Bleach & Detan (Men)



What are Detan services for men at home

Men have been paying a lot of attention lately to their looks. For good reasons as it helps to create lasting first impressions. There are many face rejuvenating services available but still many may wonder what are detan services for men at home. Detan services for men at home are one of the latest services which are available to treat your face of sun tan and burn. Detan services involve the application of a layer of detan pack on your face. It is applied for about 15-20 minutes. Detan services for men at home have become very popular with men and are ticking up in number. You can now avail detan services with your home by booking an appointment with a beautician. This way you do not have to step out of the luxury of your own home. 

How are the detan services for men at home different from bleach for men’s face at home.

In case what is so special about detan services for men at home then let us clear some air. The detan services for men at home makes use of organic ingredients. This is what makes the detan pack the most skin friendly treatment effective at removing sun tan or burn. Although it may take 3-4 sessions of detan services for men at home to show remarkable results. But, it definitely is worth the wait as it does not harm the skin in any way whatsoever. 


Why should you choose The Monsha’s detan services for men at home?

The beauticians that The Monsha’s appoints to deliver your services are all thorough professionals. We promise punctuality and ethics when it comes to work. You will find The Monsha’s professional at your door steps at your selected time of booking. 

Furthermore, you shall witness the professionalism of our beauticians by simply talking to them. The company strongly urges and makes sure that the professionals are thorough with product knowledge. Alongside, our professional beauticians outperform all else as we make sure that they learn the right techniques of service. This ensures an effective way to deliver detan services for men at home


Bleach for men’s face at home now available in just one click.

Men have been trying quite a lot of things lately to improve their looks and appearance. While there are many face treatments available, centuries old bleaching of face is still a popular option. Bleach for men’s face at home is now catching up quickly as it allows you to stay indoors. Bleaching is literally the fastest way of attaining instant fairness by removing sun tan/burn. 


Advantages of bleach for men’s face at home

As the culture of beautician at home services is increasing, it is only bringing benefits to you. Let us have a look at them.

  • Saves time

First of all, bleach for men’s face at home helps you save time. Since most men are working long strenuous hours, they do not have much time. Whatever time they are left with, they must use it judiciously. By calling a beautician at home you save a lot of time by not travelling to a salon. Plus you have to wait for your turn to come. The beautician delivers you bleach for men’s face at home as soon as he reaches your place without wasting any time. 

  • No facing the traffic

Once you request bleach for men’s face at home you don’t have to worry about all the bustling traffic. There has been a tremendous increase in the movement of traffic in the past few years. And of course everyone wants to escape that plight. With bleach for men’s face at home, the beautician has to reach to your place. This, at the very least, allows you peace of mind. 


Taking bleach for men’s face at home makes you spend only half of what you spend in a beauty studio. Saving money, no matter which class of society you come from, affects us all equally. And when saving money is intertwined with quality services at your doorsteps, it becomes irresistible. You can put this money in your piggy bank or choose to have another service. 


What makes The Monsha’s different in providing bleach for men’s face at home?

The Monsha’s has cultivated this habit of being honest with the clients. This is what you see in our beauticians. They provide honest and thoughtful suggestions to you. They know the right proportions in which you have to mix the bleach cream and activator. It is generally 2:1 respectively. 

But, the skin type of all the individuals is not the same. Because of this, they titrate the mixing proportions as per the skin type. For example, sensitive skin types need very less activator as it may aggravate the skin further. It is this knowledge of the beauticians that the company imparts which helps them to make on the spot decisions. And needless to say the beauticians follow safety guidelines ensuring safe and hygienic services. 



Q: For how long should we apply detan on my face?

A: You can keep a detan pack on your face for about 15-20 minutes. But, even if you keep it for a longer period, it won’t damage the skin as it contains all the natural ingredients. 

Q: Is detan pack harmful?

A: Detan packs are not harmful at all. In fact, detan services for men at home makes sure that your skin is treated all naturally. It only contains natural and organic ingredients which are super gentle on skin

Q: What is the difference between detan and bleach?

A: Detan services for men at home makes use of natural and organic ingredients which are gentle on the skin. But, bleach for men’s face at home involves use of chemicals to remove sun tan. This is the key difference between detan and bleach.

Q: Which one is safer between the detan and bleach.

A: Detan services for men at home are much safer than bleach services. It is mainly because detan contains only natural ingredients to remove suntan which are gentle on skin. On the other hand, bleach makes use of chemical compounds to treat the face of sun tan. In general, it is a bit abrasive on the face.

Q: For how long can I apply bleach on my face?

A: You should not apply bleach for more than 15 to 20 minutes. Since it is abrasive in nature and is chemical based, it can cause serious damage over long exposures. 

Q: Does the beautician know the right proportions of bleach and activator mixing?

A: We provide in-depth training of products and application techniques. This makes them a professional and they perfectly know the mixing strengths of bleach cream and activator.