Mani-Pedi (Men)



Defining the essence of manicure pedicure services for men

It is always important to take care of yourself fully. It is very rare that you would hear the importance of caring for one’s hands and feet. Mainly because everyone focuses their attention on the beauty of their face. This is what has led us to defining the essence of manicure pedicure services for men. Manicure pedicure services for men are all about taking care of men’s hands and feet. But, then again there are a lot of negative connotations and myths with men taking such services. It is absolutely important to first have a look at the positives and let the people calibrate them accordingly. This way you would have a proper view and knowledge before you can judge them. So without further ado, let us understand manicure pedicure services for men.

Inhibitions of manicure pedicure services for men. Clearing some air.

Before we go on with the process of manicure and pedicure and describe them, let us focus on the inhibition of society. Grooming and beauty services somehow have been eternally attached to women folk. Moreover, it has become such a taboo if a man wants to groom himself up or opt for beauty. But, as women, men also have the same wants when it comes to beauty and grooming. We are now living in a modern society where things have changed considerably. 

Where men are taking grooming services equally to women. And no longer are manicure and pedicure girly in any way. On the contrary, it is men who need them most since most men are involved in laborious and mentally exhausting tasks. Manicure pedicure services for men have become a true saviour in such cases. 

Process of manicure pedicure services for men

A whole branch of beauty and grooming pertains to the well-being of both hands and feet. Manicure pedicure services for men involve various steps which intend to improve their aesthetics and health. You can take manicure pedicure service for men from some regular beauty studio or call a professional beautician over. The process essentially remains the same. There are various companies which provide best in class products. 

Now let us have a look at the process. 

  • Soak 

The beautician soaks your hands and feet in a manicure bowl and pedicure tub respectively. This warm water often contains crystal salts or polyacrylate and rosa centifolia or similar ingredients. These ingredients make the hands and feet quite supple and condition them further. You must soak your limbs for at least 10-15 minutes allowing it enough time to act. Soaking helps the limbs to get rid of all those extra ions discharging them into the water. The discharging of ions is quite important as their retention in skin causes swelling and pain. 

  • Cuticle cream and wash

The beautician then applies cuticle cream on your nails and then dips your limbs again into the bowl and tub respectively. This time the water contains BHA (beta hydroxy acids) and elder flower extracts. They help the limbs to shed off any wrinkles or signs of aging. Alongside the cuticle cream acts upon your nails. The cuticle is removed from each one of your fingernails giving them a neat look. For this a cuticle pusher is used. 

With this, nail cut, file and buffing also takes place. This leads us to the next step.

  • Peeling/scrubbing

Next step in manicure pedicure services for men involves peeling/scrubbing of skin. In this, the beautician scrubs your hands and feet with a pumice stone. This is all about exfoliation of the skin which helps to remove the dead layer of skin cells. Exfoliation deliberately causes some minimal damage. This intentional but controlled damaging of the skin causes the blood to rush up to the site of injury. With fresh blood thus comes RBCs and WBCs which renew and repair the skin and improves the blood supply. 

The scrubbing of the foot soles helps to remove the thick layer of dead cells. 

  • Massage 

Massaging both hands and feet constitutes the next step of manicure pedicure services for men. After exfoliation, it is absolutely necessary to let the skin recuperate. Massaging further improves the blood flow while healing the skin and giving it a soothing feeling. This also helps to improve the texture and feel of the skin making it look even toned and bright.

  • Masque

This step of manicure pedicure services for men is just like applying masque on face. This helps the open pores of the limbs to heal up. This rejuvenates the skin and it starts to breathe again. Ideally, the beautician applies a fine layer of masque over both hands and feet. You need to keep this for about 5-10 minutes. After which it is washed off. 

Care post manicure pedicure services for men

It is as important to take care of your hands and feet as to take a mani pedi session. You should always use a pH friendly soap to balance the pH of your skin. This prevents dryness of skin. Under all circumstances you must apply a moisturizer. After each time you wash your hands, apply some moisturizer as a permanent ritual. Covering your hands and feet up with a moisturizer helps to keep the skin hydrated. And most importantly, do not expose it to harsh sunlight or dusty atmosphere. This way you will always have neat and healthy hands and feet.

General benefits of manicure pedicure for male at home

There are many benefits of manicure pedicure for male at home. We shall cover them up one by one. 

  • Saves time

When you call a beautician at home you save a lot of time that you would otherwise spend. In this fast pace of lifestyle, people are running short of time and not of money. There was a time when people used to spend hours at a salon just casually killing time. It all stemmed from lack of a better idea and motivation or aim. But, today, everyone is having an aim and looks forward to each minute of his life. 

Waiting for your turn at a salon does not seem to be a great idea. Therefore manicure pedicure for male at home brings best in class care for your hands and feet at your home. Thereby allowing you to save a lot of time which you can surely put to a better use.

  • Skips traffic

The best part of manicure pedicure for male at home is you do not have to fight the traffic. The condition of traffic movement is not a hidden one. Everyone knows how it is and no one wants to suffer the plight. It not only wastes time but kills you mentally as well. But, with manicure pedicure for male, the traffic problems seem to run away. As of course it is the beautician that is to reach to you and not the other way around.

