monsha’s as all its beauticians are product educated and skillful. As The Monsha’s provides in depth training on product and knowledge and its practical applications. 

The beauticians have deep knowledge when it comes to wax. They know how many different types of wax are available and what role each of them plays. All of this goes in accordance with your skin as your skin is wax sensitive. Not everyone’s skin is suitable for every type of wax. And this is where product knowledge of the beautician comes into play. If you are not sure which type of wax you should opt for, you can always ask our beautician. She would explain to you different types of wax available and the differences between each one of them.

This ensures you opt for that wax type which is apt for you. And when you use wax compatible with your skin, you can see remarkable results. Also, The Monsha’s beautician does not limit themselves to knowledge when it comes to Waxing services at home for women. They exhibit great talent in its application as well. You would realize that no matter which beautician serves you, she is just as skillful as the other. The reason for their expertise is because the Monsha’s as a company allocates it time for building the beautician’s skills. 

With hundreds of hours of practice over mock customers, it makes them fit for real life customers. And hardcore practice is visible in their impeccable skills and professionalism. They provide Waxing services at home for women like no one else which makes not one drop spill on your floor. The beauticians make sure to dispose of used wax strips post waxing. 

How to book waxing services at home for women

You can now book Waxing services at home for women from The Monsha’s quite easily by following these simple steps. 

Step 1

Simply log in to the website. It would open up the homepage for you. Find a beautiful girl icon and click on it. It would take you to a second page with all the services for women. 

Step 2

Once you are on the second page of women services, find a waxing icon which represents Waxing services at home for women. Click on this icon which would open up waxing services pertaining to different body parts. Simply choose which body part waxing services you need. Add it to the cart by clicking the book now option. And then proceed to the cart.

Step 3

Proceed to cart option takes you to the final page. Here, fill up all of your relevant personal details along with your preferred date and time. Once you make the payment, it confirms your booking for Waxing services at home for women. 

You can now be sure of a beautician who would arrive at your home and deliver wax services. The beauticians are always on time so you may want to prepare yourself by organizing your work beforehand.


  • Here is a better way to sum up the entire booking procedure. 

The Monsha’s home page > women services icon > Waxing services at home for women icon > select service and pay.


  • Know your wax before you book home waxing service.

Some people do not care about the type of wax a beautician is about to use. This is because most people think waxing is all about removing hair and that is that. But, little do people realize that different types of wax affect you differently. As people have different types of skin, they need to care for their skin accordingly. This makes the process of hair removal easier while simultaneously taking care of your skin needs.

Let us take a better look at different types of wax for home waxing service. 

Wax can be classified into two broad categories. Soft wax and hard wax and then they have sub-categories built into you. 

Soft wax

The name soft wax implies it is soft to look at and to even touch. Soft wax is suitable to apply over large body parts like whole arms, legs and belly and back. This is because it has high spreadibility and spreads easily over a large area. It requires large use of wax strips which the beautician places over it and then rips it in the opposite direction of growth of hair. 

Honey wax, dark chocolate wax, white chocolate wax and aloe vera wax fall under this category.

  • Pros of Soft Wax

Soft wax has a high spreadibility. Due to this reason, it spreads over large body parts like your legs, arms or back/belly. Moreover, soft wax is quite inexpensive and due to this it is widely available. You can avail any of the services of soft wax starting from about 300 Rs

  • Cons of Soft Wax

On the other hand, soft wax also has some disadvantages. It is quite painful as it sticks to both skin and hair. As a result, it causes quite some pain. Also, soft wax has less stickability due to which it does not pull off all the hair in one go. And it requires multiple application of soft wax and repeated ripping. Due to this, it makes the skin sensitive and may become red, although temporarily.

Hard wax

As the name suggests, hard wax is the one which hardens upon application. It is quite a paradox that hard wax is quite gentle on the skin. It has the property of sticking to hair and not to the skin. This is its major distinguishing factor from soft wax. And it is generally used on wax


Types of soft wax :-

Honey wax

Many women opt for honey waxing when it comes to Waxing services at home for women. They believe that it contains honey and since it gives off quite a sweet smell of honey, they believe it all the more. But, they are quite far from the truth. Though, its name is honey but there is not a single drop of honey in it. It is named so because it is made up of sugar molasses and other chemical compounds. Artificial fragrance builders are added to it to make it smell like honey. 

