Threading at home services

People, both men and women, are quite concerned about their looks. And keeping up with the proper shape of the eyebrows is as important as a facial or face bleach service. Threading services at home makes sure that you get that you put your eyebrows into define shape. Prim and proper eyebrow shape adds that unknown extra to your personality that makes the people drop their jaw. Though people are able to make out that there is a change to your look but fail to recognize what it is?

Sometimes, it is the difference which you need to transform your personality and you do not even know it. Threading services at home removes all that extra hair from around your eyebrows. People at times have overgrown eyebrow hair which they need to tend to. 

Myth about threading services at home

There is a myth that threading of facial hair, eyebrows is specific and exclusive to women. While beauty is inadvertently associated with women, yet they do not have any binding monopoly over it. And since threading is related to beauty, somehow a social stigma was weaved around threading all exclusive to women. And many, though naively yet wrongly, believed that men should ward off threading their eyebrows. 

But, beauty is universal and belongs to everyone. It is not a monopoly of anyone and men also have equal right to threading. And when men understood this, they also became an equal customer to threading services at home. Men understood as well that they also need to take care of their overgrown eyebrows to enhance their personality. And this myth is no longer a social stigma as of today since both genders opt for threading services at home equally. 

It has become such a great phenomenon due to its versatility that now people take threading at home services regularly. Every time they appoint a beautician at home they make sure to add threading services. The acceptance is so profound that no longer does any social stigma casts a looming shadow over anyone.


The importance of threading services at home

Face is the center of attraction of anyone’s personality. It is the face of someone that we look at and we make our opinions about him or her almost immediately.  Although people take care of their face and keep it as their number one priority yet many are not aware of the pivotal role shape of the eyebrows play in someone’s personality. You can invest an enormous amount of money in beauty services pertaining to the face, yet bad eyebrow shape may mar down all your efforts. You might still struggle to come at par with being presentable. 

And on the contrary, if you take care of your eyebrows, trim them into proper shape, you can transform your whole appearance as far as the looks are concerned. Moreover, you do not even need to spend tons of money to achieve this look as keeping up with your eyebrow is pretty inexpensive. Threading services at home is one option which can consider for keeping up with your overgrown eyebrows.  


Benefits of eyebrow services at home

As we have already explained how eyebrows impact your personality, now we would highlight its benefits. 

Treats overgrown eyebrows

Like the rest of the body, our eyebrows also need care and investment. Just like we work out is to the body, eating is to health, threading is to eyebrows. If proper and timely care is not taken, it results into overgrown eyebrows. Eyebrow services at home pulls out your overgrown hair which are destroying the beauty of your face. 

It helps to put both the eyebrows into defined shape and they now look much more neat and beautiful


Treats unibrows

A lot of men and at time even some women have unibrows. You develop unibrow when the hair of both of your eyebrows start to meet in the middle of your forehead. This unification of two eyebrows gives you an “always angry” look. And surely it is despised by all. But, thanks to eyebrow services at home, you can no say a permanent good bye to them. Threading your eyebrows remove all the excess hair giving them a decent look and making you appear sober and happy.


Makes your eyes aesthetics

Surely, your eyes speak a lot. They have the power to convey your thoughts to the other person without you having to speak. But, have you ever wondered how you can make your already beautiful eyes even more charismatic. Yes, the answer lies in eyebrow services at home. It is because defines and beautiful shaped eyebrows impact the overall look of the eyes. 

Take an example to understand this even better. If you stand with a scenic landscape behind you, the image seems to have a natural and positive vibe to it. And if you switch place with a dead background, it would, in effect, mar your entire image. Similar is the case with the pair of eyebrows and eyes. Prim and proper eyebrows act like a pleasant background for your eyes. And all this is made possible with eyebrow services at home which helps to accentuate the beauty of your eyes. 


Makes your appearance sharp

Everyone loves sharp facial countenances and they are pretty hard to achieve. But, eyebrow services at home makes you achieve that sharp look in just a few minutes. This is the power of shaping the eyebrows that they drastically makes the features, especially eyes and nose appear sharper. And people with sharper features are generally considered more beautiful than ones with blunt features. Primarily because sharp facial features symbolize youth whereas blunt face is usually due to accumulation of fat. And fat either represents unhealthiness or old age.


Lifts up your confidence 

A confident personality always roots itself in beauty. And more beautiful a person is, charming is the persona. Eyebrow services at home surely lifts up your looks and make you appealing. This change is quite noticeable and it draws people’s attention to you almost immediately. Surely, getting all the attention from the society or office colleagues builds confidence and place you a step higher in social hierarchies. 


Scores over waxing

There are primarily two methods of taking care of your overgrown hair. Once is to opt for eyebrow services at home and second is waxing. However former method of shaping eyebrows score over the latter. This is mainly due to two reasons. First is precision. Eyebrow services at home are capable of providing you quite precise shape to your eyebrows. This so happens because the thread the beautician uses for eyebrow threading can pluck even one hair at a time. 

Using a thread makes it possible to give your eyebrows an accurately definitely eyebrows. 


How threading services at home for females takes place?

Eyebrow threading for women at home requires a beautician to use a very fine, albeit strong thread. She makes you rest your head on the head rest of chair or may make you lie down on a bed/sofa. She holds one end of thread in her mouth and the thread drum in the other. She then twirls her fingers of one hand around the thread such that it creates a gap which is used to pluck singled out hair. The thread is then wrapped around the hair and in one swift motion, it is plucked out.

Threading services at home for females is a very skill based task. This is so because, although it involves only thread, yet this threading becomes razor sharp upon twisting it multiples times. In addition, it also gives a lot of tensile strength to the thread. Hence, it has the potential to cut or scratch your skin quite deeply. If any amateur beautician is going to give you threading services for the first time, then you are at a huge risk. This is because she may grab your skin along with hair and give your skin a cut. That is why training of beautician before she starts off with threading services at home for females is absolutely important. 

And for this purpose, the beautician is first trained by threading on some curvaceous object. Upon this, she practices daily and learns to adapt herself and later she can provide threading services at home for females. 


Why to book The Monsha’s eyebrow services at home

The Monsha’s is one of the few names leading the beauty industry. And it is quite a challenging task when you are at the lead. It requires investment at multiple fronts and since it is involved in the service industry, it invests heavily into its beauticians. The Monsha’s urges it beautician to learn the best techniques for providing eyebrow services at home.

The common set belief is that threading eyebrows is a lowly paid service, so why attention to it. The Monsha’s, believes in the contrary, that it is a lowly paid service that is why you have to pay a lot of attention to it. In fact it urges its beauticians to deliver the best as per the standards. The training sessions especially focusses upon building skills of the beautician upon eyebrow services at home. 

As it pays little, most beauticians do not do justice to it. Yet, most people taking eyebrow services at home take it quite seriously and create their opinions basing over it. If the experience is not up to the mark, it yields in not only losing the customer but tarnishing the image of the company. Since the matter is this serious, The Monsha’s as a company mandates it for every beautician to deliver beyond satisfactory results. 

The beauticians practice first upon the dummies and then on proxy clients. The company then assess them for their overall performance and if satisfactory, only then they are accepted as a part of the company. Repeated practice enables the beauticians to deliver exact shape as per the needs of the customer. With professional skills, the beautician delivers excellent eyebrow services at home with giving you any cut or scratch. 

Moreover, the company requires the beauticians to use only branded antiseptic threads. This means that even if there is an accidental cut on the skin, it would not yield into a bigger problem. And of course the beautician applies antiseptic lotion on the injury if the need be which takes care of the rest. 

This is how serious as a company The Monsha’s is when sending beauticians to you for eyebrow services at home. And for all the reasons that we have mentioned above, you can surely consider to book our beautician.


More benefits of eyebrow services at home


  • Save time with threading at home services

Taking threading services at home is a great way to save time. Instead of having to make a trip to the salon, you can now take care of your facial hair in the comfort of your own home. Threading at home services can also be more convenient, as you can choose a time that’s most convenient for you. It stands out as a great incentive in contrast to having to move around the salon’s schedule. 

