The art of men’s grooming services at home

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents


There’s a narrow line between a regimen that will make you appear like a complete caveman or a civilized man. The art of Men’s grooming services at home can transform you into a likeable and appealing individual. But, most men lack a basic understanding of grooming standards. Many are not aware, some other do not care and the rest find it embarrassing to ask for help. In this article, we would be covering in length all about men’s grooming services at home. What all they include and how can you access them.

Here are finer details of men’s grooming, some of which you’ve probably never thought about. But don’t worry, we’ll take it slow at first. It’s time to allay your concerns and provide the information you need to properly groom.

1. The Value of Men’s grooming services at home

First things first: male grooming is crucial since, like women, guys are also people with needs. You already know how vital it is to maintain your personal hygiene. But a regular grooming practice also contributes to keeping you feeling and looking young, attractive, and clean.

Numerous tried-and-tested products and home treatments are available. They help you maintain your finest appearance with the least amount of efforts. With The Monsha’s men’s grooming services at home you can maintain flawless skin without lifting a finger.

2. Complete guide to men’s grooming services at home

  • The Ideal Shave

Face hair maintenance is a delicate craft and is the basis of men’s grooming services at home. For that men for most part make every effort to achieve a close shave free of razor bumps. We advise using the following schedule to accomplish this:

Wash and exfoliate your face and neck after a hot shower. Then apply moisturizer to the area you’ll be shaving after patting your skin dry. The Monsha’s recommend using a shaving cream with a “sensitive skin” label. Use a high-quality razor with no less than three and no more than five blades to shave (a straight razor is an option, but only if you have received training in using one).

Now shave along the growth direction of your beard (never shave against the grain). Wash your face well with hot water and then apply moisturizer and aftershave. If in case you do not shave your beard off yourself or you are not much of a fan of DIY. Then, you may choose to book The Monsha’s men’s grooming services at home.


  • Beard Care

The popularity of beards has definitely caught your attention, hasn’t it? Just above we have discussed how to shave your beard off for a clean and a smoother finish. Yet, many are also fond of keeping long flowing beard. Beard care is truly an extensions men’s grooming services at home in facial hair maintenance category. And in this section we would be discussing the importance of beard care. It is absolutely crucial to brush your beard every day. Especially if you’re a guy with more facial hair than the typical stubble. Because having more hair means a tendency to catch up with more dirt and atmospheric pollutants. 

Therefore, in such conditions taking care of beard becomes an absolute part of men’s grooming services at home. You see as your beard develops, you need to use clippers to keep it neat and even. And when you take a shower, wash it with shampoo along with the rest of your hair. Use beard oil to soften and enhance the shine of your beard instead of conditioner.

Additionally, we advise you to trimming your beard at least once per week. This helps to shape the edges into your desired style defining the beard even further.


  • Maintaining your brows

Sharp and well defined eyebrows are quite essential to men’s grooming services at home. Invest in a good set of tweezers and remove the hair between your brows with them. This you may do once every 3 or 4 weeks. Just remember that the “unibrow” appearance is out of favor. Additionally, you should pluck any hairs that protrude beyond your natural brow area for a neater, more defined appearance. More forcefully and frequently pluck the hair below your brow than the hair above it.

Use an eyebrow hair trimmer as well to maintain a healthy length. If you do not feel confident about this then you can ask your barber/beautician to do this. Every morning, brush your brows upward and apart. Also, pay attention to the skin under your brows. Try to remove all signs of over grown brows.


  • The Ideal Hairstyle

Choose your desired hairstyle based on the texture and curl of your hair. There is nothing improper with consulting your barber or hairstylist a picture of the style you want to have. This is the most complicated of all in men’s grooming services at home and you would need an expert to do it. You may want to book The Monsha’s men’s hair grooming services to achieve the hair style you crave. Once you get the look you desire then you may ask for the supplies you’ll need to maintain that look at home.