Honey wax is a type of soft wax. Please read above if you want to know about soft wax. Although honey wax is inexpensive, none of the women should ideally prefer it. This is because it is not suitable for skin due to its heavy chemical base. It may cause skin irritation or redness. 

Chocolate wax

Chocolate wax is one of the most preferred waxing services at home for women. This is because chocolate wax contains the goodness of cocoa, is very lightly based on chemicals and is quite affordable. On top of all it yields marvelous results. Chocolate wax is also a type of soft wax with high spreadibility and is able to remove hair from large body parts. 

It also takes care of the skin as it is quite gentle towards the skin. Although, it does have the potential to irritate skin as it also contains harmful chemicals. Since, the quantity of chemicals is less, the chances are also less. 

Aloe vera wax

Rarely does anyone opt for aloe vera wax while opting for waxing services at home for women. This is because not many are aware of it. But, it has its own crucial place among the other types of wax. It contains the goodness of aloe vera, and since aloe vera is known for curing dryness, aloe vera wax is most suitable for dry wax. 

Waxing is a process which causes dryness of skin since it requires the application of warm wax. Warm wax causes imbalance in the moisture content of skin causing it to dry. The situation worsens if someone is having dry skin as it makes it even drier. The solution is to opt for aloe vera wax for waxing services at home for women.

It contains mucopolysaccharides which help to bind the moisture to the skin cells thus making it appear hydrated


White chocolate wax

Hair removal via white chocolate wax is the most expensive waxing service at home for women. And since it is expensive it has certain properties to it which makes it stand apart. White chocolate wax has the property of sticking to the hair more than skin. And when the beautician rips the wax strips, it pulls out hair and not skin. 

The major point which differentiates white chocolate wax from the rest is absence of colophony. Colophony is a very strong skin irritant and is present in every wax type. There is an entire process which dedicatedly removes colophony from the wax. Since the process is an expensive one, not every wax is devoid of colophony. 

This is the major reason why white chocolate wax is suitable for almost all skin types. And there are no cases of skin irritation. 


Types of hard wax :-

Brazilian wax

Brazilian wax is a type of hard wax. This is suitable for small and sensitive body parts like the intimate area, underarms or face. It hardens upon application and its removal does not require strips. Since it is specially formulated for sensitive body parts it causes less pain. Moreover, it sticks specifically to the hair and not to the skin. It further creates vacuum around the hair follicle which makes the removal of hair even easier. 

Since, Brazilian wax is categorized in hard wax type.

Face Wax

Face waxing is one of the key waxing components of home waxing services. It is becoming increasingly popular as a way to remove unwanted facial hair. It is a relatively quick and easy process that can leave your skin looking smooth and hair-free. Beautician applies face wax in the same direction as your hair growth. After the wax application, it dries quickly which also sticks to all the hair. And then the beautician pulls the wax off in the opposite direction of your hair growth. You may feel a slight stinging sensation when the beautician rips of the wax, but it subsides quickly. 

To reduce redness and inflammation, beautician uses a soothing product such as aloe vera gel or a cold compress. Face waxing is an effective way to remove unwanted facial hair. Yet, it’s important to use the right techniques to ensure the best results. You must take face waxing services from only some reliable home waxing services platform. As it is a matter concerning your face, and not hiring a beautician at home good enough at her job may even burn your face.


  • Benefits of waxing services at home for women

There are a lot of benefits of waxing services at home for women which help you in the longer run.

Removes tan

Hair waxing apart from removing hair removes tan as well. The top most layer of your skin accumulates a lot of dirt and atmospheric pollutants. Taking a bath is just not enough as you need something a lot more effective. Application of wax and subsequent ripping of wax strips removes unhealthy and tanned skin cells. 

Since, top most layer of the skin is peeled away, it effectively removes sun tan and gives off better skin. 


Bright and beautiful skin

As we have explained above how the abrasiveness of the atmosphere leads to dull skin. All the dirt accumulated on the top most layer of the skin gives it a shabby look. And simply washing yourself off is just not enough. Home waxing services help you to shed your unpleasant uppermost layer of skin. This allows for the new skin cells to come to the top.

Since new cells replace the old and unpleasant looking cells, they contribute to the beauty of skin. As a result the brightness of the new skin cells is immediately visible. 