  • No need to traveling with threading at home services

Eyebrow services at home can be a great way to save time and money. Not only does it involve no traveling, but you can also have your eyebrows done in the comfort of your own home. Depending on your preference, you can choose from a variety of services, such as waxing, threading, tinting, and microblading. With waxing, the technician applies hot wax to the eyebrow area and then removes it with strips of cloth. Threading is a method of plucking hairs out of the roots using a thin piece of cotton thread. With tinting, the technician applies a semi-permanent dye to the brows to give them added definition and color. Finally, microblading is a technique that involves creating tiny strokes of pigment with a pen-like tool that resembles eyebrow hairs. Home eyebrow services can be convenient and cost-effective, and they are becoming increasingly popular

  • Threading at home services eliminates waiting 

With threading services at home, you’ll be able to schedule an appointment with a professional beautician. The beautician carries all the necessary tools and delivers beyond your expectations. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about waiting in line while other people while other people are taking eyebrow services. You can get the job done quickly and easily in the privacy of your own home. Threading at home services start as soon as the beautician reaches your home and you are ready.

  • Avoid traffic with threading services at home

Taking threading at home services helps you to not face hassle of traffic and long waits at the salon. We all know how killing and extremely mentally exhausting wait time periods can be. Or the annoying honking of horns amidst traffic jam. But no longer you need to put up with all this. With threading services at home, you do not need to leave the house and battle long lines and crowded waiting rooms.

And, by having a professional service that comes to you, you can be sure of a calm and peaceful mind. 

  • Safe and hygienic threading at home services

Safety and hygiene, both, comes without say with threading services at home. As the beautician uses disposable products such as gloves and tweezers and sanitizes herself before entering your home. Threading services at home take all the right precautions, to guarantee you a safe and hygienic service experience.


How to book

Booking threading at home services is incredibly easy. All you need to do is log into the website and simply search threading services. You may type in the search bar as well. And then you can select any of the threading at home services as per your liking. Once you make the payment and book your slot, you would receive the confirmation of your booking. 

You can now relax as a beautician would reach you at your scheduled time.


Risk of threading

There is an important thing that one should note which is associated with threading at home services. Since, it involves using a twisted thread, it becomes as sharp as a razor. And any mistake at the end of both beautician or the client can result in skin slicing. Although it is not a regular phenomenon, it is still something one should be vigil about. 

If it is a trained beautician, then there is nothing for you to worry about. She would carry out threading at home services diligently.

Companies like The Monsha’s makes her beautician train on a dummy head before real life clients. This ensures that there are no real-life hassles when delivering threading services at home. Small services like these also increases reliability and helps in the development of trust. 




Threading at home services are important for which group of people

People above the age of 16 can all take threading at home services. It includes both males and females.

I am a school girl, should I take threading at home services?

If you have overgrown eyebrows, you can take threading at home services irrespective of any other factors.

Up to what age should one take threading at home services?

There is no limit as to what age group can take threading at home services. If you feel that your eyebrows are overgrown or out of shape, you may opt for it. 

Does threading at home services hurt?

Threading services at home surely hurt. Since it is all about removing facial hair and plucking them out. The amount of pain it causes depends upon your hair thickness and personal pain tolerability. 

Can you only correct over grown eyebrows with eyebrow threading services?

 You can correct over grown eyebrows and can also put the eyebrows well in shape. In fact, the beauticians are so skilled that they can perform any sort of eyebrow threading services if you request.

Can I remove small fine hair via threading services at home?

Although threading services at home effectively remove facial hair yet it requires the hair to be about half a centimeter long. This way the beautician can entangle that in twisted thread and pluck it out. 

Should I prefer eyebrow services at home or wax for correcting my eyebrows

For correcting overgrown eyebrows or for putting them in shape, one should always opt for eyebrow services at home. It scores a lot over face waxing. As threading is more precise which one requires while threading eyebrows. Also, wax may pluck out more hair that intended.

How much eyebrow services at home cost?

Eyebrow threading costs minimal. It can cost from 20 to 50 Rs depending upon the brand from where you are taking the services.

What if I cut my skin while taking threading services at home?

Threading services surely have potential risk of slicing your skin as twisted thread is sharp like a razor. It is although not an issue if the beautician is experienced. 

Is threading service hygienic?

Threading service is completely hygienic as there is no physical contact with you. It takes place from a distance. You may even request for mouthless threading.

What thread do you use in threading at home services?

We use good quality thread when it comes to threading at home services. 

Does the beautician carry antiseptic if the skin gets cut accidentally?

Yes, the beautician carries antiseptic if in case your skin gets cut. Although rare, the beauticians are always ready for any such miss happenings while providing threading at home services.