Manicure pedicure services at home – An overview

Cleanliness is next to godliness. And cleanliness of self is the most important. Apart from face and hair, it is also quite important to take care of your extremities. Your hands and feet do most of the physical work and therefore you need to tend to them. You can now book manicure and pedicure services at home and let a diligent beautician take charge of them. The beautician would heal both pair of your limbs internally as well as externally. The beautician not only makes them look beautiful but also makes them fight exhaustion and fatigue. 

Myth of Mani-Pedi a women only service


There is a prevalent myth of manicure and pedicure services at home being a “women only” service. Beauty is not a gender specific monopoly, but rather belongs to all. Men also have an equal right to take care of themselves just like women. These services intend to improve the outlook of your hands and feet by treating them with cosmeceuticals. Most men are involved in jobs or have their own businesses. Both of them require the person to look presentable and presentability does not limit itself to your face. It takes into account all of your visible body parts and sometimes not so visible body parts as well. 

Hands are the most visible body parts after your face. Moreover, their presence is immediately observed when you shake hands with someone. People only take a micro look at your hands and make their judgment which rests their entire lives. Therefore, there is no need for you to give anyone any point for a loose talk

And taking care of your feet becomes even more important since your feet remain inside of sock and shoes. And this happens for 10 plus hours each day every week the whole year. With all the beating they take for these long hours it seems that you must compensate for their sufferings. This is how badly important manicure pedicure services at home for is for men. As most men are involved in professions, for them it becomes rather more important than women to take care of hands and feet. 


Manicure and pedicure services promoting health and well being.

It may seem pretty odd to people that manicure and pedicure services at home actual aid in promoting your health and well-being. But, it is very less heard of since somehow people, socially, have been convinced that it is a beauty service. And it augments the aesthetics of your hands and feet. But, little do the people realize that it helps to keep you fit internally as well. You may be wondering how so? Let us explain. 

You see, manicure and pedicure services at home has many steps of services into them. Like soaking, massaging, scrubbing. These steps help you in reliving your limbs from recovering from some internal issues as follows. 

  • Soaking 

When soaking of hands and feet takes place in water containing crystal salts, it causes the toxins to move out in to the water solution. These are those toxins which our blood collects from various parts of the body. They may be by products of respiration or some non-digestible food products, etc. All of these lead to increase in toxicity inside of the body which leads to secondary problem. They may be visible in form of pain or swelling of the joints. Or may lead to stiffness of body parts. 

Manicure and pedicure services at home flushes out your toxins by soaking your limbs in water. The effect is profound that you immediately feel it is working. And by taking about 3-4 sessions, it would cure you of it entirely. All you need to do is keep up with manicure pedicure services at home at least once a month. 

  • Massage

Our hands and feet do a lot of physically exhausting work. We use our hands to write, type, carry stuff, do household chores and our legs literally carry us around. In fact our legs bear the most amount of weight on them each and every day. This naturally results in tiring of our muscles and tissues. It you do allow them to recover than it leads to muscle fatigue and on later stages muscle collapse. And, here, by recover, we do not mean taking a sound sleep. As you sleep peacefully every night, yet there are no marked improvements in the health of your limbs. 

This is because they need something a lot more substantial. Furthermore, repeated work and no rest makes the nerves sensitive as well. This makes our limbs becoming tender to even a slight nudge which surely is not pleasant. Manicure pedicure at home services include a 10 min massage therapy. A dedicated massage ensures to relieve all the muscles and tissues of the fatigue. It also ensures to sooth the nerves and veins and relaxes them. 

This allows fresh blood to flow to even the tiniest muscle. Most of the times, muscle fatigue occurs due to accumulation of carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide is not picked up by the blood due to two reasons. First, either there is little or no supply of blood. Second, even if there is blood than it so deoxygenated that it does not allow for the exchange of gases. As a result, pent up carbon dioxide results in pain and stiffness. 

