The beauty of manicure pedicure at home for woman

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Manicure pedicure services

Table of Contents


A woman has high concerns when it comes to beauty. And beauty does not confine itself to the face of a woman, rather it takes many things into perspective. And a truly beautiful lady does not only take care of not only her face but also her hands and feet. Therefore, the beauty of manicure pedicure at home for woman is preferred by a significant majority today. As a woman, you would agree that it is quite important to take care of your hands and feet. 

Similarly, your hands have the capacity to speak volumes once you stretch your arm to someone for shaking hands. Manicure pedicure at home for woman comes with many health benefits as well apart from imparting all the health benefits. Here, in this article, we shall be informing you all about mani pedi at home service. 

1. The process of manicure pedicure at home for woman. 

Whether you take a manicure or pedicure, the process and the sequence of steps remain the same. This is because both the hands and feet are our extremities and are pretty much similar if it comes to anatomy. Moreover, the products that a beautician uses are also the same with literally no difference. Let us have a look at how the manicure pedicure at home for woman takes place. 

  • Step 1 – Soaking

The beautician who comes to your home for manicure and pedicure home service soaks your limbs. For this, she warms up some water which has crystal salt added to it. The process of soaking is all about making your limbs soft, making them more receptive to the next steps of service. Soaking in turn also helps you to drain off toxic elements from your bloodstream and promote your health. It is the most relaxing part of manicure pedicure at home for woman as it instantly helps to fight off mental stress and anxiety. 

  • Step 2 – Cuticle removal

The beautician then applies cuticle cream on all of your finger nails. She may then dip it into water or let them stay like that. Cuticle cream ensures the softening of cuticles so the beautician can remove your extra skin hangings. This surely improves the aesthetics of your hands and feet and makes them look quite adorable. 

  • Step 3 – Scrubbing

The beautician then uses a pumice stone or its equivalent in order to scrape off dead skin layer from the limbs. This step of manicure pedicure at home for woman ensures to shed off the dead layer of skin. As the skin accumulates a lot of dirt and dust on the skin which makes it look shabby, it becomes all the more important to treat it. 

  • Step 4 – Massaging

The most satisfying step of manicure pedicure at home for woman is when the beautician starts off with a massage. Massaging hands and feet surely has a lot of intrinsic health value. It is massage which helps the muscles and tissues to fight the fatigue and relieve of all the pent up tension. As your limbs are constantly serving the purpose of work, they get little time for recovering and healing. Massage comes as a huge rescue to the all beaten up limbs and helps them recuperate. 

  • Step – 4 Mask

Last and final step of manicure pedicure at home for woman is mask. Here, the beautician applies a very thin layer of cream which is known as a mask over hands and feet. This allows for the healing up of open pores of skin post scrubbing and further the cause of recovery.  The beautician applies the mask and allows it to stay for anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes. Finally, she washes them off.

  • Step – 5 Nail paint

While most women do go for nail paint application post manicure and pedicure home service, some don’t. They on the other hand prefer to let them be like they are. The beautician applies nail paint purely for aesthetics value. A beautician carries roughly three nail paint shades with her for you to choose from. You may choose from those or you may provide your personal nail paint that the beautician would gladly apply. 

This is not a part of manicure pedicure at home for woman as anyone can do this by herself. Yet, it is taken to be a part of it to compliment the service. 

2. Benefits of manicure pedicure at home for woman

One can classify the benefits of mani pedi services into two categories. One is aesthetics and the other pertains to health value and we have discussed both down below.

  • Aesthetical value

Taking care of your hands and feet makes them look beautiful in many aspects. First, they become free of all the dead and unhealthy layers of skin covering your limbs. It makes your limbs look unpleasant and quite repulsive. Secondly, these services ensure to remove all the extra skin that hangs from the finger nails. This gives your limbs, especially hands a terrible look. And thirdly, it promotes the evenness of skin tone throughout your hands and feet. 

Very often it happens that feet become light in complexion and beautiful to look at. This is because the feet remain covered due to women wearing some or the other foot wears. Similarly, hands are over exposed to the harsh environment and become darker in complexion and also quite rough to look at. Manicure pedicure at home for woman ensures that there is evenness in skin tone and smoothness.

  • Health benefits 

Your hands and feet do all the physical work you would ever do in your life. And that is why you should take good care of them. Many women have started to understand that only taking and giving nothing to their limbs is not going to last forever. That is why they have started to take care of them lately more than ever. All the work fills the muscle with a lot of stiffness, fatigue and muscle tension. This hinders the movement of the muscles, limiting them to quite an extent, hence lowering the productivity. Multiple steps of manicure pedicure at home for women breaks down the muscle tension. It allows them for a greater movement with a lot more flexibility and verve. 

In conclusion, taking manicure pedicure at home for woman is full of positivity and you get the best of both worlds. Mani pedi services take care of the beauty and health of your hands and feet. They fill you up with enhanced feelings of self and confidence. You may now book manicure pedicure at home for woman. All you need to do is to login to the website and book your preferred mani pedi service. Book your slot and you would receive a notification of the service and there you go. It ensures to appoint you a beautician who would arrive at your place and at your convenience.