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Defining pre bridal services at home?

Pre bridal services are a set of beauty services which a to-be bride takes before her marriage. These services are in form of packages and each package contains a minimum of two services.

How should you take pre bridal services at home?

Pre bridal services at home is in form of package and you have the liberty of taking one package or more. It all depends upon the overall condition of your skin and hair from both beauty and grooming point of view. There are some girls who take extensive care of themselves like taking regular beauty services. Physical workout and eating healthy food also contributes towards your appearance. The more you look after yourself the less the need for pre bridal services at home.

And there are some girls who either do not have the time or they just do not care for themselves that much. In which case, they need to pay special attention on themselves. Now, here is the difference. The more you hair and skin are in the want of need for beauty and grooming, more the number of pre bridal treatment at home. 

A broken skin would not repair itself and return to the state of normalcy in just one pre bridal sitting. You would need to take multiple sessions of pre bridal services at home scattered over regular intervals of time. There are many beauty treatments available for face and skin like waxing, bleaching or facials. And so is the case with hair. Your hair also requires a lot of efforts for their upkeep. It is absolutely essential for a woman/girl to keep her hair long and healthy. After all, hair of a girl represents her true beauty. 

There are hair services available for both making the hair healthy and beautify them as well. You can choose between a hair spa/keratin or hair smoothening service or both. All in all, you can choose any service given the condition of your hair. But, as with your face and skin, your hair may need more than one sitting if you have not cared for them long. This is what you should always bear in mind. 


Why should you choose The Monsha’s for pre bridal services at home?

The Monsha’s is a name which leads the industry of beauty and grooming. We do not provide you pre bridal services at home just for the sake of it. Rather, our professionals understand you very needs and clears all your doubts and confusion. Very often than not, it is the case with the to-be brides that they do not know what services they need. 

The end up selecting random services thinking that they would be help to them. It has a great margin of error as it does not pin point their problems and what they need. Rather, they take services based upon their assumptions and guesswork. We, on the other hand, encourage the to-be brides to directly talk to us so we can suggest you the best. Since, these days, people are taking to dishonest means to sell their services where they are not even required, The Monsha’s maintains its professionalism of giving you honest and thoughtful suggestions.

The Monsha’s never tries to make an up sell simply for the sake of profits, but commits itself to the beauty services of people. You can talk to our executives by connecting with them over a phone call. And you may discuss all about your issues regarding your skin and hair. They will inform you about the best pre bridal beauty treatment at home and how many of them you will need. Following their advice religiously like a beauty prescription would solve your issues. And of course would help you to become a gorgeous to-be bride.


Beauty of pre bridal services at home

As all the to-be brides are different from one another, so are the pre bridal services at home packages as well. And this is their true beauty. Since each to-be bride has a specific skin type and hair condition, one package won’t suit all. Pre bridal services at home offers you packages which are totally customizable. You can take as many number of packages as you may deem fit. Also, you can change the specification of a pre bridal services at home package by adapting it to you. 

No everyone needs 3 sittings for beautiful hair or face. Some may need more of hair care and less of face care and surely vice versa is possible as well. Once you open up the pre bridal packages you can simply add or delete beauty services as per your requirements. In a way, it won’t be wrong to say that you can tailor adjust pre bridal services at home packages as per you needs.


Why should you take pre bridal services at home?

Pre bridal services at home are beauty and grooming services grouped together to form a package. One may think, I can just go to a beauty studio to avail them. While this is surely an option for you to consider, you should also think about how much time it usually takes. Taking any one package of pre bridal services at home takes anywhere between 4 to 6 hours at the very least. Spending this much of time in a beauty studio is quite cumbersome. 

But, if you avail the same package at home, you do have the liberty of taking intermittent breaks. Surely, you can’t take all the services of a package in just one go. And a break becomes a must where you can eat something or have a stroll around before resuming. 


Taking pre bridal treatment at home helps both you and the makeup artist. 

You would agree that wedding day is the most important day of a girl’s life. It is on this day that she enters a completely different life. And while all this is happening, all the eyes are glued to the bride the moment she enter the venue. Though, on the wedding day, people are only able to see the beautiful makeup of the bride, few are aware of all the hard work at the back. 

Since, most people only appreciate the outlook of the bride, it is actually all the hard work pre bridal treatment at home on the inside. It is the beauty services of pre bridal treatment at home which improves the all the personality of a bride. As multiple session of beauty services over a period of time help to rejuvenate the skin and condition the hair. 


How to book pre bridal services at home

Booking pre bridal services at home with The Monsha’s is super easy. All you need to do is follow the steps below

Step 1 – 

Log in to the website The Monsha’s and click on pre bridal services icon. A second page would open up carrying all the sorts of pre bridal packages. You can select any one from there or may even customize it. 

Step 2 – 

Upon selecting your pre bridal services at home package by booking on the book now option, it would place your request in cart. Once there, you simply have to enter your personal details and make the payment. This confirms your booking and dedicates you a time slot that you have requested. 

And that is all. You can now relax inside of your home while a diligent beautician serves you your requested services.


Benefits of booking pre bridal beauty treatments at home 

As we have already discussed above that pre bridal treatment at home consist of beauty services. The to-be brides take these services for their grooming and beauty purposes before their marriage. But, many have this linger thought of why to take these services at home when the option of going to a salon is always available.

Let us explain that how taking pre bridal treatment at home is far advantageous over a salon. 

Pre bridal beauty treatment allows for rituals

Girls are supposed to stay inside due to some rituals

All the to-be brides come from different cultures which have their own rituals quite strongly ingrained into them. Some of the rituals at times make it tough for the to-be brides to step out of home. And taking pre bridal services from a salon no longer serves an option. Moreover, it is not just the ritual but also for the sake of maintaining decency that the girl stops stepping out of her home weeks before marriage. Sometimes it is the family tradition.

Yet, none of the to-be brides want to take it as some kind of excuse. And this is how taking pre bridal treatment at home helps them plow through their plight. Since, you can now access to any beauty/grooming service inside of your home, you no longer need to step out anyway. This way you can carry on with your traditional values and be that well behaved and decent daughter, while simultaneously manage to groom yourself and lift up your personality. 


Latest innovation in salon industry has created special tools and products which allows successful at home beauty services. One time use kits and portable salon equipment delivers you same quality of services. 


Helps in shopping

We all are well aware of how hectic the schedule of the to-be bride is before marriage. There are so many things she has to manage and it only seems like an impossible task. It means dedicating your time and efforts to shopping things. Shopping for new clothes and jewelry and taking time out to decide a venue for wedding. All of these are elaborately exhaustive tasks which requires you to first of all have a lot of time. And secondly, you need to keep your cool as it becomes quite extensive.

It nearly becomes impossible to step out of home for taking beauty services from a salon. Moreover, as tired as you would already be, stepping out for a salon does not even seem to be a good idea. This is where taking pre bridal beauty treatment comes to rescue you from your miseries. It helps you take all the beauty and grooming services inside of your home. Furthermore, it takes care of your fatigued body and gives reduces your weariness. 

You do not even need to worry about lagging behind at any beauty service since it provides you every 


Relieves you from your anxiety




saves money




Convenience – define it on a whole new level. 

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