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Hair smoothening treatment at home

Flipping naturally straight, tangle-free hair is a sign of happiness. While some women suffer frequently with unmanageable hair, others are born with silky, smooth locks. One of the most fantastic hair services is hair smoothing treatment. And yet more significantly, you can get it at home for less money than you would pay at an overpriced salon.


Women have always experimented a lot with their hair, and straight hair has always been in style. Most women experiment with everything, from natural cures to styling products. And they do all of this to achieve lustrous, wholesome hair that make them look gorgeous angels. Everybody has hair that is unique in terms of kind, texture, growth rate, volume/density, and length.

But in spite of everything, hair smoothening treatment is amongst the most dependable hair services. It understands your hair pretty well and delivers spot on result making your hair beautiful, healthier and shinier. And the fact that you may receive hair smoothing procedures in the comfort of your own home adds to the excitement. This simply increases your comfort as you go through the process of being radiant. The procedure largely remains the same and it yields the precise outcomes one may anticipate in a salon. Apart from improving the appearance of your hair, hair smoothing also treats dryness and unruliness. Not to mention that it gives your hair enough nutrition and makes them look outstanding.

Let’s discuss the very definition of hair smoothing now.


What is hair smoothening treatment?

Hair smoothening treatment is a special and chemical oriented method of taming unruly and difficult-to-manage hair. Professional hair stylists perform it by moistening the hair strands with a formaldehyde solution. The hair stylists next straighten your hair with a flat iron after blow-drying the individual strands. This benefits the cuticle and replenishes lost protein of your hair strands, thereby making them shinier and smoother.

Hair smoothing treatment is a speedy fix for someone who wants naturally straightened hair. It, additionally, minimises frizz and dryness. You must keep in mind that smoothing your hair only flattens and smoothens it rather than giving you straight hair. Therefore, one must not confuse smoothening with straightening. Consequently, your hair appears radiant, silkier and smoother.


Different Hair Smoothing Methods

In order to improve the texture of hair, there are two main kinds of hair smoothing techniques. These are Brazilian blowouts and thermal hair conditioning. Keratin hair treatment refers to any hair technique that uses keratin protein to straighten hair. 

The disulfide connections between the hair are broken using the same method in both treatments—the application of a chemical relaxer. After that, the chemically created gap is sealed with a flat iron for a glossy appearance. For diverse hair textures or types, a hair care professional may choose from a variety of chemical relaxers.

The two sorts of hair smoothing treatments you can choose from are as follows:

Brazilian hairstyle (or Keratin Treatment)

Chemical solutions like formalin or methyl glycol are used during Brazilian blowouts or Keratin treatments. When a hot flat iron is used on the strands in this procedure, formaldehyde fumes are released into the atmosphere.

It does not alter the tensile structure of the hair like other permanent fixes do. Instead, a layer of keratin is applied to the strands during this procedure. The strands become smoother and shinier as a result of the cuticle being flattened, which also lessens damage or dryness.

It’s crucial to remember that your body naturally generates keratin, which is a naturally occurring vitamin. It strengthens your hair, nails, and skin.


Hair Conditioning Using Heat

The internal bond of hair is replaced by Japanese hair smoothing. When healthy, the spiral staircase-like cellular structure of the hair is shinier. The strands are straightened using this treatment technique by covering them with thioglycolate, a glycolic acid derivative. The natural links between the atoms in the hair may be broken by these chemicals, and heating can make this change permanent.

A second chemical layer is then applied by the hair care specialist to cement the recently established links. If left for a while, this will permanently straighten the current strands. Additionally, your hair’s natural texture would be preserved. The sole disadvantage of this therapy is that, because of the chemical relaxers, it can result in some protein loss. And this is the reason why most hair services professionals mostly opt for the former method of hair smoothing treatment.


Benefits of Hair Smoothing

Smoothing your hair is quite advantageous since it gives it life and health. The main benefit of smoothing is that it works just great on chemically treated hair. Let’s now examine its advantages.

