Young and youthful face bleaching at home services

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Dark spots, freckles,hyperpigmentation(melasma or chloasma) removing all problems after taking bleach service

Table of Contents


It is easier now more than ever to have that healthy face and say goodbye to that dull look. With young and youthful face bleaching at home services, it is now quite easy to keep up with a radiant face. Although, there are many services to keep up with the beauty of the face, yet face bleaching has its own special place. It helps you to have a rejuvenated face within just a few minutes. Thus, keeping short at time and still delivering you satisfactory results. 

People, especially women have been bleaching their face for a very long time. It started somewhere in the 1500s and the process kept upgrading itself. And in the 21st century, quite effective and skin friendly face bleaching at home services options are available. Now, you do not even need to step out of your home. Booking a single appointment with a beautician gets the job done. 

In this post, we would be covering all about bleaching services and its benefits.

1. Face bleaching at home services – Do it yourself

First of all, let us understand how to bleach your face at home. You see, face bleaching is no rocket science. In fact, just some basic knowledge is all that you need to be aware of when it comes to bleaching. The very first step of face bleaching at home services is washing your face. This helps to rid your face of all the impurities and dirt covering your face for a clear bleach application.

Then you need to mix bleach cream with activator. Generally, they are mixed in the ratio of 2:1 respectively. But, it is not a permanently fixed ratio and may vary depending upon the sensitivity of the skin and the amount of tan. 

Once you complete mixing the two components thoroughly, you need to apply it on your face. You may apply a uniformly thin layer on your face, but it is not a necessity. Now leave it like that for about 10 minutes and allow it to work. And then, simply wash it off. This completes the process of face bleaching at home services. 

You must now apply some moisturizer or hydrating lotion/cream on your face. It helps to soothe your skin and also closes the pores. 

2. Caution with face bleaching at home services

We highly recommend you to practice caution, especially if you are taking bleach service for the first time. In which case you must proceed with a patch test anywhere on your skin. Simply take the mix and apply it on your leg. Just a small portion would do. Wait for the desired time. If you feel any irritation or inflammatory sensation beyond bearable, then wipe off the bleach right away. It means that your skin is too sensitive for bleach. 

And secondly, you must know that bleach is always going to itch. But, it must be well within tolerable limits. Sometimes, it may happen that you may mix the bleach cream and activator in disturbing proportions. In other cases, you may allow the mix to stay on your face for two long. Both are quite detrimental. If such a case arises, you should wash your face immediately.

If there is some redness or development of bumps on your skin, then do not panic. It would subside in just some time. In case of a quick remedy, you may apply some ice on your face.

3. Benefits of face bleaching at home services


  • Removes dirt and tan

Face bleaching at home services ensures removal of dirt and tan from your face. It burns off all the dead and unhealthy skin cells which are covering your entire face, making it appear dull. Bleach clears the slough of dead cells by deep cleaning the skin. As a result, new and healthy skin cells are able to come to the top, giving you a smooth appearance and radiant skin. 


  • Boosts confidence 

A young and healthy looking face attracts attention and commands respect out of all. But it is quite hard to keep up with the beauty and grooming of the face. As harmful and toxic elements of the atmosphere are always acting on your face making the face become rough both to touch and look at. It is face bleaching at home services which ensures that the face retains its naturalness and vitality. 

This of course makes your face look elegant and beautiful. And when you are satisfied with your beauty, it automatically lifts up your confidence. This confidence helps you to also attain success in both your personal and professional life. 

4. What to expect of face bleaching at home services?

There are some people who have not taken face bleaching at home services. Naturally, it fills them with a lot of qualms. Let’s clear some air and inform you what all to expect from it.

The first thing you need to know is the beautician with whom you have an appointment reaches your place on time. She carries all the bleaching essentials. She carries a bleach pack, tissues, headband and water bowl. Before she starts off with the services, she wears gloves and a mask for safety purposes. The beautician then follows all of those steps as we have already listed above. 

Once she completes the process, she then wipes off your face with a tissue. And finally, she rinses your face with cold water. Once she completes the entire process, she applies a soothing cream on your face as a protective measure. 

The beautician then discards all the leftovers of grace bleaching at home services carefully. This includes used bleach cream, tissues, spatula and gloves. She disposes all of these in a plastic sheet and then throws them away into the dustbin.

After all that settles, you can have a look at your drastically improved face and can marvel at your beauty. 

In conclusion, you can now fully understand bleach detan services. How effective they are and how they work and you can book them up as well easily too. You can simply log into the website and select your convenient date and time for face bleaching at home services. A confirmation message of your slot booking and a beautician would arrive at your doorsteps. All you need to do is let the face rejuvenation session begin