But, a thorough massage of manicure pedicure services at home ensure oxygenated blood reaching the toughest of place. Furthermore, it also helps to clear of excess lymphatic drainage which lies outside of the blood stream. All of these when combined and put together rejuvenates limbs causing them to come back to life.

  • Scrubbing

Our hands, due to long exposure to harsh climatic conditions become quite rough. There is a strong change in the texture and color of hands that they off matches the rest of the body. The saga of feet is not that different. If the feet remain exposed to the atmosphere, they meet a similar fate. And it they are covered than they lack proper aeration. Since they bear the entire body weight, they may even develop corns which are hideous to look at. 

Manicure pedicure services at home rightfully identifies this problem and readily provides a solution. The solution comes in the form of scrubbing. For this purpose, the beautician ensures uses a pumice stone for hands and scraper for feet. This ensure to remove all the dirt and pollutants by scrubbing the topmost layer. Top layer generally has a buildup of slough of dead or unhealthy skin cells. Their removal ensures new and healthy skin cells coming at the top.

This step of manicure pedicure services at home makes your hands and feet become alive and youthful once again. As a result, they not only become healthy but also look quite elegant. 


Manicure pedicure services at home helping the professional women. 

All the professional women need to take manicure pedicure services at home for all the benefits that we have told.  A woman working in any profession needs to groom herself up and look presentable. She might have to handle clients or head a team. No matter what the case, the beauty of hands is noted by all. Some women take care of their face so much that they all most forget about their hands. This impacts the people negatively as caring only for face may signal a lady simply wants to keep her best foot forward.

Moreover, hands do a lot of talking in a professional field. Women in professional fields have to extend their hands for the purpose of shaking hands. They have to make the people understand by writing down some information on a sheet explaining about the cost of a product and its purchasing process, etc. All this while, hands grab a lot of attention and they lead people to form opinions about you. Taking manicure at home services sure helps you to avoid any such embarrassing or judgmental moments. And hence, you can have that confidence which keeps you moving forward.

Taking care of your feet is equally important. Rather, one can evaluate true beauty of a women by looking at the cleanliness of her feet. Feet are usually quite far to reach and many may even avoid taking proper care of them. When a professional woman is having her feet all tied up inside socks and tight shoes/bellies, the condition becomes miserable. In this condition, feet are in the most want of aeration and relief. 

Taking pedicure at home services surely is a reliable option. It helps the feet to flush out the toxins, soothe nerves and fights off muscle fatigue. You can take it as a quick escape for your feet where you can allow them to retreat and recover. The subsequent massage session helps the all beat up muscles making them re-energized. And the net effect is proper aeration, relaxation and simultaneous taking care of the beauty aspects as well. In a way, beautiful feet are a true marker of women’s beauty. 


House wives are in special need of manicure and pedicure services at home

Many women believe that they do not need to take manicure pedicure services at home since they stay indoors. This is one of the myths which has surely found ground in the minds of people. And a lot of people still fan and propel this belief. But, it is surely not true. Manicure pedicure services at home does not mean they are only for working women. And women who stay indoors are exempted from it. 

On the very contrary, housewives or women who stay indoors need to takes theses services just as much. This is because even though you stay indoors most of the time, there are many things you still do. Take for example the house hold chores. They really take a toll on your hands and feet. It is a gradual process of degeneration which shows detrimental effects after months of neglect. It eventually turns your hands and feet rough in texture, off colored and unpleasant to look at. 

A condition like this surely impacts your personality in all the negative ways. But, manicure pedicure services at home takes care of your limbs rejuvenating them and boosting them with energy. These services ensure that your limbs stay beautiful and healthy. Multiple steps of manicure and pedicure services which are built in such a way that they complement each other. They help you to keep your personality intact and let it blossom.


Why should you book The Monsha’s mani pedi at home?

The Monsha’s is a name which is leading beauty and grooming industry. And this comes at a cost which the company pays both in terms of investment on its beauticians and the products it chooses. The Monsha’s specifically requires all the beautician to undergo training process. Training session divides itself into two parts. First part deals with product knowledge and second is practical. 

