Deep Tissue Massage (Men)



What are deep tissue massage services?

Deep tissue massage services are completely identical to Swedish massage services. They consist of the regular five steps of Swedish massage, namely, effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration and tapotement. You may then ask, why then so much fuss? Well, the sole difference lies with the amount of pressure that is applied on the body. As deep tissue massage has a deeper aim which involves dissolving the pent-up tension in the muscles. It is great for some muscle recovery after some miss happening, let us say internal tearing of muscle or tissue. Or in case someone has congenital deformity of muscle. 

Benefits of deep tissue massage services?

The major benefit of deep tissue massage services is the high-pressure application reaching the deeper layer of muscle fascia. It releases the knots in the muscles. This helps the muscles to become free and flexible, easing the body movements. 

  • Relieves you

Deep tissue massage services relieve you of all the tension, whether physical or mental. It helps your mind to shed off all the anxiety. The body also gets a break from constant work pressure and revitalization of the muscles takes place. In the end, it helps you rejuvenate yourself.

  • Manages pain

Deep tissue massage services aim at relieving the underlying pain of the muscles. There are some medical conditions where deep tissue massage services are a part of prescription. Acute or chronic lower back pain, fibromyalgia, neck stiffness and even congenital deformities are some of them. 

  • Better muscle movements

By dissolving up the tension built up at the level of tissue and muscle fascia, the muscles become free. This improves the flexibility of muscles allowing them to function properly. This results in free and better muscle movements. 


Why book The Monsha’s for deep tissue massage services?

The Monsha’s masseurs (male massagers) are all skillful. The company invests the first 15 days in training which centralizes its focus on the techniques of massage. It involves learning steps and executing them effectively. The Monsha’s masseurs recreate an aura of a massage parlor inside your home. For this they dim the light of your house simultaneously lighting incandescent candles. This allows the aromatic fragrance to fill up your room which increases the appeal and acceptance of the service visually. They also carry a massage bed which is specifically designed for customers. This further adds dimension and depth to the quality of service. 


How to book deep tissue massage services?

It is quite easy to book deep tissue massage services. Simply log in to the website. In the massage category of men, you shall find deep tissue massage. Add the service and proceed to check. Feed in your convenient day and time and the masseurs will be there to serve you. 



Q : When should I take deep tissue massage services?

A : The Monsha’s recommend you take these services when you feel strained and tied up muscles. In case of some muscle injury, we recommend highly to opt for deep tissue massage services. 

Q : Do the masseurs (male massagers) carry their own massage beds?

A : Yes, The Monsha’s masseurs carry their own massage beds. These are proper massage beds specially for body massage purposes.