What is Rica Waxing

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Everyone has pet peeves, but all especially ladies share one. Can you ponder what it may be? I am talking about the scraggly, prickly, unkempt hair growth that is present all over the body. It is a sore view for the eyes and diminishes one’s self esteem. Rica waxing at home is the solution for this infuriating problem. Now since I have mentioned Rica waxing. You are asking what it is? No worries this article shall clear all your doubts and queries. Read on to know more.

What is Waxing?

Waxing is the process of removal or forceful extraction of unwanted or visible hair from the body. It is a fundamental and indispensable part of a woman’s life. The most prominent and proficient way of doing so is waxing. Alternatives may include shaving, threading or the usage of hair removal creams. But these alternatives come along with their consequences. They may leave the skin pigmented, they may cause rashes or infections and the hair grows back coarser making the hair removal process more tedious for the next time.

What is Rica Waxing at Home?

Rica waxing is the new day solution to avoid harmful substances present in normal wax. And to enjoy this beauty treatment at home is Rica waxing at home. Rica wax also known as liposolube wax is the new era waxing technique which is colophony free. Those who may not know should be aware that Colophony is a chemical skin sensitizer that is rumored to cause allergic dermatitis. Rica waxing contains vegetable oil along with glyceryl rosinate and also resin extracts

History of Rica Waxing:

What is Rica waxing? Actually Rica is an Italian cosmetic company that has been working with hair and beauty products since 1994. It has branched out to more than 60 countries worldwide. Their product of Rica waxing is now the brand name for efficient and proficient waxing all over the globe.

Difference between Normal Waxing and Rica Waxing at Home

  • Normal waxing- this process involves using honey or sugar wax and a bunch of various other chemicals that produce the final product of wax. This kind of wax is not suitable for people with sensitive skin as the chemicals present in it may cause adverse effects. The person performing the hair removal procedure applies heated wax to the skin that contains the unwanted hair. This is a painful process as the sugar or honey extracts may stick to the skin and cause cell damage. This procedure is also inefficient in the successful removal of tiny hair follicles. Normal waxing also is unable to remove hair strands from their roots.
  • Rica waxing- The process involves producing a wax made by vegetable oil and resin extracts, along with a very small amount of chemicals, which is then used for the process of hair removal. Rica waxing at home is a very delicate beauty treatment. Burning of the skin is not an issue since they do not heat this wax. Rica waxing at home is very efficient in the removal of hair completely from their roots.

Advantages of Rica Waxing:

  • Since there is an absence of harmful chemicals such as colophony from the wax it is much more suitable to people with skin issues and is very gentle for those with sensitive skin.
  • There are certain substances such as beeswax present in Rica waxing that nourish the skin and hence are more beneficial as it does two tasks at once unlike the regular old, boring and painful method of waxing.
  • Rica waxing at home consists of pre and post attributes such as pre wax gel and post wax gel. This gelling makes the entire procedure much easier to conduct.
  • The tiniest of hairs can also be removed without drying out the skin post procedure.
  • The need of re-application is omitted since Rica waxing is a one time applying wax process
  • Along with the removal of hair de-tanning and extraction of dead skin cells also happens which leads to softer, more glowing, brighter skin.
  • As Rica waxing removes hairs completely from the roots it slows down the process of hair regrowth and hence leads to fewer waxing sessions that may be tedious.

Disadvantages of Rica Waxing at home:

  • The one and only disadvantage of Rica waxing is that it is hard on the pockets; that is it is a much more expensive procedure in comparison to other waxing forms.

Why Rica Waxing at Home?

One’s home is the place where one is at complete peace and enjoys the maximum amount of comfort. It also saves up a lot of time and frustration to choose the best salon and have their services provided there itself.
      Therefore it is more convenient to call up a beautician and book a session at home. you do not need to worry about any equipment related issue since all the necessary equipment and tools will be brought by the beauty expert herself and . The hassle of keeping the beauty procedures as clean and new as possible is not a problem since you can take care of the waxed areas in the comfort of your home. Since you are comfortable with your surroundings, hygiene and sanitation are also taken care of


I hope most of you have no more queries. Society deems an individual to be more civilized and cultured if he/she is kempt. This also helps in boosting self esteem and confidence. Rica waxing at home is now a go-to by multiple people having sensitive skin. Although being a slightly more pricey procedure, it has the overall benefits that no other type of waxing provides. Rica waxing is raising the bar of the waxing game. No one would prefer a more painful and risky process over one that not only accomplishes its main task of hair removal but also that of skin brightening, de-tanning and dead skin cell extraction. So I would like to conclude by saying:
Rica waxing shall tax your purse
But getting it is a boon that you shall not curse!