Facial & Clean-Up (Men)



Importance of men’s facial services at home

Men have been paying attention to the way they look now more than ever. As the saying goes, first impression is the last impression, men are simply following this phrase. Hence there has been quite a lot of jostling among the men to look better with each passing day. And this is where the true importance of men’s facial services at home lies. Facial services help men in a broader sense to take care of their face and rejuvenate it. It is your face which anyone first of all looks at and a bright and youthful face does leave impressions. Surely, everyone wants to keep their impression the best.

The process of men’s facial services at home


Before you go on with the saga of men’s facial services at home, let us understand the process first.

Men’s facial services at home call out for professional beauticians at home. He carries all the essential products and tools with himself neatly packed inside of a bag. The list of facial essentials includes facial kit, water bowls, steamer, tissue and other related stuff. The beautician makes you sit wherever you are comfortable and he then starts off with the service. 

Usually, the process of men’s facial services at home is prescribed on the facial kit itself. It usually contains 5-6 steps as follows 

  • Cleansing 

The beauticians first of all cleans your face with a mild face wash or a cleanser. This removes all the dirt that was there on your face making it clean. This also prepares the face for the subsequent steps of service. 

  • Exfoliator

This step is all about causing micro abrasion on your face. Where minute coarse particles scrubs the face causing minimal but controlled abrasion of the face. This helps to of course get rid of the dead layer of cells covering the face. But, it also improves the blood supply to the top of the skin. This fresh supply of blood contains new RBCs and WBCs which helps in the production of new skin cells. As a result the skin gets an all shine and all new layer of skin.

  • Massage

The beautician massages your face with both his hands and stone rollers. Massaging the face helps the muscle to relax and break all of their tension. It also helps the blood vessels to dilate and more oxygenated blood rushes to your face. This massage session is not only relaxing for the face but also reduces mental anxiety. Simultaneously it heals the controlled damage that was caused to the face in the previous step of exfoliation.

  • Steaming

The beautician then steams your face with a portable steamer. This step of men’s facial services at home stands out the most. With the steaming of the face, you can feel all your airways and skin being cleansed from inside. This is because when you inhale the steam, it starts to act internally. This helps the skin to flush off all the toxins and other impurities out. It also helps to unclog the pores of the face from the inside which are the prime reasons for blackheads. 

  • Blackhead removal

The beautician then picks up the tool known as blackhead removal. Just so you know, blackheads form when there is an obstruction to skin pores. These clogged skin pores restrict the exuding oil and sebum. As a result, the sebum/oil gets locked inside and a chain of reactions turns them into hideous blackheads. With the removal of blackheads, their skin is able to breathe easily and receives proper flow of air. 

  • Face Masque

Although facial improves the beauty of the face, in the process it takes a toll on it as well. Therefore, it is quite important to let the face heal and recuperate.  To achieve this, the beautician applies a face mask on your face. It is the application of a thin layer of masque containing soothing and healing ingredients. This allows the skin pores of the face to relax and calm the skin down altogether. 

Washing off of the face mask marks the end of the facial. This gives you a noticeable difference in your skin texture and smoothness. Needless to say, it gives you an all healthy, bright and youthful looking face. 

Why should you take men’s facial service at home?

There was a time, about 30-40 years ago, that men were not so interested in their personal grooming. Most considered washing one face a day enough. From those times we have fared into today’s time where all men are equally concerned about their looks as much as women, if not more. Most men have also understood how important it is to look presentable at all times. 

This elevated sense of self helps you to attain confidence to speak the least. With men’s facial service at home you definitely get the look which gets you noticed. This helps you to build confidence at both your work place and in the society as well. 

There is a saying, to not judge a book by its cover. Although said ideally, not once anyone has followed it. People make judgements simply by looking at you as no one has the time to know you at a deeper level. When such is the case, we strongly suggest buckling up your looks and becoming presentable. And this is exactly why you should take men’s facial services at home, to uplift your persona.


Benefits of men’s facial services at home.

There are many benefits of men’s facial services at home that we will have a look at.

  • Saves time 

Men’s facial services at home allow you to be inside of your home. This is a huge advantage as you do not have to dress up presentably and travel to a salon. The beautician travels all along to your place carrying all the men’s facial essentials. This saves you at least 1 hour. And this can even stretch up to 3 hours as you may have to wait once you reach some salon. People who work long hour jobs all week long can understand the true worth of saving time. 

Time is the only asset which once lost can never be recovered. You can use all this time to spend with your family, friends or do away with some office work.

  • Convenience of home

Which one place is the dearest and most comfortable to you in this world? If you ask yourself this, you will without a doubt name your own home. It is because you know your home better than anyone else. Taking men’s facial services at home adds a whole new dimension to it. You may sit on a chair, lie down on your couch or even bed. You may even choose to take a break. All this because it is your place. 

  • Saves money

Though saving money is not anyone’s top priority when opting for quality, it is great if you can save some. As the economy is booming and people have moved on to higher jobs, people ask for quality. But, with men’s facial services at home, you get high quality service at half the price. Yes, you heard that right, facials at home cost half of what you would pay otherwise. 

