Waxing (Men)



Men waxing at home

Men have become more concerned with their personal grooming lately. Whether it is their face, arm or legs, they want their entire personality aesthetically appealing. Taking this further, men waxing at home has now become one of the leading most grooming service. It helps the men to get rid of all the unwanted body hair and attain a smooth touch. And soft skin is just one aspect of men waxing at home as we uncover lot of other benefits.

The essence of men waxing at home


There was a time when men used to keep their chest and arms hair all exposed. Where, somehow, having bodily hair for men became a visible symbol of machoism and bravery. But, the tables have now turned. Going all out on body hair is the new anthem amongst men as well. Gone are those days when waxing body hair was an “all-women” thing. Now more men are opting for waxing services. 

Men waxing at home made the people realize comfort and confidence of a soft skin. Removal of body hair 


The process of waxing

The process of waxing is a fairly easy one. It is so easy that by merely looking at it you would learn it. Let us unfold the process to waxing.

The very first thing you need is a wax heater. Plug it in to a socket and pour wax into it. Allow it to attain a fluid state. Take a spatula and apply a very thin layer of wax in the direction of growth of hair. Place a wax strip on the body part where you applied wax and rip the wax strip. Always remember to rip the wax strip in the direction opposite to the growth of hair grain. This allows the effective removal of hair form their follicle in just one go. 

Repeat the process till you remove all the hair and then apply oil/gel. This helps the skin to hydrate and protect the new layer of skin. And here you are, all waxed up with smooth and soft skin.

General benefits of men waxing at home

  • Removes hair quickly

Of course men waxing at home is for the purpose of removing hair. But, what is important is that it removes hair quite quickly. It is the effectiveness of hair waxing to clean large part of the body from hair in just minutes. 

  • Removes tan

Once the beautician applies the wax and rips it off, it is not only pulling out hair but also tan. Yes, waxing does remove tan and dull layer of skin. The harsh atmospheric conditions and strong sunlight beats down skin quite badly. It results in tanning of skin, intertwined with it is the layer of dead cells. Collectively it gives a dull look and a rough texture to the skin. Waxing clears this layer off making way for new layer of cell which is all shiny and smooth. 

  • Makes skin soft

Waxing leads to better skin. Of course removal of hair leads to smoothness of skin. But, apart from removing hair, it also removes dirt and dust. This helps the skin to become free of pollutants and breathe easy. You can feel the softness of the skin not only by touching, which of course it is, but by merely looking at it. 


More benefits of men waxing at home

There are numerous benefits of men waxing at home. Let us have a look at them one by one.

  • Saves time

Men waxing at home allows you stay inside as a beautician visits you at your home. This means you do not have to travel to a salon. The beautician carries with him all the essentials like wax heater, wax strips, tissues in a bag. The waxing session starts as soon as you allow the beautician inside. 

  • Saves money

Men waxing at home cost half of what you otherwise pay in a beauty studio. Money is an important factor when it comes to deciding any product or a service. And when you can book waxing sessions at home at half the price, then why should you not. Paying less with same quality of services is definitely palatable. 

In case you are wondering how come men waxing at home is available for half the prices, let us explain. It becomes possible because of the elimination of all the middle factors which increases the prices. Rent of studio, salaries of staff, infrastructure and many other miscellaneous expenses increase the final invoice. This, sadly, is to be borne by the customer. But, with men waxing at home all these factors disappear giving you substantial savings at the financial front. 

  • No traffic

Let us face it and simultaneously accept it that getting struck in a traffic jam is a nightmare. Travelling to salon definitely comes at a price sacrificing peace of mind.  Imaging all the honking of horns and beating the traffic and then finding a sweet parking spot. It surely takes a toll mentally. With men waxing at home, it is the beautician who has to travel to you. You can stay inside and let the beautician reach your doorsteps

  • No waiting

One plus of men waxing at home is that is commences soon after the beautician reaching your home. As you are the only client he has to serve, things speed up naturally and finish at a faster pace. Contrasting this with the waiting one generally has to go through in a salon is quite the pain. There generally are one or two before you in the queue. And last minute addition of services excoriates the pain wounds further. 

  • More focus

With men waxing at home, as there is no one before or after you. This means the beautician can solely concentrate on you while providing you waxing services. This is quite important from the stand point of customer experience and ultimately satisfaction. We all had that one time when our years old beautician had to hush up with the services as there were other clients waiting. This yields a poor quality of services. 

  • Convenience

Men waxing at home provides you ease of services at home hence enhancing your convenience altogether. What you all have to do for men waxing at home service is literally nothing. You can keep one wearing your boxer shorts or pyjamas or anything else which you is comfortable. You can lie down on you bed, couch or sit upright on a chair. You can even take a break in the middle of the waxing session. You may even choose to watch a web series, may be a match. 

This is how convenient exactly men waxing at home is. You literally have to sit back while the things happen.

