Table of Contents

Table of Contents


  Rica is a popular Italian brand that left its mark worldwide for its quality and effectiveness. If you want to upgrade your waxing, Rica is a perfect choice. Rica wax benefits are simply never-ending. It is always a good option to opt for. Instead of shouting at the top of your lungs while waxing, why not choose Rica? As a wax, Rica is a very gentle and comfortable hair removal method. It is especially significant for people having sensitive skin. Rica wax is formulated with natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, beeswax, resin, etc. These ingredients are gentler on your skin than regular wax. Moreover, Rica wax contains 98% of natural ingredients; hence there is no chance of such side effects.    

Rica wax is useful for all types of skin. It is meant for all of it, be it oily, normal, or dry skin. The glycerin rosinate, a derivative of natural rosin, is considered non-allergic and helps in wax adhesion. While the natural beeswax and vegetable oil rich in mineral salts and proteins act as a natural moisturizing and nourishing component for your skin. It uses vegetable oil as a base along with glyceryl rosinate. This mixture makes the hair removal process less painful and anti-inflammatory. 

  • Rica wax benefits differ from skin type to skin type

Based upon your skin type Rica wax can differ. Titanium for normal skin, olive oil for dry skin, Milk and argan oil for sensitive skin are available. You don’t need to heat the wax at high temperatures, saving your skin from burning. A pre-wax gel is applied to the area to be waxed. This pre-wax gel removes all the dust, grease, and sweatiness covering your body before wax. The goodness of ingredients such as glycerine, rosinate, beeswax, zinc oxide, etc., nourishes your skin naturally. Rica is famous for its variety of wax formulations. It is organic; hence it leaves the skin nourished and soft. Known for its gentle texture, it is also safe to use in the face. 

The applied post-wax oils are important for the overall development of the skin. These wax formulations include Rica Brazilian wax, Rica Liposoluble wax Rica honey wax, and many more. Specially designed to be anti-inflammatory and less painful, you don’t need to heat the wax before application. This is a major benefit as it saves our skin from burning. Rica’s benefits are what makes it different from other waxing methods.   Hence its benefits are as follows. 

  • First Rica wax benefit – Tan Removal 

Rica wax helps in the removal of tan. Exposure to the scorching sun causes the skin to tan. The UV A rays penetrate deep into the skin and cause tan. It works to remove tan and makes your skin look brighter and moisturized. It allows for easy removal of dead skin cells. 

  • Second Rica wax benefit Less painful 
  • Rica wax is gentle on your skin. Since you do not need to heat it at high temperatures, you can directly use it for hair removal. Rica wax adheres to the hair instead of the skin. This helps in the easy removal of hair without enduring much pain. 

Compared to shaving, waxing is painful at the end of the day. But Rica Wax is an odd one out there. It makes your waxing experience less painful. 

  • Third Rica wax benefit – Slows down ingrown hair. 

Rica wax makes your hair grow less over time. You will witness less growth of your ingrown hair. Hence as a result of which, you don’t have to book sessions consecutively. Ingrown hair is generally common n other hair removal methods, such as shaving. But it isn’t so in the case of this method. It is cost-effective because it saves money from frequent salon visits. It provides long-lasting results. You can flaunt your buttery smooth skin for several weeks without any worries.

  • Fourth Rica wax benefit – No Irritation or itching

Regular wax contains colophony. The irritation, rashes, and bumps that occur after wax sessions are none other than the work of colophony. Colophony is a skin irritant. It is common in depilatory creams and regular wax. Rica wax being colophony free, keeps your skin irritation free. 

  • Fifth Rica wax benefit – Moisturizes and Nourishes Skin 

Since it is loaded with beeswax, it is highly moisturizing for your skin. It is nonsticky in nature and allows easy pulling out of hair. Its hair-gripping strength is tremendous. Due to this, you don’t need to reapply in the same area. 

  • Sixth Rica wax benefit – Available in many flavors 

It is available in a variety of flavors. Different flavors are designated for different skin Types. Therefore, you have options to choose whatever is best for you. 

Titanium I usually for normal skin, Coconut, and olive oil for dry skin, and honey aloe vera and Milk for sensitive skin. These are only a few. The list provides you with a chance to experiment and know your skin.

Rica wax prices vary based on the body part to be waxed. The price of Rica wax for a full body starts from RS.2500. In a salon, costs are mostly higher than doing wax at home. The starting price of this wax is Rs 250. This wax is generally suitable for large areas like arms, legs, back, etc. It is mostly suitable for people who are interested in waxing multiple parts of their body. Being authentic and beneficiary, its price is usually higher than normal waxing. Instead of repeated hair removal sessions, Rica wax is always a better investment. 

Hence Rica wax, also known as white chocolate wax, helps to remove unwanted hair in no time. Even though it’s costlier, it is always worth choosing Rica wax instead of the regular one. The pre-and post-wax oils make the waxing process easier and nonsticky. Turn your dream of softer and nourished skin into reality without any delay.  

Even though its effects vary from person to person, perform a patch test at first. The patch test will enable you to know your skin. If your skin is perfectly suitable, then why wait? Always seek a professional and ensure the best results possible. Money will come, but this luxurious experiment won’t. Hence without any compromises keeping in mind all its benefits. Book a session at a reputable and experienced salon as early as possible.