In case you are wondering how it is possible then let us inform you. Men’s facial services at home successfully eliminates all unnecessary expenses. Obliteration of expenses like rent, salaries, and infrastructure gives you direct monetary benefit.

  • Safety and hygiene

The beauticians providing men’s facial service at home care about your safety the most. They sanitize all the tools after each service as they come in direct physical contact of the clients. This kills all the germs and helps to prevent the spread of infection. Using one-time use disposable like wooden spatula, tissues and cotton sheets further aid in safety measures. 


Why choose The Monsha’s men’s facial services at home?

The Monsha’s is a familiar name when it comes to personal beauty and grooming services. People respect and competitors fear the very presence of The Monsha’s. This is because we bring absolute professionalism to our services. We are going to describe why you should choose The Monsha’s.

  • Honest suggestion

If you want to take men’s facial services at home but are wondering which facial to take, this is where we help you. We do not simply give away any facial service just because we asked for it. We take it further by asking you your skin type. This enables us to understand which facial will suit you the best. There is no such thing as one facial suits all. One must use only a specific facial pertaining to a skin type. 

Once we determine your skin type we recommend you a facial compatible with your skin. This is how we help people achieve marvelous results. 

  • Product knowledge

The Monsha’s make sure that all the beauticians keen on becoming a part of us must go through proper training. The training splits itself in two halves. First one is product knowledge and the second is practical training. 

There are innumerable facials available for you to choose from. Each company claiming its facials to be the best. But, how to sort out good ones? This is where the crux of product knowledge lies. It helps them to understand about the active ingredient in each facial kit and how it acts. Furthermore, it sheds light on different types of skin and how to care for them. All this forms the very basis of product knowledge. Once there, the beauticians become product experts. This helps them to suggest facials to clients when they get to meet them in real

  • Practical training. 

It emphasizes application of product knowledge along with learning the right techniques. The beauticians acquaint themselves with all the tools like black head remover and steamer. And rigorous practicing of hand movements yields smooth and fluid motion. This yields top tier results both in terms of service and customer satisfaction.

  • Punctuality

The Monsha’s respects and understands the value of time. We make sure that the beautician reaches you on time no matter what. This helps you to build your trust with us and we develop our credibility by honouring our commitment. This also leads to timely completion of facial services and puts things in order. 

  • Customer safety

The Monsha’s staff checks whether the beauticians are following safety protocol or not. This includes wearing gloves and mask during the service along with using sanitizer. The beauticians must also sanitize all their tools after each use. We ensure the health of the beautician is also perfect by conducting daily temperature checks. 

  • Polite attitude.

The beauticians serving you with men’s facial service at home are quite sincere when it comes to work. The quality training focuses upon building the character of the beautician. To stay cheerful and do what the client is saying. It emphasizes not only on how to provide the services, but the behaviour beauticians need to keep towards you. Services with a smile, and taking all your wishes as their command they serve to high satisfaction. 


What is the frequency of facials in a month?

There is no set prescription as to how many times you should take facials in a month. Usually it is once a month. But, it also depends a lot upon two factors. Let us discuss them 

  • The place you live

Which city or town you live in plays a crucial role in deciding the frequency of facials. Usually it is once a month, but if the city you live in is heavily polluted, then it may be more. Some cities have more dust and pollution which are significant factors in deciding the fate of skin. More atmospheric pollution causes more damage and hence requires more facial sittings. 

If you live in a metro city like Delhi, then you must take facials at least twice a month.

  • Your skin type

Your skin type plays an important role in deciding the frequency of facials. Some people are dry, some are sensitive, some have oily, so on and so forth. People with oily skin generally attract more pollutants and dust to the skin. This results in skin becoming rough and dull. Similarly, in case of sensitive skin, you must keep your skin absolutely clean and healthy. As you are more prone to acne bouts on the slightest touch of dirt or oil.

In such cases, you must take facials at least every two weeks to keep your face healthy and supple. 


How to care for your face post men’s facial services at home

Post men’s facial services at home the skin of the face becomes highly sensitive. It is because the process of scrubbing and massaging opened up the skin pores and removed dead cells. The new and exposed cells of the body are completely at the mercy of surrounding and atmosphere. And they generally are not friendly. 

This is why you must first of all apply nourishing cream rich in vitamins on your face. This helps to create a layer on your face which acts as a barrier between you and the atmosphere. Simultaneously, healing the skin by providing nourishment. 

Wash your face with only water for at least the first two days post facial. And after two days you may use a face wash that must be skin friendly. Avoid scrubbing your face. 


Men’s face cleanup at home

The second most popular service for rejuvenating face after facial is cleanup. Men’s face cleanup at home is becoming popular at a rapid pace. Owing to the fact that they take less time, cost less and give wonderful results. Where a beautician carries all the essentials inside to your home gives you a relaxing cleanup. 

