Which Rica wax is best for tan removal?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


In this modern age of chemicals and artificially added substances, people are now demanding more and more organic substances. They are now aware that being cheap is not the only criteria. But, you must also value the quality and long term effects of the products as well. The same is happening in the field of waxing. Rica waxing services have now started to dominate the market. What is Rica waxing? How is it different from other kinds of body waxing? What are the other kinds of waxing? Is it only necessary for pre  bridal services or can it be done on a regular basis? We will answer all these queries in this article.

What is waxing?

 The forceful extraction of hair from the skin with the help of a sticky substance is what encompasses waxing. Waxing is effective because it pulls out all your hair from the very hair follicles, leaving behind a smooth and shiny skin. It is the most preferred method for removal of the annoying, tedious and unkempt body hair.  If waxing is not your preference for hair removal, alternate viable options are also available. You may choose among threading, hair removal cream, hair spa treatments like laser procedures or even shaving the body part off. All these options including regular waxing are quite painful. They may lead to after effects such as bumps, redness, itchiness, allergies and rashes.  

Rica waxing is an advanced form of hair removal which is painless and suitable to all skin types. Certain types of waxing such as Rica waxing have multiple benefits from one procedure. It includes de-tanning, getting smooth, silky, glossy skin and also reduces or slows down re-growth. 

Alternatives for Waxing:

  • Usage of Depilatory Creams. – You can buy this in house product from almost any departmental store. They remove hair by dissolving hair follicles at the applied area. They require a little amount of effort but can be slightly expensive. The quantity of the product may be a little low in comparison to the amount of body hair. They may cause an allergic reaction and almost all have a Rica Waxungent smell that is off-putting.
  • Epilady. – This process requires the usage of a hand- held machine called epilator. It helps to extract the hair completely from the roots. This is a painful procedure that some may not be able to endure.
  • Shaving – Shaving is the most common process of removal of hair which is very cost effective. But this process cannot eliminate the hair follicles from their roots. As it is a superficial and last moment way of removal of hair. It leaves the shaved area coarse, itchy and red.  Sometimes may cause blisters which can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. If the affected area is the feet you can obtain pedicure services too to soothe the pain.
  • Laser hair removal. – This is a very modern and futuristic way of hair removal for eternity. Yes, it is an everlasting hair removal solution but unlike popular belief it is not a completely pain-free process. The major downside is that it is one of the most expensive ways of hair removal. Before doing it one must contemplate whether they would ever need the regrowth of hair ever again.
  • Electrolysis – this too, similar to laser hair removal is a very futuristic approach to the removal of body hair. This process uses short wave frequencies to disrupt hair growth. But its downside is that it is extremely hard on the pockets. It targets only a small portion or area of your body. This also requires multiple sessions to go through before getting the final results.

Rica wax is a liposoluble wax which contains no harmful chemicals. It does not have colophony, which is a major skin sensitizer and leads to development of rashes or redness. Moreover, no matter how much you heat rica wax, it still stays gentle on the skin. Just like how a glow facial makes the face radiate a certain glow. You can see immediate effects of obtaining Rica waxing services. Rica waxing is the new age solution and a boon to all those men and women who have sensitive skin. We all know that one person who develops different kinds of skin issues with the slightest touch of foreign substances. Rica wax’s targeted market base is exactly those kinds of persons.

Rica wax is an Italian based company that specializes in beauty and cosmetic products. Unlike other methods of waxing Rica wax does not contain the harmful chemical of colophony. It is a liposoluble wax and makes use of vegetable oil, resin extracts and glycerol rosinate for production purposes. This painless procedure is slightly pricey but worth it. Since hair re-growth starts 3-4 weeks later. The subsequent hair that grows from the follicle is finer than before. Especially if you take rica wax services regularly.

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 Advantages Of Rica Wax:

  • There is an absence for harmful chemicals such as colophony from the wax. It is much more suitable to people with skin issues and is very gentle for those with sensitive skin.
  • There are certain substances such as beeswax present in Rica waxing that nourish the skin. Hence are more beneficial as it does two tasks at once unlike the regular old and painful method of waxing.
  • Rica waxing service at home consists of pre and post attributes such as gelling. This gelling makes the entire procedure much easier to conduct. You can limit this to a particular time slot and obtain the process in a timely manner.
  • It removes the tiniest of hair as well without drying your skin.
  • The need of re-application is omitted since Rica waxing is a one time apply process.
  • Along with the removal of hair de-tanning and extraction of dead skin cells also happens. This leads to softer, more glowing, brighter skin.
  • Rica waxing removes hairs completely from the roots. It slows down the process of hair regrowth and hence leads to fewer waxing sessions that may be tedious.

Disadvantages of Rica Waxing at home:

  • The one and only disadvantage of Rica waxing is that it is hard on the pockets; that is it a much more expensive procedure in comparison to other waxing forms.

What is Tanning and how does Rica Wax Help?

Tanning is a natural process in which the skin coloring pigment melanin increases after exposure to bright sun or sunlight over long periods of time. This process is the human body’s way of protecting itself from burning.UVA light penetrates the skin which triggers melanocytes to produce melanin.

            A tan is never permanent. The dead skin cells flake off and new brighter skin cells take their place creating an appearance of lighter skin. Just like how manicure and pedicure brings out the beauty of the hands and feet. Rica waxing does the same along with removing hair. Rica waxing aides in that process of exfoliating and bringing up new skin cells to the surface. What is most amazing with rica waxing is that it targets old or damaged skin cells alongside removing hair. Hence, removing them as well.


Rica wax is virtually a complete skin care package. The processes of detoxifying, extraction,de-tanning and hair removal are all accomplished by the single method of Rica waxing. People now a days are more aware and ask more for organic products or those which have the least amount of chemical interference. Rica waxing suits this criteria also. Being chemical free Rica wax lures all the customers that suffer from sensitive skin. But, it would still require waxing. Rica wax has changed the game entirely and is quickly becoming the most opted way of hair removal along with its other side benefits.