  • Quick shower

Having a shower after waxing is absolutely important and necessary. Mainly because waxing leaves behind tacky and sticky feeling which is rather uncomfortable. Bathing helps wash of all the stickiness of wax. And with men waxing at home, you can take bath as soon as the beautician goes away. When taking a waxing session from a salon, you have to travel all the way back to home. All this while there is this tacky feeling you have to fight which can be a bit annoying. 

What to expect of full body waxing in Delhi for male

The demand for full body waxing in Delhi for male has been constantly rising. But, there are many who do not know much when it comes to booking the service. There are many things that you should know which tag along with full body waxing in Delhi for male. Let us have a look.

  • Punctuality. 

The beauticians providing full body waxing in Delhi for male are highly professional. Meaning, they reach your place on or before time. As there are appointments lined up after your service, it would be best to expect their timely arrival. This helps the service to takes place quickly and smoothly. 

  • Arrangements

Full body waxing in Delhi for male does not require much except of course the basic amenities. These everyone has in their homes like air conditioner and a power socket. This all what the beautician need to start waxing your hair off. Once there, the beautician makes you sit and puts the wax for heating. This is when the waxing starts. 

In case you are wondering why is air conditioner important for full body waxing in Delhi for male then let us explain. Ideally, waxing requires an atmosphere devoid of humidity. Humid atmosphere loaded with moisture interferes with waxing. Due to this, the wax does not stick to the hair properly and the beautician may end up applying wax 3-4 times on the same area. 


How to care for skin post full body waxing in Delhi for male?

Once you take waxing service, it is absolutely essential for you to take care of your skin post service. Although the beautician applies cream post service but you still need to take care of it. You can take care for your skin in the following ways. 

  • Apply nourishing cream 

After full body waxing in Delhi for male service, application of a nourishing cream helps the skin to sooth. Waxing, though yields marvelous results, is a bit harsh while it is under process. The application of warm wax and subsequent ripping definitely goes against the sanctity of the skin. Although, temporarily. This is why you should allow it both time and some nourishing cream to recover. You can choose any nourishing cream that you may have in your home. It would be best if it is rich in vitamin E.

  • Applying oil

If you do not have or do not want to apply some skin cream/lotion, then opt for oil. Applying oil works equally well. Rather it is more effective as it is all natural which is quite skin friendly. It helps to calm the skin and soothe it so the skin can recover. Application of oil also takes care of dryness and inflammation that may be there in certain cases.  

  • No or low exposure to sun

Do not expose your skin to sun especially immediately after the waxing session. There is a general tendency in everyone to show soft satin skin to the world immediately after waxing. But, it can badly backfire. The skin become quite sensitive to harsh environment. Exposing to sunlight may cause further irritation/inflammation of redness of skin. For at least the first two days, you must keep your skin hydrated with cream/oil and covered up with clothes.

  • No scrubbing

As obvious as it is, people still make mistake of scrubbing their skin post waxing. We had just cited above how sensitive skin becomes because it removes the dead layer of cells. By scrubbing you are simply aggravating the newly formed layer of cells. This may not end up well and you may develop rash. 

Why should you opt for The Monsha’s full body waxing in delhi for male

The Monsha’s is a well-known name when it comes to personal grooming services. And with it comes huge responsibility of providing high quality services simultaneously ensuring customer satisfaction. Here are reasons as to why should you opt for The Monsha’s full body waxing in Delhi for male.

  • Training

The Monsha’s makes sure that all the professionals receive proper training. The training sessions classify themselves into two broad categories. One is all about product knowledge and the other dedicates to the practical sessions. Let us have a look at what happens in both of these. 

First is the knowledge about different types of products. There are many types of waxes like honey wax, dark chocolate, white chocolate, aloe-vera wax to choose from. We provide an enhanced and in-depth knowledge of waxes and the ingredients they contain. How one particular wax behaves and what makes it different from the rest. Which wax suits a particular skin type and many more questions? This is what creates a solid bed rock of knowledge which finds its proper application on the clients. 

To give you an example, when a customer chooses waxing he does not have much knowledge about wax. So he ends up choosing randomly or as per his budget. When the beautician examines the skin type of the person only then is the decision tested truly. One wax type does not suit all. And this is how the beautician suggests you in making the right choices for remarkable results. 

  • Practical training

Practical training of the beauticians is as important as imparting them product knowledge. In practical training, The Monsha’s makes sure that each professional grabs the right techniques of waxing. Right from the very application of wax to stripping them off. Practical training focuses on how much to heat wax and in what manner to apply it. As there is difference in wax types, it is important to know how to handle each one. 

  • Punctuality

The Monsha’s deems your time as the most important and-non recoverable asset. Keeping this in mind all our beautician professionals reach your place on or before time. Full body waxing in Delhi for male is already time consuming where being on time is absolutely essential. This allows the timely completion of the service and you can also hop back on your schedule. Following times sorts many things out by themselves. 

