What is eyebrow threading?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Salon at home services is not a new phrase anymore. There was some skepticism and stigma attached to it a few years ago but all of that has been wiped off completely. It took a while for the people to swallow and digest the fact that at home salon service can be provided to the people successfully keeping the quality of both the products and services intact. 

But there are still some people who doubt the authenticity of home beauty services owing to a few factors which we are going to discuss in detail.

V​alidity of beauticians/groomers​

The second important point is from the safety point of view which cannot be neglected as there are strict norms and regulation an individual has to go through before they could join a company as a beautician/groomer. The process may involve submission of government approved documents like aadhaar card, passport or driver’s license to verify the nationality of the individual and which are always at the disposal of the company if in case required. 

One thing must be noted above all that no company will ever risk smearing its own image and face value. 

Effectiveness of the beauticians/groomers​

This is a common qualm amongst a lot many people still if it is safe to invite a beautician/groomer inside our home for such services for obvious reasons. First understanding this is crucial that the beauticians are all qualified, product and service educated as well. They are all imparted a rigorous training of at least 10 days before they can be sent on their first assigned customer. Training eliminates the chances of low-quality service and product knowledge helps them to navigate through different products with a lot of ease. 

Respecting the customer​

This is one thing which stands out in its own self. The customer is respected and deemed above all. Beauticians/groomers in a way are drilled to take customer at their face value where the wish of the customer becomes their demand. Being polite and well mannerism is taught to a great extent.

Original products.​

While many salons and some part time-not so serious beauticians/groomers use low quality/duplicate products, such a risk is completely eliminated with proper at home service providing companies. Since the products are all available in one-time use packs, the seal of which is broken only in front of the customer there is no way a customer would be given service with a low quality/duplicated product. 

No contamination

As mentioned above that the services are provided with the help of one-time use products, one set of products can only last on one product and cannot serve multiple customers unlike the case in regular salons it eliminates any chances of contamination of any sort. Moreover, the use of disinfectant and constant use of sanitizer keeps the rest of the infections at bay. 

While the opinions can be divided but in the light of the above rock-solid points it is only safe to deduce that home beauty services are completely safe and reliable and can be taken without any fear of safety.

You know what bothers everyone? The excess of anything! The body rejects too much food, just as it rejects too much attention or too much heat or cold. Where am I going with this you may ask? Eyebrows! Yes you read that right! An excess amount of unwanted eyebrow hair spoils the entire aesthetics of one’s face. Hence there is a need of eyebrow threading.

Everyone dislikes being laughed at due to the shabby and slightly comedic appearance attributed to bushy eyebrows.Hence in the modern world eyebrow threading is extremely common and also necessary. This not only makes the facial features look sharper but also improves self esteem and boosts confidence.

What is Eyebrow Threading?

Threading eyebrows is similar to upper lip threading. As it involves forcefully extracting or plucking individual hairs from the eyebrows using a piece of thread. The process utilizes a thin, cotton thread to grasp each tiny hair strand during the threading process. It has controlled yet drastic result on the beautification of one’s face. This procedure requires quite a bit of expertise, skill and experience.

History of Eyebrow Threading 

The origin of threading is still a debatable topic! Rumors suggest that threading originated in the Asiatic countries such as India or the Middle East. Historians suggest that threading may have originated in China, where people considered women with thinner eyebrows to be more sophisticated.

Advantages of Eyebrow Threading

  • They are less painful than the alternatives such as compared to waxing.
  • Eyebrow waxing may cause burns or swelling up of the affected area. Whereas eyebrow threading doesn’t have these consequences
  • You may get prolonged results that is there will little to no growth to a time period of 4-5 weeks
  • It is a quick and proficient way of getting rid of the facial hair.
  • Experts recommend opting for brow threading for individuals with sensitive or delicate skin types. Hence it is recommended to those who get rashes easily, or those with acne-prone skin. As it does not irritate the skin as much as its rival methods, thus making it safer to avoid acne breakouts.
  • This process involves no chemicals or other foreign substances, making it completely natural.
  • The service offers a pocket-friendly price and one can complete it within a budget of 100 rupees.
  • The procedure is very accurate and precise as the beautician deals with only a small portion of the eyebrow at a time.

Disadvantages of Eyebrow Threading  

  • I previously mentioned that someone with the proper skill and experience must perform threading to do it correctly. If done improperly, it may lead to extreme irritation and ingrown hairs.
  • It is a longer process than eyebrow waxing however it is not a very long process.
  • Some people have reported contracting molluscum contagiosum, which is a highly contagious viral infection that spreads between humans. People have reported contracting molluscum contagiosum, a highly contagious and viral infection that spreads between humans, due to eyebrow threading.
  • The process of eyebrow threading makes the interacted area loose but not an extent where it is blatantly visible but in compassion to the skin that has not undergone threading there is a bit of looseness.
  • It is quite a painful process and some may be hesitant to go on with it in the first place.
  • It is not possible to perform the procedure over a large area such as removing hair from the chest and legs as it can only remove a few short rows at a time.

How is eyebrow threading performed?

  • First, the person performing the hair removal cleans and sterilizes the area using alcohol wipes.
  • The beautician then takes a thread (mostly made of cotton or polyester)
  • She then tightens her grasp on one end of the thread with her teeth and holds the other end in her hands.
  • The beauty professional performs the threading procedure by twisting the thread and rolling it over the area where the hairs are to be extracted from.
  • The swift motion of the rolling of the thread traps the hair and pulls them out whole from the follicle.

Eyebrow threading cost is very inexpensive and light on the pockets even though you may have to it once a month,

Myths about eyebrow threading

Threading causes scarring

Threading if done in professional manner does not even penetrate the skin. The thread does not tear muscle tissue, so it does not cause scarring.

If you over pluck your eyebrows they will not grow out again

Relax there is no need to panic the hair follicles will grow back in due time of no threading. Threading can remove the hair only for a brief period of time. The process is not a permanent solution for bushy eyebrows, and it requires repetition once every 4-5 weeks.

The color of your hair and the color of your eyebrows should match

This myth is a blatant lie if we take into perspective the color of the hair of blondes or red heads. People who color their hair also do not color their eyebrows in the same way, as it could make them look goofy. Yes in most cases it may be true but in other cases it is the furthest from the truth.

It is told to never thread or pluck above the eyebrow hair

This too displays the ignorance that mankind has developed. But, jokes aside, the notion that removing multiple hairs above the eyebrow line can prevent the hair arch from growing back is a widespread myth. Beauticians can easily remove those stubborn strands of hair on the side of your forehead to enhance the visibility of the shape of the eyebrows. This is why the belief that removing multiple hairs above the eyebrow line will prevent the hair arch from returning is incorrect.

If threaded the hair regrowth is faster and thicker

No matter if you thread or pluck or tweeze or wax your eyebrows the growth of hair still remains the same.In fact, shaving does not make the hair thicker. It only creates an illusion that the hair is thicker because shaving cuts the hair at an angle, creating a blunt tip that appears wider than the natural taper of the hair. New hair growth begins as threading removes hair from the root, and the surface area is not affected.


Keeping the aesthetics of the face in pristine condition requires a simple yet necessary process of hair threading. Once individuals get used to it, they can tolerate the discomfort of threading, although it may be slightly uncomfortable for beginners. Eyebrow Threading also known as shaping eyebrows can be a game changer to the one’s looking to gain confidence. We, as Indians, should take pride in the fact that this process is said to have originated in our beautiful country. I would like to conclude by saying:  

The removal of hair of the eyebrow can be tedious;

Threading can make the eyebrows look pretty and glorious!