And don’t forget to take expert barber or hair stylist’ opinion about trimming. Since, they know how much time it would take to retouch the style.


  • Blemish Avoidance

Use a skin friendly face cleanser to wash your face every morning and before going to sleep. This keeps the clearest and healthiest skin possible. Make sure you use a face wash which is mild and skin pH friendly. All you need to do is choose a face wash with pH around 5.5 as this is the pH of normal and healthy skin. And never leave you face unprotected hence always apply an SPF sunscreen.

In order to keep clear skin, exfoliating up to twice a week is essential. And if you do get pimples, resist the urge to pick at your skin! Make it a point to visit a dermatologist frequently in case any such event. He would inspect you for blemishes/pimples and prescribe particular treatments. It is a rather safe approach than attempting to pop pimples at home.

You may use benzoyl peroxide which naturally treat zits if you have any. The bacterial agents that cause pimples are eliminated with benzoyl peroxide. Use a Q-tip or your hands to apply it as evenly as you can in and around the afflicted area. For overnight healing, sleep with benzoyl peroxide on your face, yet a wise consultation can do wonders.


  • Care for Body Hair

There are many techniques available to assist you control your body hair. Stocking up on a pair of clippers, a nose and ear hair trimmer, a premium body razor or waxing. The Monsha’s advises you to take good care of your body hair since it impacts your overall appeal. Managing your body hair also happens to fall in men’s grooming services at home. For this reason you may choose to opt for different methods that we have listed above make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

The hair on your nose and ears should be kept as short as possible, ideally once a week. Depending on your preference, trim or shave the hair on your body (chest, armpits, back, etc.). And if you want a smoother, more even appearance, you can also choose to body waxing. The Monsha’s beautician would gladly give you body waxing services within your home at your convenience. You may even shave but shaving your body hair will necessitate more frequent maintenance. It also leads to quick regrowth in the form of hard stubble and surely is very difficult to keep up with.

When it comes to your nether regions, employ extreme caution. Especially when trimming with scissors close to your pubic area. Use a razor to shape any areas you want to be hair-free once or twice a week, depending on your desire. It gives you a soft and smooth skin but you need to apply oil/moisturizer twice a day. It would help you to keep the new growth of hair softer and would be gentle on the skin.


  • Face care at home

Face is of the utmost importance as it is the face which grabs someone’s attention first. There are many face care service options to choose from and you may opt for bleach, detan of facial. However, facial ranks over all in men’s grooming services at home for face care. You can proceed with washing your face first of all to make it dirt and pollutant free. Now, you need to scrub your face with a face scrub for a few minutes. Steaming of the face follows next which deep cleans the skin from within.

If you want you can now remove you black/white heads by squeezing your skin between your fingers. Or you may choose to a metallic extractor, whichever way you feel comfortable. Massage your face with a little massage cream and swift hand movements. And in the end, apply a face mask. This would help you cover up all your pores and keep infection at bay. Finally, apply any moisturizing cream on your face and you are done.

Taking care of your face must be your number when priority when it comes to men’s grooming services at home. A bright and lively face speaks volumes and fills you up with a lot of confidence.


  • The Perfect Smell

Once you are over with all the men’s grooming services, do use a deodorant every day. But don’t depend solely on it. Choose a men’s cologne aroma that matches your sense of fashion. Spray once on your wrist and pat it into your neck for everyday use. Apply more spray to your chest and clothing if you’re going out at night. Use sparingly; little is always more.

Make men’s grooming services at home regimen the most important regimen of your everyday life. Don’t let them get neglected amidst all the other things you have to take care of throughout the day. With the help of this comprehensive men’s grooming guide at the behest of The Monsha’s, stay in the best possible form. You can also choose to book men’s grooming services at home by simply logging into the website. Simply move into men category and select from the services listed there. 

Once you make a wish list of your services, simply book a time slot and make payment. A confirmation messages and the company freezes your slot by allocating you a beautician. He shows up at your doorstep at your convenience.