  • Safety and hygiene.

All the beautician take special care in not just cleaning but sanitizing all the tools. This involves wax heater and other related things before starting with full body waxing in Delhi for male. The sanitizer is GMP certified which ensures killing of all the germs. To further advance the safety measures, The Monsha’s beauticians use one time use disposables. Tissues, cotton sheets and wooden spatula for applying wax are used only once and discarded. This helps in curbing the spread of germs to quite an extent. 

  • Polite and ever helping beauticians. 

This is where The Monsha’s makes most of its investment. Most of the professional catch up with the training sessions. But, when it comes to make professional changes in behaviour, it really poses as a challenge. Since people are used to being just themselves, they initially lack many things professional interaction skills. It is not as much about full body waxing in Delhi for male as other things associated with it. 

Therefore, The Monsha’s trains them for developing polite demeanour towards the customer all throughout the service. Starting from a polite greeting at the door to making you quite comfortable in your own home. And of course paying attention to what you as a client request and delivering just that. This is how our beauticians leave behind a lasting impact. 

Types of wax

There are quite a lot of varieties when it comes to wax. And it is absolutely important for you to know about them before you book yourself full body waxing in Delhi for male. It helps you to choose a specific type of wax rather than random gambling. 

One can broadly classify wax into two categories. Soft wax and hard wax. Let us have a look at both of them.

  • Soft wax

As the name goes, soft wax are generally soft both to look at and to apply. Soft wax upon application adheres to both skin and hair. Applying a thin layer of wax is relatively easy one warmed up as it has thin consistency.  It usually require two or three application of wax layer on the same area. Since it sticks to both skin and hair it is more painful. 

There definitely is a monetary benefit attached to it as it costs less. This is the reason that you can opt for this wax when going for larger body parts like arms, legs and back. Although, a couple of application it may take to remove hair but it gets the job done. 

Sugar/honey and dark chocolate wax falls into this category. 

  • Hard wax

Hard wax as the name suggest are quite hard when it comes to application. It sticks to mainly hair and not the skin and hence causes less pain. The best part with hard wax is you do have to apply it only once. It is so effective that in a single application on a particular body part, it removes all the hair. Plus, it is colophony free, which is a skin irritant. This keeps the skin healthy and soft. 

As hard wax delivers high quality and effective hair removal it thereby results in high cost. The cost of hard wax is usually twice that of dark chocolate wax. It is not the price of service rather the pack of wax as such which costs more at the retail store itself. 

White chocolate wax falls in this category of wax. 

There is third type of wax which you may want to consider. It is the Brazilian/bikini wax. By definition it finds its place in hard wax category but it is super hard. Upon warming and its application it forms a thick layer. You do not have to use wax strips. As the layer is quite thick that you need to rip it by your hands. 

This wax is used to cover very small areas where you find hard and stubborn hair. Usually intimate areas, arm pits and face finds the best use. Here the area you want to wax is not only small but tough to manoeuvre. This wax is by far the priciest of all. 


Does waxing hurt?

Yes, waxing does hurt. The amount of pain one experiences depends upon his personal threshold of pain. 

I have sensitive skin, which wax should I go for

Should I go for white chocolate wax or dark chocolate?

Ideally speaking, one should always opt for white chocolate wax. As it is colophony free and does not cause irritation of the skin.

Which one is better, white or dark chocolate?

White chocolate is better that dark as it is colophony free which does not irritates the skin. Just one application of wax removes all the body hair from the applied area. While dark chocolate wax may irritate skin and definitely requires two or more application on the same area for removing hair. 

How long does the hair take to grow back to normal length after waxing?

Although the growth cycle of hair is differs from person to person, it generally is 3-5 weeks. 

How can I care for my skin post waxing?

You can apply nourishing cream which is rich in vitamin E and shea butter. Moisturize you skin at least twice a day and each time your skin dries up. 

How long does the waxing session takes?

Time taken to wax depends upon how many body parts you have to cover. Generally if you go for full arms and full legs waxing, it takes around 35-45 minutes. The speed of waxing also depends upon skills of the beauticians and body dimensions of the client as well.

What happens if there is some accidental spilling of wax?

First, the beauticians are all professionals, so there is no accidental spilling of wax. Secondly, even if it does happen, beautician cleans it up all post service. In either situation, you home would be as clean as it was before. 

Are the beauticians responsible professionals?

All the beauticians working with us are responsible professional who have permanent employment

with the company. They have at least 2 years of experience in beauty care services and have love for the profession.

It is my first time waxing. Will it hurt?

If it is your first time in waxing, you must expect some pain. Although pain associated with waxing differs from person to person. 

Does wax removes tan?

Yes waxing does remove tan. Waxing removes all the dead and damaged cells from the skin. It is not only the removal of hair, but also dead skin cells making your skin smooth.