In product knowledge training session, the beauticians learn all about mani pedi at home service products. The company exposes the beauticians to different kinds of manicure and pedicure products. It trains them to differentiate between them and why one is superior to the other. The company provides an in depth knowledge to the beautician about the active ingredients of the products. What role they play, how they impact the skin and what to what skin type are they compatible to. With this strong knowledge of products they deliver the effective mani pedi at home service by carefully selecting compatible products for the customers

Once the beauticians clear off their product knowledge, the company exposes them to practical. It is here they learn all about how to carry on mani pedi at home services effectively. This so happens as the beautician get to practice over proxy clients. Here they learn all about the application of products and right kind of hand movements. The practical focuses upon following the steps of the service in an effective way allocating appropriate time to each step. Beauticians practicing for hours in a loop help them build their muscle memory. 

Even if they err, senior trainers help them through by making them understand and lean the right way. If a beautician does not deliver result as per company’s standard, the company makes him/her go through the entire process. This also allows them become swift and quick with the entire procedure and become a professional. And one they are through with the training after delivering satisfactory results, they then serve the real clients. 

This is why when you book The Monsha’s mani pedi at home service, you can be sure of the supreme quality at the end of it beauticians.


Medical benefits of Manicure at home services

We have discussed a lot of beauty and health benefits of manicure services at home above. Now we would be taking a look at the medical benefits.

  • Treats carpal tunnel syndrome

This is one of the most common problem that a woman may develop in her hands. It occurs when you use your hands in such a way that it increases pressure on the median nerve. This results in narrowing of the carpal tunnel passage connecting the arm to palm of hands. The usual factors are repetitive hand use with little or no rest, obesity, heredity, age. 

But, more importantly, women are more prone to developing this syndrome. Taking manicure services at home helps to ease out the pressure and reduces the swelling of the nerve. The subsequent soothing and relaxation of nerve allows for subsiding of carpal tunnel syndrome and your hands become as alive as before. 

It does not matter whether a woman is a professional or a home maker, both the fields demand extensive use of hands. And women, collectively are at a greater risk. There taking manicure services at home helps the women altogether to beat any such problem and to let their hands be quite as healthy as before.

  • Arthritis

Manicure services at home take care of arthritic condition of hands and fingers. It is majorly an age related disorder and causes the joint to swell up. This may happen due to no synovial fluid in a joint which as a result create friction when bones run against each other. It has a dull burning sensation which worsens over time. The pain at time becomes unbearable. 

By subscribing to manicure services at home and taking them regularly, it saves you from such miseries. The step of soaking your hands into crystal salt waters pulls out all the toxins. And following massage further the improvement of the joints and keeps the synovial fluid in motion. Taking manicure services at home regularly aids you by not letting the arthritis develop in the first place. 

Although, manicure services at home is not a permanent treatment to the medical condition of hands, they surely are an adjuvant therapy. Which means that you can combine these services with some other treatment for increased synergistic effects. Moreover, if you take regular manicure services at home, they surely act as a strong preventive measure. Starting early with them and taking regularly aids you to keep such medical conditions at bay in the first place.


Pedicure services at home treats disorders brought about by shoes.

There are a lot of women who are an active part of the working class. Such professional conditions mandates them to wear shoes along with a formal dress. Wearing tight shoes, although a part of codified uniform, bring with them certain problems along. 

Right below we have mentioned all the disorders which arise due to wearing of shoes. And all of these problems can be taken care of by pedicure services at home. Let us have a look at the disorders

  • Athlete’s foot

a condition which develops due to tight, moist and dark surrounding with no aeration. It usually develops between the fingers of the feet in the form of inflammation and redness with white scales. Pedicure services at home makes sure that the feet receive proper air supply. Warm water bath with crystal salt detoxifies blood stream and promotes health.

  • Hammer toes

when the fingers of the feet bend at odd angles at the joint it causes this condition. This is only because of tight foot wear. One should wear roomy shoes so as to avoid such conditions and let the toes/fingers move. Pedicure services at home via massaging your feet ensures fresh blood supply. They also keeps the joints of the feet healthy and working.

