The more beautiful the hands and feet, the happier you can be – manicure pedicure at home

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


If you think of the most undervalued and most essential body part what comes to mind? To me, the hands and the feet do! Here is where manicure pedicure at home come into play. We require both the hands and feet in the most basic tasks that we perform. They are a very essential part of our day to day life, yet many end up overlooking these services.

To take care of them is one’s responsibility. And what better way to take care of them by pampering yourself on a de-stress routine once in a while. Manicure pedicure at home provide a simple solution to taking care of yourself and also rejuvenating the labor class parts of the body that is the hands and the feet. Although one may overlook the value of attending to the hands and feet, it is extremely crucial if one wants to build up complete confidence and flaunt an aura of assertiveness.We all know that salon services at home provide treatments such as hair care, hair spa, waxing services but today let’s dive into the topic of manicure and pedicure.

Advantages of getting manicure pedicure at home

  • Prevents the buildup of bacteria and infections

By not taking care of hands and feet, cracks and chips on nails may develop. Let alone the amount of dirt and external filth that accumulates underneath the nails of both hands and feet. This becomes a breeding ground of germs that lead to infections and reduces overall hygienic standards. Hence the use of a nail file is essential for maintaining hygiene.

  • Helps in the better circulation of blood

One of the main factors of manicure and pedicure at home are the massages that the expert beauty professional provides. As we all know, good massages loosens up the muscle tension and helps in muscle soreness recovery by helping to improve the blood circulation. Soak your feet and hands in warm water just before obtaining the procedure for best results.

  • Helps in joint mobility

While receiving manicure, pedicure services at home the beautician stretches and compresses the small joints of the hands and feet. This can be a very pleasurable act as one tends to ignore the smaller joints of the body and stimulating those joints causes a great amount of sensations. This will in turn lead to better joint mobility.

  • Promotes boosted nail health

 Having manicure pedicure at home on a regular basis reduces the buildup of fungi and bacteria. It also exfoliates the skin over the nails and hence promotes the growth of newer skin cells which in turn build stronger and healthier nails that are much more pleasing to the eye.

  • Helps in soothing calluses pain

In the modern day the lifestyle of a person has become very hectic. To take care of one’s body, one engages in a lot of physical activity such as walking or performing strenuous physical activities in a gym. These activities lead to the formation of calluses that can be very painful as well as a sore to the eye.Taking manicure  pedicure at home and using the cotton pads cleanses the dead skin cells and takes care of painful calluses.

  • Helps in maintaining a good posture

With the buildup of painful calluses on the feet, walking can be a painful task. This affects the distribution of weight over the soles of one’s body. This changes the posture and may develop into an unhealthy habit. During manicure pedicure at home the expert exfoliates the skin helping in the removal of calluses that in turn leads to normal weight distribution and then that leads to better posture.

  • Helps you appear younger and healthier

Manicure pedicure at home results in the tightening of the skin in the hands and feet because of the usage of pumice stones while scrubbing. This leads to a better visual while looking at the aforementioned body parts. Moreover a good and tidy appearance makes one’s hands and feet look healthier too.

  • Boosts mental health as it reduces stress

Getting a manicure and pedicure done acts as a self-pampering act. After a long and tiring week, getting a de-stressing treatment can be an absolutely blissful experience.  

Disadvantages of manicure, pedicure

There are relatively fewer disadvantages of having manicure pedicure at home but anything done lethargically can have severe consequences.

  • Infections

The cuts and slicing that occur during the beauty treatment of manicure pedicure at home can lead to lesions. This may cause infection to the cuticles. Paronychia is the most common infection that one can contract.

  • Rashes and other skin irritations

Products used in the beauty treatment can be slightly harsh for people with sensitive skin types. Dipping your hands and feet in a tub full of chemicals can cause reactions to take place which lead to rashes and irritations

  • Aging/cancer

Most of the drying procedure which is known as ‘curing’ involve using an U/V lamp. Exposure to U/V rays over a long period of time can cause aging and aggravate the production of cancer cells.

Why have the procedure done at home?

Manicure pedicure at home is a big yes-yes as there are a number of factors that come into play. Just make sure that previously done procedures like application of nail polish is removed by using nail polish remover to make our hands and feet a fresh canvas for the upcoming treatments.:

  1. Hygiene and sanitation- hygiene and sanitation play a very important part while obtaining beauty procedures. These are sensitive procedures and the slightest amount of cut or chips can lead to terrible infections or worse. In the comfort of your home you don’t need to worry about the hygiene factor since you yourself have invigilated the area by cleaning it yourself or supervising the cleaning done by a helper.
  2. Comfort and relaxation – to be in a foreign environment, especially one bustling with other customers waiting for their turn can be a little daunting. One cannot be at peace there. To call in the service at home can be a boon, since in a familiar environment one can be carefree. Manicures, pedicures at home can be a way of de-toxifying the brain of previous problems or issues that might have been stored in it.
  3. Once the procedure completes, you have those beautiful and new hands and feet that you would fall in love with. The top coat above the base coat of the freshly done nails is a sight to behold. This is the time to savor the moment. But, if you are taking beauty parlour services, it rather becomes contrary. It surely sounds close to capital punishment to wear your flip flops just after your manicure pedicure session and off to home you go. It is not the time to wear footwear, rather, it is the time to flaunt your exotic hands and feet.


After reading this blog you would have understood how necessary it is to take care of your hands and feet. They build the base in which you can perform any task. You need your feet for locomotion and hands for doing most of the physical work apart from walking. Both hands and feet face the brunt of staying in constant touch with the outer world. Manicure pedicure at home help in keeping them in pristine condition as they also act as a first impression to a bystander. No one would appreciate cracked heels and dirt filled nails. So keeping them beautiful is not just a luxury but a necessity. I would like to conclude by saying:

Having a manicure and pedicure done

Can be relaxing, soothing and fun!