  • Hair smoothening gives your hair a naturally straight, silky appearance.
  • It straightens hair and prevents changes, maintaining the integrity of the hair structure. 
  • It gives strength to limp, lifeless, and dull hair.
  • The hair tangles extremely little, which results in less hair loss and breaking.
  • You save time by not having to use straighteners every morning.
  • Makes the locks more manageable by adding sheen and lustre.
  • You can return to your old hairdo at any time.
  • Exceptional outcomes for all hair types.


Post Hair Smoothening Care Advice

Developing a successful hair care routine can aid in avoiding the negative consequences of hair smoothening treatment. You must set aside some time to care for your hair because neglecting them after a hair treatment can cause them to become frizzier. Keep in mind that aftercare is just as crucial as the smoothing procedure itself.

You may want to adopt the following:

  • After 48 hours of hair smoothing, the first hair wash should be performed.
  • Sulfate and phthalates are two chemicals that can harm the health of hair and cause crimping. Therefore, always use sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair at home. Retain moisture by using tap water.
  • Refrain from using ponytails for at least two days in order to avoid developing limp in hair
  • Care for your hair even when you go to sleep. Avoid locking your hair strand behind your hair.
  • After getting your hair smoothed, it is best to wait three days before washing it.
  • Refrain from any sort of hair colour. Try and refrain from any such activity for the next six months or so.
  • Select a cushioned brush or comb with wide teeth. Make a habit of keeping such combs at home
  • Take care of your chemically treated hair by massaging your head with oil or applying a smoothing hair mask.
  • Use fewer styling items to keep the scalp from becoming overheated. Use the blow dryer on a cool setting if you want to dry your hair.
  • After each rinse, apply a hair serum to shield your hair from environmental harm.
  • Stop massaging your hair with oil for the first 15 days post hair smoothening treatment. After which, you can apply hair growth oil to give your hair healthy nutrition.
  • You must get your haircut every three months.


If you’re wondering how to book for these services, just type “hair smoothing near me” into your search engine. Results from this quick internet search will reveal the nearest smoothing services to you. Additionally, it would enable you to conduct a pricing comparison of other platforms that provide the same services.


Benefits of opting for hair smoothening services at your home

Convenience of at home smoothening services

By booking a slot of smoothening services at your home, you have more control over your time that you can spend more effectively. You may want to watch your favourite web series or a movie while the smoothening services continue. Moreover, you can take a break as well in between the services as these services are quite time consuming. The hair stylist understands all of this.

Freedom to talk about your concerns regarding hair smoothening services

The hair services experts who arrive at your home are incredibly compliant. You can discuss any issues you may have with them. This is one of the rare occasions which shy people would completely relate to. An over-crowded/busy salon can send someone chills regarding them clearing a doubt about smoothening services or asking a question. And most would just keep their mouth shut in fear of embarrassment. 

But, at your home, you can ask the most basic of questions without the fear of judgement. The hair experts are thorough professionals who understand this and are patient to hear all your queries. 

Saves you time

Now here is an intriguing thing. When you book hair smoothening for yourself at your home, you end up saving a tonne of time. A general salon at random is usually busy and you have to either take up the appointment or wait in the queue. This is quite cumbersome as no one in this world wants to wait. Not even for a second. The wait at a salon can stretch up to as much as two hours or more. Or they may fail to honour the appointment as well. But, by booking hair smoothening at home you can keep all of this time to yourself. This you may employ for other beneficial purposes or simply spend it in your own leisure.


The hair services expert focuses only on you

Have a look at this point of view. When you book hair smoothening at home services, you unknowingly make one of the best decisions. Since you are the only client the hair services professional has to focus upon, he/she delivers marvellous results. This also eliminates any hassles as it is all about using potential chemicals and flat hot iron. Needless to say, one has to be cautious. And when you are the only one as a client, it leads to concentration of focus.

As a result, the hair services professional can work in peace and without any hindrance. 


Price slashing with hair smoothening at home 

Cost or price of any services is the primary concern of anyone. And taking care of yourself comes at a price. Yet by booking hair smoothening at home services, you end up saving a lot of money. Since, smoothening services take place inside your home, it eliminates all the other unnecessary yet price increasing factors. Factors like staff salary or salon rent conveniently find their way into the final bill, thus raising the cost of services. This may lead the prices to shot up three or four times than the actual its cost 

As a result, you end up saving money while having quality services too at your home.