  • Blisters

the feet may develop fluffy pockets of raised skin consisting of clear fluid. This usually happens upon wearing tight shoes with no room inside. Taking pedicure services at home comes as a real aid. When you dip your feet in crystal salt water, it squeezes all the toxins and harmful fluid out of the skin pockets. Pedicure does not allow edema to fill up your cells and tissues and bloat your feet. This can be quite uncomfortable and painful if not taken care of. 

  • Bunions

it causes your toes to bend inwards at sharp angles at their base. They can be caused due to some medical condition but wearing tight shoes for long hours is an ever present issue.  

  • Calluses and corns

they are the direct by products of wearing tight shoes. Especially when one part starts take a lot of pressure for a sustained period of time. There cure is surely pedicure services at home. Calluses and corns are nothing more than dead and accumulated cells which often gives roughness to feet. They mar their aesthetics and if not taken care of properly can lead to secondary infections.

  • Ingrown nails

women who wear tight shoes and/or heels tend to develop ingrown nails. As there is no room for the toes to move, the nails growing on them find their space in skin. And into which they start to pierce. Pedicure services at home treat ingrown home nails the best as one step is dedicated to trimming of nails. In this steps the beauticians clips of overgrowing nails and buffs them as well. As we all know that prevention is far better than cure and so it is in this case. Taking timely pedicure services prevent any problem of ingrown nails. This is because it clips them short even before the nail can start to pierce through the flesh.

  • Toe nail fungus

when the feet do not get an aeration and are tightly packed inside sock and shoes, they contract fungus. The condition is exacerbated it the condition is moist as it becomes ideal for the growth of fungus. The sole aim of taking pedicure services at home is to improve the health of feet. Massaging, scrubbing and soaking promotes the health of the feet by removing old skin cells. And the new skin cells take their place which are healthier and fight off tough surrounding and infection better.  

All the above mentioned disorders have one cure and that is pedicure services at home. If you have read all of them, you would realize that they take birth in similar conditions. Condition of wearing tight shoes accompanied by moisture and darkness with no aeration. When such an atmosphere starts to build itself around your feet, it becomes immediately important to take charge of the situation. Taking pedicure services at home helps your feet to relax and breathe. The steps of pedicure helps the feet to fight of infection by becoming strong


Pedicure at home services – an important co-therapy for medical condition of feet

  • Plantar fasciitis

Pedicures can be a great way to help manage symptoms of plantar fasciitis. And regular pedicure at home services can help to keep the feet and ankles strong and healthy. They also help to reduce the strain placed on the plantar fascia. Pedicures can also provide relief from the pain and inflammation associated with plantar fasciitis. Special techniques of pedicure services, such as massage and hot water therapy, reduce tension in the feet and ankles, as well as relax the muscles in the lower legs. Additionally, pedicure at home services can help to improve circulation in the feet and ankles, which can help to reduce swelling. Finally, regular pedicures can help to keep the feet free of calluses and other areas of thickened skin, which can reduce friction and irritation on the plantar fascia.

  • Gout

Pedicures are not just a luxury service; they can also be beneficial to those suffering from gout. Gout is a painful condition which results from accumulation of uric acid in the joints. It often results in severe inflammation and swelling as well. Pedicure at home services can help reduce this inflammation and provide relief from the pain. During a pedicure service, the beautician massages your feet and sooth them with warm water. Exfoliating scrubs which also help reduce inflammation. Additionally, trimming of nails and cuticles can help prevent the accumulation of further uric acid. While this alone will not cure gout, it is be a helpful part of an overall treatment plan.


The process of mani pedi at home

While women have been taking manicure pedicure services for thousands of years, their essence remains the same. The steps of mani pedi at home mainly depends upon the products you use. All the beautician needs to do is follow the steps as directed. But, there are a few things that are common to all the mani pedi services that we have listed below. 

