What is a Bridal Makeover?

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Bridal makeovers at home

Table of Contents


Your wedding day is approaching and you still are confused as to what is a real bridal makeover or how is it different from loads of other makeovers. Do not worry, we have got it all covered up. Bridal makeover is one of those that typically is opted for wedding/marriages and for good reason as it is a pretty beautiful makeover which takes a lot of time to be completed. It is not only about the number of products that are to be used on a bride for makeovers but also the amount of skill one has. 

Let us first have a look at some other makeover types so as to understand bridal makeovers better. 

  • Party makeovers – If you are going to dress up for a regular event or get together, minimalist makeover will do which may include some eye makeover with the usual application of foundation and concealer accompanied by a nice hairstyle.
  • Engagement makeovers – Next we have an engagement/reception makeover which is a little heavy as compared to some party makeovers and the hairstyle also is required to be a little more stylish but exotic. The work of the makeover artist gets a little tougher as it has to be more subtle.
  • Bridal makeovers – And now we arrive at the bridal makeovers. Since it is to be done on a bride and being a once in a lifetime moment it is required to not only be special but also look elegant. Bridal makeover is time consuming as it requires heavy application of products. On an average there are about 12-15 steps of bridal which starts from basic cleansing of face followed by primer which minimizes pores and helps to blur them out. If the face has scars or patches or uneven skin tone that is to be taken care of with the help of concealer. Even use of foundation is a must and goes all the way to the neck and bosoms of a girl. Which is then followed by powder locking and a few sprays of make up fixer and there you are. The bridal makeover is done.


We further have two types of makeover to choose from.

  • Airbrush and high definition makeovers

One may choose to go for airbrush makeover or high definition makeover. While HD makeover is one which uses high end products with matte finish or glossy appearance and require sort of manual application of products, air brush on the other hand is a tool which sprays the products on the face of the bride. Since the brush does not make any contact with the face, airbrush makeover is visibly smoother and a lot more attractive. Due to this reason it is a little pricier.  Both the options are available to opt from in case of bridal makeover and given the trend, most of the girls pick up airbrush makeover for bridal as it gives them this supreme and flawless look that makes the on looker drop his jaw. 

  • Eye makeovers

One of the key features of anyone’s face are eyes. Eyes have a whole different set of makeovers which takes a lot of time since it requires a lot of fine detailing to be done on your upper eyelid which is a lot less area for art work as compared to the rest of the face and hence the chances to err are more. Since it has to be done meticulously else there is a risk of ruining the bridal makeover. Looking at the bridal make over, it is fundamentally the depth of eye make up which defines the overall look and appeal of the bride.

It is then followed by a royal hairstyle which adds on to the aristocracy of the bride. Usually, the hairstyle is required to be kept simple but graceful at the same time. Overdoing either the makeup or hairstyle might mar the look of the bride instead of trying to make it. 

And to add further beauty to the entire look the dress of the girl (which might be a lehenga/gown) is at the go. 

  • What a bride is expected to do? 

All the brides want to look their best but the results vary owing to some other factors. There is a saying that “Rome was not built in a day” and the same goes for everything and not just Rome. While the brides will definitely look like angels from heaven, a little skin care on a daily basis can remarkably improve and add to the charm or taking pre bridal package with 3-4 sittings spread over a period of about 1 month can be a lot of help both to the bride and the makeover she is going to have. 

So, if it’s you or someone you know who is going to get married and is looking for a bridal makeover in Delhi or NCR, then you may want to reflect upon the points we have just outlined. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed.