Arms & Back Massage (Men)



Arm back massage at home – A brief description

It is always a great stress buster to have a session of massage. Arm back massage at home can be quite relieving as it targets two most important body parts. Arms do most of the physical labor and back is the support system of the body. Such is the combination that they both complement each other and none can function without the other. This synergism of the two leads to physical output of the body. Naturally, they wear out and also need repair. Arm back massage at home helps you to keep both the body parts fit and healthy. The massage sessions repair the worn out tissues and help them rejuvenate.

What is an arm back massage at home?

Arm back massage at home is a method of relieving all the pent-up tension inside the muscles. Both the arms and back take up a lot of beating which naturally results in building up of fatigue. All this tiredness of muscles leads to low productivity and muscle degeneration. This is where an arm back massage at home helps you to get rid of all the tiredness. It focuses on the key areas of your arm and back. Both the arms and back are firstly warmed up and then kneaded with knuckles and tips of finger. This allows the muscles and tissues to loosen up a bit as they acquire a bit of heat.

With the loosening of muscles, they relax simultaneously releasing tension. Once this happens, the muscles start to recover until they reach their full potential. 


Why should you get an arm back massage at home?

Muscles show symptoms of stress when there is a buildup of scar tissue or toxins. This happens when there is constant usage with little or no break. Scar formation is the body’s internal defense mechanism to fight off injury. The muscles here receive injury due to overuse or some accident. With the development of scar tissue, it restricts movement of the body part resulting in pain. 

This is where arm back massages at home come into action. Right massage techniques lead to draining of toxins out of the body and dissolving the scars. This in turn helps the body to function properly and effectively.


What are the benefits of arm back massage at home?

There are many benefits of arm back massage at home. Let us have a look at them.

Relieves stress – The biggest benefit of arm back massage at home is that it breaks stress of the muscles altogether. The muscles can relax and ventilate properly. It mainly happens due to the muscles now relaxing. Massage flushes out all the harmful toxins from the muscles and simultaneously relieves muscle tension. This is how it takes care of stress. 

Improves movement – Arm back massage at home helps in reviving and revitalizing the muscles. The muscles are full of strength and verve and are now fit. The removal of tension from the muscles helps in removing the knots which were causing hindrance to the movement. 


How to book an arm back massage at home?

Simply log in to The Monsha’s website and from the home page click on the men massage icon. This will take you to the set of massage services for men to select from. Choose an arm and back massage and check out. You will find The Monsha’s masseur (male massage therapist) at your doorsteps at your time of convenience. It can be simply put as follows.

The Monsha’s home page> Men massage services> Arm back massage at home


Why to choose The Monsha’s?

There are many positive facets of choosing The Monsha’s. Firstly, our company invests a lot in training the to-be masseurs (male massage therapists) the right techniques of massage. It becomes mandatory to adhere to the protocol since not following them will not yield results. And secondly, that the company invests in developing soft skills in the to-be masseurs (male massage therapists). These skills involve behavior towards customers to basic etiquettes of greeting them and leaving there as it was. This is how much of a concern we, as a company, exhibit towards our valuable customers.  



  1.   Do the masseurs (male massage therapists) carry their own beds?
  2.   Yes, masseurs (male massage therapists) carry their own beds. These are portable beds. But, arm back massage at home do not necessarily require a massage bed. You can receive an arm and back massage session sitting on a chair as well.