  • Soaking 

The very first step of mani pedi at home is to soak hands and feet in water containing crystal salt. This pulls out the harmful toxins from the blood stream and detoxifies you. It, in a way, relieves you of the undue anxiety that is caused mainly by these toxins. You need to soak your hands and feet for at least about 10 minutes. Soaking also makes the skin of the limbs soft and receptive to the products that the beautician would use next. As a result, your limbs respond better and yield great results.  

  • Cuticle cream

The beautician applies cuticle cream on the finger nails. She may then then dip your hands again in water or she might choose otherwise. The purpose of application of cuticle cream is to make the cuticle soft and easy to remove. This step of mani pedi at home service beautifies your hands and feet by removing excess and shabby skin. This makes your nails look clean and fingers appear tidy. 

  • Scrub

Next step of mani pedi at home aims at removing dead skin and peels it off completely. For this the beautician makes use of a pumice stone or a soft brush for hands. She may use a foot scraper for feet. This helps to remove the upper layer of skin which contains only dead and unhealthy cells. This results in fresh new cells to move up the layer and takes place of the freshly peeled layer. As a result, the new skin is visibly and remarkably brighter. 

  • Massage

Massage is the most soothing step of mani pedi at home. It helps you to relax and reduce your anxiety. Gentle yet strong strokes causes the muscles to shed off the fatigue and helps the beat up tissue to recover. Due to massage the nerves supplying blood to your limbs dilate which causes a strong rush of fresh and oxygenated blood. Hence a proper exchange of gases at molecular level happens. This way it helps the nerves to rest and to revive with all of their energy.

  • Mask

Finally, mask marks the end of mani pedi at home service. The beautician applies a thin layer of cream/paste which covers your limbs. It is allowed to stay put for at least 10 minutes before washing it off. It soothes the pores 


How to book The Monsha’s manicure pedicure services at home?

Booking manicure pedicure services at home is now super easy. All you need to do is simply follow the direction as we have listed below. 

Step 1

Log into The Monsha’s website. On the home page, you will easily find a “girl icon” and simply click on it. It would open up on the second page which enlists all the women services and from there choose mani pedi at home icon. It takes you to manicure pedicure services at home page.

Step 2

Once you arrive on manicure and pedicure services at home page, choose whichever service you like by clicking on the book now option. It will add the item to the cart and you may proceed to check out.

Step 3

Once you proceed to cart, you would see your requested service. Simply choose date and time and make payment. You will receive a confirmation and that would be all. You can now relax as a beautician would arrive and provide you manicure pedicure services at home to you. 


Benefits of Mani-Pedi at home services

  • Saves time

Getting a manicure and pedicure at a salon can often be a time-consuming experience. That’s why many people are now turning to mani pedi at home services. With these services, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to get the perfect mani-pedi. All you have to do is make an appointment, and a professional beautician cum therapist will come to your home. He/she carries all the products and equipment needed to give you a salon-quality in mani pedi at home services. This can save you a significant amount of time, as you don’t have to go out of your way to find a salon and wait in line. Plus, you can take care of other errands while the beautician does your nails. Mani pedi at home services are a great way to save time and still get gorgeous hands and feet.

  • Saves money

Having mani pedi at home services regular hands and feet treatments can save you money in the long run. Not only do you save on travel costs, but you don’t have to take time off work. Manicure pedicure at home services are convenient for people finding difficult to make it to a salon during normal hours. Mani pedi at home services also provide more privacy. As you won’t have to worry about other customers in a salon overlooking at your service.

  • Convenient

With mani pedi at home services, you not only do you save time but you can also relax. It helps you to save money by avoiding the salon, and enjoy the pampering in the comfort of your own home. With at home mani pedi services, you can choose from a variety of services. From simple manicure pedicure at home services to luxurious mani pedi. You can also customize your treatment to fit your specific needs or preferences. Plus, most services will come with a variety of products like lotions, scrubs, and mask to help keep hands and feet look their best. Mani pedi at home services surely are a great way to take care of yourself without having to step out.

