Why you should take Rica waxing at home service

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Why you should take Rica waxing at home service

Table of Contents


Unwanted hair have been a source of pain since always as they mar your beauty considerably. Everyone prefers a smooth and hairless body over hairy and rough one. And that is exactly why you should take Rica waxing at home service. It removes all the unwanted bodily hair and clears the skin as well boosting your confidence. Although there are many different wax options for removing body hair, Rica may score above the rest. 

In this article, we would be discussing all about Rica waxing at home service. How it is different from other wax and what are its advantages.


  • What is Rica wax when it comes to Rica waxing at home service?

First thing first, Rica wax is not wax, rather it is a brand which manufactures white chocolate wax. There are many companies that manufacture and sell white chocolate wax and Rica also happens to be one of them. But the sales have become so high over time that white chocolate wax from Rica has become synonymous with Rica wax. And it is white chocolate wax when it comes to Rica waxing at home service.

Yet, for the sake of the article, we would call white chocolate wax as Rica wax. 


  • What happens in Rica waxing at home service?

The method of removal of hair with Rica wax is pretty much the same as with any other wax. A beautician carries her bag which contains all the salon essentials. She warms up Rica wax in a heater till it becomes fluid and then she begins with its application on the body parts. This marks the onset of Rica waxing at home service. Once the beautician applies a thin layer on the body parts she then places a wax strip over it. And then she rips it off in the opposite direction of the growth of hair pulling out all the hair.

Once she covers up all the body parts she then applies a post wax oil. This soothes the skin giving it a calming effect. And this marks the end of Rica waxing at home service. The beautician then cleans up mess if any and leaves your home as clean as before. 


  • What are the advantages of Rica waxing at home service?

There are many advantages with Rica wax that we would now discuss below. 


1. No reapplication

The first benefit of Rica waxing at home service is that you do not have to apply it multiple times at the same body area. Only one single application of Rica wax is enough to remove all the hair from the desired area. If you usually take chocolate or honey wax, you would experience this enormous difference in the first sitting itself.

Whereas taking chocolate or honey wax requires 2-3 three reapplications on the same body area. As they are not as effective in removing the hair in one application. This is what results in redness or inflammation of the skin which may stay for a day or two. 


2. No overheating

There is a unique feature of Rica wax when it comes to Rica waxing at home service. Unlike honey and chocolate wax, Rica wax tend to stabilize its heating point. It never gets over heated and hence upon application on the skin, it does not harm it. This is exactly the opposite in case of honey and dark chocolate wax as they melt at high temperature. When instantly applied on the skin, they literally end up burning the skin.

Whilst, the beautician can directly apply liquid Rica wax and it never burns. Since it has a lower melting temperature, which is within you pain tolerable limits, you end up managing the Rica waxing at home service session quite effectively. It is one benefit that even a trainee beautician has direct access to. 


3. Causes less pain

Waxing is a painful process, no matter which wax you opt for hair removal purposes. Experiencing pain also depends upon your personal pain tolerability. Yet, not all wax extends similar level of pain to you. The amount of pain with Rica wax is quite low. This is one of the reasons for more people choosing Rica waxing at home service. 

Since Rica wax sticks more to hair and less to skin, when ripping the wax strip it pulls only hair and not the skin. This way it automatically causes less pain. Whereas, honey and dark chocolate wax sticks to both skin and hair and pull them equally upon ripping. This way they end up causing more pain to you. 


4. Removes suntan and sunburn

Rica waxing at home service is not only known for removing hair but also suntan and sunburn. The top most layer of your skin has a lot of debris of dead and/or unhealthy skin cells. Upon application of Rica wax, all these cells stick to wax. One gentle ripping clears the skin of all these dead and decaying cells. You would notice this huge difference once you opt for Rica waxing at home service

This is one of the benefits which is directly related to your aesthetics and beautify you further. 


5. Colophony free and non-allergic

Rica wax has a marked advantage over the other wax types as it is colophony free. Colophony is naturally occurring constituents of all the wax. That means all the wax contain colophony. And it is this ingredient which is primarily responsible for causing a lot of skin problems. Since colophony is a skin sensitizer, it ends up irritating the skin in most cases. 

Most of the people who opt for honey or chocolate wax contract itchiness, redness and inflammation. It is all due to the presence of colophony. Manufacturing of Rica wax takes special efforts as it removes colophony from it. This makes it both superior to other waxing and of course pricey as well. Yet, whatever your take on it, there is one thing for sure, that Rica waxing at home service is quite safe and reliable. It causes no skin problems and almost anyone can have it.


6. Suits sensitive skin type 

Not everyone is blessed with normal skin type and people have may have oily or dry skin. But, people with most disadvantage are the ones with sensitive skin types. It is very important for a beautician to tread carefully in case of someone having sensitive skin. Honey and chocolate wax aggravated the skin problems are far from suiting its needs. 

Therefore Rica waxing at home service turns out to be the most reliable and safest option. As we have explained it above that Rica wax is colophony free, a skin sensitizer, it does not aggravate the skin condition. Moreover, it has mostly natural ingredients which are quite friendly towards your skin. This helps in nourishing your skin while taking care of it gently. 


All in all, not one person has ever walked away after taking Rica waxing at home service. It is because the superiority of Rica wax is way too high in comparison to honey or chocolate wax. Both in terms of effectiveness and experience in terms of high quality. That is why once someone upgrades from honey/dark chocolate to Rica, he never falls back onto the former. 


  • Constraints of Rica waxing at home service.

So far we have talked about the benefits and advantages of Rica wax. But there are some pro and cons to everything. And there is also one to Rica waxing at home service – it is the price. It is not really a con but we may call it a limitation or drawback of Rica. 

Taking Rica waxing at home service is twice as much as with that of dark chocolate wax. This is because the price to retailer is itself expensive, which is roughly 8-10 times of normal honey or dark chocolate wax. And since the buying price is so high the end price to the consumer is increased as well. If you observe it more closely, the buying price is 10 times yet the delivery of service is only twice as high. This means in a way, it is more affordable than honey or dark chocolate wax if compared linearly. 

Yet, the customer do not care on a whole. Still, if you compare the price to value ratio with rica waxing at home service, you would find them hugely disproportionate. You receive far more benefits than the price you end up paying for it. And it is safe to say, that taking Rica wax service plays in your favor.

With this we draw to a close of this article. You now know what really is Rica waxing at home service and what are its advantages. And if you found the article persuasive enough, you can also book the same set of services from our website. Simply login to the website, choose Rica waxing and select a time slot. The Monsha’s have the best of expert and professional beauticians who provides to a high end waxing experience. Once you make the payment, you would find a diligent and professional beautician at your doorstep at your convenience.