Things to know about parlour at your doorstep

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Table of Contents


People nowadays are quite concerned about their grooming. And by people, we mean both men and women. With modern times parlour at your doorstep is becoming increasingly popular. Where you can take all of your beauty and grooming services inside of your home. This eliminates any need for you to step out of your home and face hassles.

Although many people have been taking at-home parlour service, yet many are still to taste. And therefore, the first timers have quite a few qualms about them. In this article, we would be covering things to know about parlour at your doorstep for you. It would give you a deeper insight and would remove all your doubts and hesitation regarding it. 

1. Punctuality with parlour at your doorstep

Parlour at doorstep promises you on time arrival of the beautician. This is its first and foremost strength and helps to deliver you, as a customer, timely services. When you make an appointment with at home parlour services and lock in a time for taking the services, you can be sure about the timely arrival of the beautician. This as a result, helps you to keep up with your work commitment as you are able to deliver on time. 

All this because of the punctuality of parlour at your doorstep. It allows you to strike a balance between your personal and professional life and still makes you look gorgeous.

2. Parlour at your doorstep ensures to carry all essentials

The beautician providing you parlour at your doorstep services carries all the parlour essentials. These include one-time use product kits and all the tools and equipment. In a way, you may consider the beautician as a walking parlour. This has become easy in part as all the major equipment is now available in portable form. They also are quite lightweight making them easy to lift. 

Furthermore, their size must not be equated with their efficiency as it remains uncompromised. This maximizes the effectiveness of beauty parlour at your doorstep as it serves you just like a salon. This way you can be sure of the successful viability of the services.

3. Safety and hygiene of parlour at your doorstep

Parlour at your doorstep is the most concerned when it comes to your personal safety and hygiene. This is because it makes use of one time use only kit and single use disposables. With one time use product kit, there is no sharing of the products from a single parlour pack product like in a salon. Single use disposables include tissues and cotton sheets which the beautician uses but once. After a single use, the beautician discards them and uses new ones on every single customer.

Moreover, beauty parlour at your doorstep ensures the beautician wears a mask and gloves at all times.  This in effect makes sure that there is no physical contact between the customer and beautician. And hence the beautician delivers the services successfully to you. Beauty parlour at your door steps also takes further pain by monitoring all the beauticians for regular temperature checks. If it deflects from body temperature, the beautician is immediately taken off board and is told to rest. 

This is how at home parlour services ensure your safety.

4. Professionalism of parlour at your doorstep

This is one of the biggest sources of confusion to many and leads to the creation of mental monsters. Many, who are still to try beauty parlour at your doorstep service have concerned about its professionalism. They have no idea about the skill of the beautician who would be serving them. And many times they end up mis-evaluating them. 

Beauty parlour at your doorstep ensures to train all the beauticians equally and thoroughly. Training has two parts, one is product knowledge and the other is practical. It is absolutely necessary for all the beauticians to go through the knowledge about various products and memorize it. A written test ensures that they have grasped the theory.

What follows next is practical training sessions. Here, beauty parlour at your doorsteps ensure that each beautician has swift and quick hand movements. This is essential to providing quality service as the customers do not like clumsy movements of the beautician. It neither strikes a chord with the customer nor does it yield favorable results. 

5. Working validity. Beauticians are a part of the company.

Here is an interesting and intriguing thing about people still to try at parlour home services. Many are apprehensive about inviting a beautician into their home. The very thought of a stranger inside your home for the purpose of parlour services may make you uncomfortable. But, there is nothing to fear about it. 

This is because parlour service at home recruits beauticians after a thorough character check. It deep dives into the background of a beautician who appears for a job. Social behavior and past employment plays a key role in identifying the true nature of the person. The company cross verifies the beautician for every vital information pertaining to her and her background. All of this ensures that parlour at your doorstep recruits and sends extremely reliable beauticians upon whom you may trust.

Once the process of selection is complete, the beauticians become a part of the company. And therefore, it enables the company to take end to end customer responsibility. Especially in matters of safety. 

In light of the information, you can now fully lay trust into doorstep parlour services. These services are equally accessible to both men and women with access to all the salon services. You can now book parlour at your doorstep by both your laptop and phone. All you need to do is simply log into the website and select your set of services. The services have been broadly and beautifully categorized. You even have the option of creating a custom package for yourself or simply selecting one which is already present. Booking a time slot and making payment ensures to freeze your slot and appointing you a beautician. In the end you receive the notification of the confirmation of your services. 

You can now expect the beautician to arrive at your doorstep in the time slot you selected.