Legs & Feet Massage (Men)



Understanding the importance of leg feet massage services at home

Legs and feet carry us around all day long hence bearing the entire body weight. This is naturally quite exhausting. This is where leg feet massage services at home help the tired muscles to recuperate. Massages of legs and feet help the muscle to loosen up all the tension pent up inside. This allows the muscles and ligaments to relax, thereby reducing mental anxiety as well. 

Understandably, legs and feet require to rest at least once a week. You may consider this as a nice treat to them for all the hard work they did in carrying you around. Leg feet massage services at home have various steps which work upon all the muscles in both legs and feet. The muscles get pulled up and may develop knots or tension. They, at times, may become so hard and unbearable that they start to restrict normal movement. Not to mention the endless pain and discomfort associated with them. That is why leg feet massage services at home have become indispensable.

How do leg feet massage services at home take place?

Leg feet massage services at home follow proper and prescribed massage techniques. The therapist starts with warming up the feet and legs by gentle strokes. He then rubs upon the arches of both the feet. This helps the feet to relax. The therapist then pulls the toes and fingers to stretch out the muscles. He then spreads the feet along the width. 

Now the therapist proceeds to work the sole of the feet by squeezing the heels. Rubbing of the arches with knuckles or fist follows. Next, with the help of fingers and thumbs both the upper and lower portion of the feet are massaged. Then the therapist works upon the Achilles tendons squeezing and pulling to let the muscles loose tension and relax. 

And lastly, the therapist stretches and pulls the muscles the calf muscles. Gently stroking them and wrapping the hands around the legs, twisting the hands in circles. 

This is how relaxing the entire leg feet massage services at home sessions are. 


Why should you take away leg feet massage services at home?( Benefits) 

There are multiple benefits of leg feet massage services at home.

  • Relieves anxiety. 

It is amazing how much anxiety in mind is due to bodily fatigue. We at times do not realize that it is not a good sleep but a good leg and feet massage that we need. Medical studies clearly support the relaxing of feet and neck with a calm and tranquil mind. This helps both the body and the mind to come to rest and take a break. 

  • Improves circulation

Leg feet massage services at home help to flush out the toxins and improve the supply of blood. This is because upon massaging, the nerves dilate hence allowing more blood pumping to legs and feet. This blood brings with it oxygenated blood cells which further promote their health.

  • Medical benefit – treats neuropathy

Neuropathic pain is considered to be the worst of all pains. It majorly stems from the degeneration of nerves of feet. This results in nerves becoming super sensitive to any external touch resulting in unbearable pain. Few sessions of leg feet massage services at home bring about remarkable results. This allows you to walk freely and feet and legs becoming less sensitive to touch or pressure.


Why should you book The Monsha’s?

There are many massage therapists, so why book The Monsha’s. Well, it is simply because the amount of investment The Monsha’s makes into her therapist is outstanding. The massage therapist has deep knowledge and experience in providing leg feet massage services at home. Such is our therapists’ skills that you would notice remarkable results in just one session.