The Sparkling Dream Of Every Bride: pre bridal services at home

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Sparkling stars, a full house of guests, all the spotlights on you, everybody holding their breath just to see how angelic you look. Yes, I am talking about the most special day any girl could dream of: her wedding! The bridal skin services at home provided by the beautician of their choice plays an important factor in her wedding.

It is certainly true that each and every girl wants her wedding day to be the most ecstatic and magnanimous. They dream of perfection down to the very last aspect which requires a lot of effort. They need the lights to placed at the correct angles, the flowers should display a homely feeling, god forbid any weather discrepancies and the photos should be absolutely gorgeous. Wedding preparations drain one’s energy level. But there is one thing that matters above all: how prepossessing does the bride look? In most cases, the wedding is the bride’s day. She chalks it out her entire life and will leave no leaf unturned to achieve perfection. One of the most important factors about her wedding day is how the bride looks. Pre bridal services at home shall create the pedestal on which a confident and beautiful bride shall stand.

What are pre bridal services at home?

Pre bridal services at home are all about beauty treatments that a beautician performs with the comfort of your home. These treatments are mostly taken by most to-be brides, hence they have been named as pre bridal services. In your residing premises you obtain 2 or more beauty treatments per sitting.  It is not necessary that the service shall conclude in one sitting as most of them take 4-5 sittings at least to go through with all the procedures. Pre bridal sessions at home are provided within a pre bridal package which is completely customizable; you may decide the number of sittings and what services or treatments to obtain on what date.

Reasons for opting pre bridal services at home:

The wedding is a grand occasion. It is a once in a lifetime event and it won’t be happening again. While the families associated with the wedding go through the tedious process of finding the best venue, decorations, bridal and grooms wear etc. the eye catcher of the evening is the appearance of the bride. Since this is a one-time special occasion a normal makeup routine won’t do the job. Something fancier and pleasing will do the trick. And what better to do the trick in an ecosystem where the bride feels utmost tranquility and peace that is at her home sweet home.

 A to-be bride can take all of her beloved beauty services in a carefree manner. She does not even have to worry about traveling back to home or undressing herself which is the case when taking services from a salon. Moreover, the safety and hygiene inside of your home would always be way higher as compared to any of the salons.

What are the services provided in pre bridal services at home?

 A to-be bride can take almost any services that are available inside of a salon. Hence I shall now describe a few of the services that a bride to be can receive:

  • Bleaching process of face, neck and others

Face and body bleaching is a process which reduces the pigments responsible for deciding the colour of the skin and hair. A bride to be who is hesitant to have the waxing procedure done in these areas can opt for bleaching. De tan is also one of the main reasons that pre bridal services are done. Bleaching should be done quite prior in time so if the results are not as per one’s expectation or rashes or skin allergies develop, they may be fixed in due time.

  • Threading the eyebrows and upper lip

All the to-be brides ask for threading treatments. However threading is all about pulling out your stubborn facial hair like your eyebrows or upper lip hair. Though slightly painful, it does wonders to your personality and sharpens your features for your big day.

  • Facial (as the name suggest, beauty treatment of the face)

To include facial in your treatment is a must. A facial’s main purpose is to exfoliate the skin on the face and improve the circulation of blood that in turn provides a very satisfactory glow. There are different facials depending on your skin type and sensitivity. It is a simple procedure that you can opt for multiple times before the day of your dream.

  • hair spa (again as the name suggest, treatment for the hair on the brides head)

It is beneficial to have a hair spa session for two reasons. Pre bridal services offers hair spa session which ensure you gorgeous, healthy and shiny hair. Apart from that, it also helps to de-stress you and relax you down. Hence, allowing your overworked mind to unwind a bit midst of hectic, albeit joyous  wedding celebrations.

  • Full Body wax (removal of the hair from any part of the body)

The most effective way to get rid of the unwanted hair from any part of the body is waxing. It is a painful treatment that produces outstanding results.But, if you have been taking hair waxing services for a while, dealing with the pain would not be much of a problem. We suggest you take these services 4-5 days before the wedding and spare some time for any unnecessary allergies.

  • Massage(an effective to de-stress)

The body deals with a lot of pressure and stress while preparing for the marriage ceremony. Body massages can help the skin glow as well as let the body have some well deserved recovery time.

  • Manicure(one of the most sought after procedure leading to the wedding day)

Hands are the tool to display physical affection and adoration. A grasp of a hand while climbing up stairs, resting your palms on his shoulders while having a bride-groom dance. They all require well polished hands and refined nails that look astonishing to look at. Pre bridal services at home provide that.

  • Pedicures -a sign of self care

You can judge the true beauty of a woman by the beauty of her feet.. It is necessary to take off the underdog of the human body.  Many undermine their feet even though they have them in bad shape, often with cracked heels and bad nails. Certain cultures involve young ones touching the feet of elders. Sure enough, a newly wed bride would not like to expose her non-cared for feet. Hence, taking manicure pedicure like services within the package bundle of pre bridal services ensure beauty all throughout.

Which salon to choose for pre bridal services at home

It is absolutely critical for you to choose a reputed salon for the pre bridal services at home. They must have all the necessary equipment. They should give hygiene importance. Most of all they need to have experience and expertise in the field. It is better to go to a salon suggested by a close friend or family member. If you live in the Delhi region pre bridal services at home in Delhi can be a bit tricky. You can go to one of the top salons such The Monsha’s that satisfies all the conditions I wrote in the above section.


I cannot stress enough how important the wedding day is to a bride to be. All her dreams and aspirations lie for this very single day. You must never ignore pre bridal services. It is extremely crucial for the bride to look her best to feel completely confident. I myself being of the age where girls dream of marrying their prince Charles, have firsthand experience that how the looks of a bride matter. So my parting words would be:

Pre bridal services to a bride to be

Makes the whole occasion filled with ecstasy!