  • No traffic

Manicures and pedicures are a great way to pamper yourself, but getting to the salon can be a hassle. Not to mention, finding a convenient time can be a challenge when you have a busy schedule. Luckily, there is are mani pedi at home services, which have become increasingly popular. They offer an easy and convenient way to get the perfect manicure and pedicure.

These services are a great way to beat traffic and save time, as the professional come to you. They will bring all the necessary supplies and equipment to provide you with top-notch mani pedi at home services. Plus, the prices are usually comparable to those in the salon.
So if you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to get your nails done, why not give manicure pedicure at home services a try? You’ll save time and money, and you can enjoy the comfort of your own home while pampering continues.

  • No waiting

Manicures pedicures services from a salon can be time consuming and expensive. But now, with the advent of mani pedi at home services, it’s possible to get a professional-level treatment without having to wait. This kind of service is ideal for busy people who need to look their best without spending too much time or money. With mani pedi at home services, a professional beautician will come to your house with all the necessary tools and products to perform the service. You can relax in the comfort of your own home while the professional takes care of everything. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about waiting in line or dealing with crowds of people. Manicure pedicure at home services make it easy for your hands and feet look gorgeous without the hassle.

  • Safe and hygienic

Are mani pedi at home services safe and hygienic? The answer is yes! manicure pedicure services at home use high quality tools and products. There superiority in terms of quality and effectiveness makes them safe and hygienic. The professionals sanitize all the tools between clients and uses disposable units only. In addition, all the professionals providing home mani pedi at home services are all highly trained and experienced. They understand the importance of maintaining good hygiene and safety standards. With manicure pedicure at home services, you can be sure that you will receive a safe and hygienic service within the comfort of your own home.

  • Mono dose therapy 

The innovation of mani pedi at home services is the use of mono dose products for professional care. Each mono dose product is a single-use capsule that contains a precise dose of active ingredients and nutrients. It creates a customized service to your specific needs. These products are safe and easy to use, with professional-level results in the comfort of your own home. With manicure pedicure at home services, you can get quality results with minimal time and effort, while avoiding the hassle and expense of going to a salon. 




Why should I take manicure pedicure at home services?

You should take manicure pedicure at home services as it saves you a lot of time and is also cost effective.


How do manicure pedicure at home services help?

Manicure pedicure at home services help you the following ways. 

1) You stay put 

2) It is cost effective

3) It saves time

4) You can watch your favorite web series 


Which is more important, pedicure or manicure at home services?

Both manicure and Pedicure at home services are equally and important and should take them both.


How long does it take for pedicure at home services?

For pedicure at home services, it takes anywhere from 45-60 minutes. It also depends if you are taking regular or classic pedicure service.


How long does it take for manicure at home services?

Typical Manicure at home services can take anywhere from on 40 to 50 minutes. Yet it depends which manicure at home services have you opted for. As regular and premium manicure at home services have different duration of service.


Can I take both manicure pedicure at home services in one day?

Yes, you can take both manicure pedicure at home services in just one day. Also, you can take either of manicure pedicure at home services first. Whichever pleases you, you can opt for it first as there is no set pattern for it. 


Does taking manicure pedicure at home services hurt?

Taking manicure pedicure at home services does not hurt at all. On the very contrary, manicure pedicure at home services is all about destressing and relaxation.


Does mani pedi at home services make my hands and feet clean?

Yes, mani pedi at home services make your hands and feet way cleaner than before. Mani pedi at home services ensure to scrap of dead skin cells, hence promoting aesthetics as well.


Can pedicure at home services treat the medical conditions of my feet?

Yes, pedicure at home services treat medical conditions of your feet as well. It takes care of muscle fatigue and damaged nerves. As a result, you feel rejuvenated. 


Can manicure at home services treat the medical condition of my hands?

Yes, manicure at home services treat the medical condition of your hands as well. It helps you relax and destress yourself by battling damaged nerve and fatigued muscles of your arms and hands.


How frequently should I take manicure at home services?

You should take manicure at home services at least once every 20 days. 


How frequently should I take pedicure at home services?

You should take pedicure at home services at least once 25 days