This allows you more time and peace of mind to relax indoors. 

  • Convenience of home

Home is a place which is dearest above all to anyone in this world. By taking manicure pedicures for male at home, you can take these relaxing services within your own comfort. The beautician makes certain makeshift arrangements for delivering services. You can choose to sit on a chair or a sofa, all as per your convenience. This is how comfortable your own home can be for such services. 

  • Saves money 

Though not the top most, yet one of the key deciding factors while subscribing for a service. With manicure pedicure for male at home, the cost drops to as low as one third of a salon. In case you are thinking of how this magic is happening, then let us answer it. It results from the elimination of all the unnecessary middle expenses. Expenses like staff salaries, rent, infrastructure and other miscellaneous expenses are completely obliterated. Due to this all the services reach directly to you. As a result, it is you as a customer who receives the most profit at the financial front.  

Till now we have discussed the general benefits. Let us now move onto some of the medical benefits of manicure pedicure for male at home.


Why choose the Monsha’s services of manicure pedicure for male at home?

The Monsha’s is one of the leading names when it comes to providing beauty/grooming services at home. The company provides intensive training to its beauticians. Everyone making it into the company has to complete the training and clear it with satisfactory results. Training of the beauticians splits in two parts. First, product knowledge and second is practical. This ensures high quality service of manicure pedicure for male at home

  • Product knowledge

Knowledge over the products is absolutely essential when it comes to understanding the services. This helps the beautician to understand the basic makeup of the products that they would be using. Which inturn helps the beautician to even recommend or suggest you the products as per your skin type and condition. Application of correct knowledge yields marvelous results. This is what The Monsha’s beauticians specialize in. 

  • Practical training

Next is practical training. Theory is one thing, but if one does not follow correct techniques of a service then it is just waste. The beauticians follow the steps and right techniques of services in these sessions. This helps their hands to have fluid-like action to catch up with the flow of services. The more seasoned the hands of beauticians the more effective is the service. Once they deliver satisfactory results they then start providing their services to the clients. 

  • Soft skills

Developing soft interpersonal skills has nothing to do with the service of manicure pedicure for male at home. Rather, it expresses how dedicated the company is to level up the customer experience while taking services. These services include working the way a beautician would represent and interact with the customer. They are taught to greet the customer before they enter their home and remain polite and obedient to the customer all throughout. To care for the customer and make him comfortable by asking his preferences of services. At the end, to even look for some accidental spilling of products which the beautician cleans, if any. 

This is all about improving the persona of the beautician and making them thoroughly professional.

  • Safety and hygiene. 

The Monsha’s professionals pay special attention to safety and hygiene. This involves sanitization of hands, wearing gloves and masks before starting off with service. They also sanitize tools before and after each service. With sanitization of tools and themselves, there are low chances of any contamination.

The Monsha’s stresses on regular temperature checks before the professionals start their day. This further ensures safety as any deflection from normal body temperature means go take some rest. Once you feel okay, you can be back serving the clients. This is how The Monsha’s care for its clients providing services of manicure pedicure for male at home.


Pedicure services for male at home are more essential for men than women

This is something that people have never understood anything about in the very place. All along letting your emotion take control of your analytical mind. But there are reasons as to why pedicure services for men male at home are indispensable. We have written the reasons below. 

  • Men have more physically exhausting jobs

It is a known fact that men work harder than women. And they work more laborious tasks. Be they be physically demanding or mentally or perhaps both. It is the legs and feet that carry a person around all day long. Sometimes it can be as long as 18 hours a day. Travelling alone can be quite destructive, standing all along in a metro on your way to and from the office. The conditions can exacerbate if you have to drive all by yourself. The clutch brake combination adds to further fatigue.  This naturally takes a toll on the physical conditions of feet. 

This is where pedicure services for male at home come to the rescue. Pedicure allows a time for relaxation to those beaten feet and legs. It thereby helps them to convalesce and to come back to life. Dipping of feet in warm water for 15 minutes allows the physical exhaustion to evaporate. Subsequent session of massage helps the legs to revive and revitalize

  • Saving precious time

As men are all involved either in jobs or businesses, it leaves them no time to care for themselves. The only time men folk get is on Sunday. And to spend that one Sunday waiting for your turn in a salon can be quite horrible. This is where pedicure service for male at home truly helps you by saving up all of your time. You have to stay inside of your home, simply book your services and there you go. A beautician with a pedicure machine tub will come to your place at your time of convenience. 

This right away saves your time traveling to a salon and waiting for your turn to come. This also removes the unnecessary trouble of wearing good clothes and steering through traffic. Now that we have put it you would notice how much time one may actually waste. You can use all this time to dedicate to your family or friends and make the most of it. 

  • Pedicure relieves anxiety and leads to better productivity. 

Studies suggest that taking pedicure services for male at home reduces anxiety and relieves stress. As there are many steps in pedicure, they all collectively come together and act synergistically. Especially the dipping of feet in lukewarm water discharging all the ions which build up toxicity. Feet massage helps you to relax all the muscles by breaking down knots and tension in them. This makes the blood circulation better and allows the feet to calm down a bit. 

And it is a known fact that an energized and fit body and mind leads to productivity.