Men’s face cleanup at home allows you to stay indoors and still get the best face care service.

Process of men’s face cleanup at home

The process of men’s face cleanup at home is pretty similar to facial services. 

  • Cleansing the face 

Cleaning the face thoroughly marks the onset of men’s face cleanup at home. It involves cleansing the face to get rid of dirt and pollutants. For this the beautician uses a mild and skin friendly face cleanser. This helps to keep the pH of the skin in check. 

  • Scrub

The beautician scrubs the face so there is light exfoliation of the skin. The exfoliating scrub scratches the face skin minimally. It serves two ways, firstly, it removes dead cells and secondly allows the rush of blood to the face. This results in production of new skin cells. This is the most effective step of men’s face cleanup at home and as a result, it clears the skin of dead skin cells.  

  • Toner

Toning of the face is absolutely important as it helps the face to heal from the previous step of scrub. Toning helps to preserve the acid mantle of the skin. This step of men’s face cleanup at home allows for the establishment of haemostasis, the internal ecosystem of the skin. Simultaneously it heals the skin and protects the new skin cells.  

  • Face pack application

Next step in men’s face cleanup at home face pack application. It soothes the skin, bringing it calm and relief. A face pack is absolutely indispensable as it covers up the widened up pores. These pores if left unattended would attract a lot of dirt. This may lead to some infection. Hence it is absolutely important to apply a face pack.

  • Hydrating moisture. 

The last step is to apply a hydrating moisturizer. While taking a men’s face cleanup at home, the face is scratched and pulled. Oftentimes it leads to dryness as well. Therefore hydrating the skin internally is essential to maintain its elasticity and let it breathe. 


What to expect of men’s face cleanup at home?

The beauticians who give you men’s face cleanup at home services are quite the professionals. You may expect the following things from them once you book them.

  • Honouring time commitment

Men’s face cleanup at home professionals reaches you on time. This is quite amazing from the standpoint of a world where getting late is just okay. You will find the beautician at your doorsteps on or before time. This helps you to gain a lot more control over time as now services happen timely. It helps you to organize your day and plan it even better. 

  • Carrying all the tools

The beautician carries all the tools with him. This includes cleanup products, water bowls, brush, tissues, cotton sheets and other related stuff. All you have to do is nothing but just sit and let the cleanup happen. This will help you 

  • Arrangements

Once the beautician is at your doorsteps, he makes seating arrangements. He would adjust the chair, or may be your couch in case you want to lie down. You may even choose to lie down on the bed with your head to the edge of the bed. 

Once settled, he will then lay out all his tools and products neatly in front of you. You would see how comfortable he makes you inside of your own home.


The difference between men’s face cleanup at home and facials

There are many differences between facial and men’s face cleanup at home. Let us explore them all

  • Takes less time

Men’s face cleanup at home takes less time to complete, usually about 20-25 minutes. Whereas facial takes up one complete hour. If you are running short of time, you may consider cleanup.

  • Less intensive

The reason men’s face cleanup at home takes less time is because it has less number of steps. Usually, it would have about 4 steps and the facial would go on for a full 6-7 steps. The steps of the face clean up are small and less intensive which causes the cleanup to be over in 20-25 minutes.

  • No massage and face steaming. 

There is no massage and face steaming while you take men’s face cleanup at home. These two steps are the longest which takes the most amount of time. 

  • Less priced

Men’s face cleanup at home is less priced as compared to facials. It usually is half or even less. The rest also depends upon the products that are chosen for the service. 

  • More frequency

If you are a cleanup lover, then you should take it at least 2-3 three times a month. Whereas you may get a facial only once a month. 



Q : How frequently should I take men’s facial services at home?

A : Ideally, you should take facial services at least once a month. If you happen to live in a city where pollution levels are high then you should take it twice a month.

Q : How frequently should I take men’s face cleanup at home?

A : You can get a face clean up once every 10 days. It generally takes about 20-25 minutes and is less costly if compared to facial.

Q : What is the difference between facial and clean up?

A : There are many key differences between facial and clean up. First of all, facials are costly, they take more time and have more steps as compared to clean-ups. But, they are more effective and you need to take them only once a month. Men’s face cleanup at home is a bit less effective and you should take them more frequently.

Q : How long does facial sitting last?

A : One sitting of the facial usually lasts for anywhere around 45-60 minutes. But, it also depends upon the skills of the beautician and the facial you are taking. 

Q : How long does one men’s face cleanup at home session last?

A : Men’s face cleanup at home takes about 20-25 minutes to complete. You can take clean up services if you are running short of time and want your face to look clean and smooth.

Q : Which facial should I take while booking men’s facial services at home?

A : Taking the correct facial is very important as there are many available to choose from. For this you must know your skin type. There are facials which are specially curated suiting different skin types. If  booking men’s facial services at home you can even ask the beautician to give you a compatible facial.

Q : Which is the best facial?

A : All the facials are best in their respective categories. All you need to do is find out your skin type and choose the facial which is compatible with it. This is the key to marvellous results post facials.