Smooth skin

Home waxing services surely remove hair which is one reason to make the skin smooth. But, only hair removal is not the only factor which is responsible for making the skin smooth. The dirt and pollutants of the atmosphere quite conveniently find spaces in the skin to embed themselves into. This leads to the degeneration of the skin at a microscopic level. It also makes the skin rough in texture to both touch and look at. 

Home waxing services pull out the hair from the follicles along with dirt which is responsible for making the skin rough. And combining both the factors have a hugely synergistic effect on the skin.


Waxing services at home for women are a great way to boost confidence and self-esteem. Waxing is a relatively quick and easy process that leaves skin feeling smooth and soft. It so happens in the privacy of your own home, which eliminates the need to go to a salon or spa. For many women, waxing can be a liberating experience. It helps them to feel more confident and in control of their body. And with waxing services at home for women, you don’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable in front of strangers. When done properly, waxing can make you feel more beautiful and confident in your own skin. So, if you’re looking for a way to feel great about yourself, consider giving at-home waxing services a try.



Do home waxing services hurt?

Yes, home waxing services is all about hair removal. And of course, waxing hurts. Yet the amount of pain depends upon your hair thickness and pain tolerability.

Why does waxing hurt?

Waxing is a method of hair removal from the hair follicles. Since, hair is connected to the nerves and other biological elements, pulling hair out causes pain. Hair in itself does not contain any nerve but only the base of the root is connected to some. The disconnection creates a painful sensation. 

How long does it take for a waxing session?

The time for a waxing session to complete is dependent upon various factors. It depends upon your overall body dimensions, from how many body parts you want to remove hair, type of wax and your personal tolerability.

Usually it takes about 45 minutes for a girl of average proportions to take full arms and full legs waxing services. 

I am taking waxing for the first time, will it hurt?

Removal of hair is always painful. The extent of pain you would experience depends upon your personal tolerability of pain. It varies from person to person. Yes, taking waxing service for the first time is surely going to be painful, but it is manageable. The pain would usually subside in 5-7 minutes post waxing. All you would be left with is a tingling sensation and that is it.

What to do to reduce the pain of waxing?

Pain of waxing is a tolerable pain. Firstly, there is no need to worry about it. And secondly, if you really are worried then you may take a regular pain killer. It is available over the counter from any pharmacy. Just make sure to take the pain killer after having some food and in advance before the waxing service. Remember, take it only if you think that the pain is truly unbearable.

Can I take waxing in pregnancy?

You should not opt for waxing in pregnancy as the skin and the body as a whole is quite sensitive. Due to this the pain experiences is elevated to a high degree. It can be so high that you might not be able to put up with the entire waxing session. 

Which wax should I use for waxing?

You can use any wax that you like. However, if you want to go with a better quality, we suggest you go with white chocolate wax. It is a little costly, but it is quite effective in removing hair. And if your budget is a concern, then opt for dark chocolate waxing. It is quite affordable and fits in anyone’s budget. 

My skin is dry, which wax should I use?

Women with dry skin can opt for wax with the goodness of aloe vera. As it hydrates the skin and keeps the moisture intact.

My skin is sensitive, which wax should I use?

If you have sensitive skin, you should opt for white chocolate wax. It does not contain colophony which is a potent skin sensitizer. And it is the major reason for causing redness or inflammation which is usually the case with other wax types. 

My skin is normal, which wax should I use?

If your skin is normal then you may use any wax. However, we recommend that you use at least dark chocolate wax. It is quite affordable and delivers good results. If your budget allows, you may go on for white chocolate wax which is much more efficient at removing hair. 

I have oily skin, can I still have wax?

Women with oily skin can opt for waxing without any hassles. The beautician would remove all the excess oil by dabbing a tissue sheet over it. She may even apply powder to soak all the moisture and any oil. This way the body part becomes as dry as is fit for waxing.

Should I apply anything before waxing?

 There is generally no need to apply anything before waxing as the beautician would take care of it. But, if you want to you may moisturize your body with any moisturizer or lotion. It would help you to keep your skin soft and hydrated and is a good idea to prep your skin before waxing at home services for women begins.

Should I take care of my skin post waxing?

You must take care of you skin post waxing as the skin becomes sensitive and tender. The beautician applies post wax lotion which is absolutely essential once she finishes up with waxing at home services for women.

How should I care for my skin post waxing?

You can apply hydrating lotion or cream which provides moisture to the skin. It helps the skin to overcome sensitivity and guards against any infection. It also prevents the skin from becoming dry.