Rica waxing at home

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Rica waxing at home

Table of Contents


For thousands of years people, women in specific, have been concerned about excess/unwanted body hair. And waxing is an age-old process for removing body hair effectively. And now Rica waxing at home has eliminated the need for the people to go to a salon for hair removal. This comes as a great benefit as it serves your beauty needs without you needing to step out. While there are different types of wax available for removing hair, we would limit ourselves to Rica wax service at home. 

Process of Rica waxing at home

The process of removal of hair via Rica waxing is the same as with any other wax. And most people are aware as to how hair waxing takes place. We shall still go further and reiterate the process of Rica waxing at home. The process starts with the beautician heating up the wax so it attains a fluid state. The beautician then applies a thin layer of warm and fluid wax on the skin. He/she (the beautician) then places wax strips over the wax followed by gentle dabbing.

And in one swift motion she rips apart the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. As a result, all the hair sticking to the wax is pulled out of follicles in just one go. This quite effectively removes a large chunk of hair in relatively less time. Post waxing the beautician applies a hydrating lotion on the skin which soothes the skin and moisturizes it as well. 

What is Rica waxing at home?

People go for removal of bodily hair from a salon. There as well the beautician uses Rica wax or any other wax that you may prefer. But, when the same process takes place inside of your home, it becomes Rica waxing at home. It is that simple. And the need of the hour has made it possible to carry out Rica waxing inside the homes of the people. For this purpose the beautician carries a bag which consists of all the waxing essentials. It contains Rica wax, wax strips, wax heater, tissue, wax sticks and post wax spray.

All the beautician needs is a plug outlet and a chair which is available everywhere. Just these at your home and you relish Rica waxing at home. 

Benefits of Rica waxing at home

While removing unwanted bodily hair has a bunch of benefits, there are some which are specific to Rica wax service at home. We will now be uncovering all of its benefits. 

  • Aesthetics

The obvious advantage of Rica waxing at home is the removal of hair. But, then again, it is its primary purpose. Rather what follows is far more advantageous. As unwanted hair mars your beauty, removal of the same promotes aesthetics. It makes your skin become brighter and youthful in an attractive way. And this leads to an increase in confidence as you garner compliments from friends and society. 

  • Removes tan

Rica waxing at home not only removes hair but also takes care of tan. Our skin is exposed to a lot of harsh climatic conditions which impact our skin in a negative way. All the dirt and pollutants cause the skin to become harsh, dull and tanned. This is because the atmosphere is always impacting the upper layer of skin. This results in accumulation of dead or unhealthy skin cells at the top of the skin. 

But, Rica wax service at home helps to remove dead layers of the skin as well. As a result, newer skin cells come to form the top layer of the skin which are naturally healthy and bright. All in all, it removes tan and makes the skin look youthful and healthy. 

  • Less pain

Waxing is always a painful process regardless of which wax you choose or how you take the service. But, Rica waxing at home helps to ameliorate the pain to quite an extent. This happens as Rica wax sticks to the hair more than it sticks to the skin. As a result, in subsequent ripping of the skin, it only pulls the hair out from the hair follicle. And in no way it pulls the skin which results in low pain experience. 

While on the other hand, almost all the other wax tends to stick to the skin as well as hair. That is what causes great pain upon ripping the strips. 

  • No colophony. Suitable to sensitive skin

Not everyone’s skin is suitable for every type of wax. People differ from one another and so does their skin. Some people are more sensitive to one type of wax than the other. Rica wax is one type of wax which usually suits almost all of them. This is because it is colophony free. Colophony is a skin sensitizer which has a potential to irritate skin. 

All the other wax types like honey, chocolate or aloe vera contain colophony which tends to leave rashes post waxing.  But, absence of colophony makes sure that Rica waxing at home does not leave behind any rash. People with sensitive skin respond even more vigorously to colophony. Their skin may show small bumps accompanied by redness and inflammation. Therefore Rica solves the problem as it delivers them hairless skin suiting them properly. 

Personal benefits of Rica waxing at home 

We have talked about the general benefits of Rica waxing which is universal. But, now we will be discussing the benefits of at home Rica waxing. What are the key benefits that you avail if you take Rica waxing services indoors that are within your home.

  • Saves money

How much does it cost? This is the very first question that comes to anyone’s mind while purchasing a product or service. But, with Rica waxing at home, you do not have to worry about how much money you have to spend. This is because with Rica wax service at home, you directly are in touch with the beautician. The beautician serves you waxing services inside of your home. This, in effect, removes all the unnecessary expenses which usually bloat the final amount billed to you. 

Expenses like rent of the beauty studio, salaries, maintenance charge and other miscellaneous expenses. As a result, it ensures that Rica waxing at home reaches you, slashing off all such expenses. 

  • Saves time

You save as much as 2 hours or more of your time. If you try to put two and two together you would be able to observe this quite clearly. Taking Rica waxing at home makes you stay put. You do not have to travel to a salon which can be quite cumbersome. The path to even the nearest salon is punctuated with small traffic jams. This only adds to your woes. 

But, Rica wax service at home makes sure a beautician reaches you instead of you reaching the beautician. This now becomes the responsibility of the beautician to reach you and on time with all the waxing essentials. As a result, you stay indoors, take waxing service and save a lot of your time. 

Another aspect to saving time is you do not have to wait in any queue. This is because Rica waxing at home appoints a beautician solely for you. And there is no queue at all and no one before you. Waxing service starts as soon as the beautician reaches you or when you are ready. This way it ensures that you take waxing services timely and speedily.

  • Convenience

There is one thing which is common amongst all the people of this world. And that is our respective home which we all hold quite dear to us. Our free will reigns there and we can do what we want without any apprehensions. Taking Rica waxing at home becomes even more convenient as you can take it anywhere in your home. You may even choose to lie down on your bed instead of sitting on a chair. And if you like, you may even take 5 minutes of break. 

Another thing relating to convenience is your freedom to wear anything. This is in stark contrast to visiting a salon where you have to dress up fancily. All this so you can have some sort of imaginary approval of people looking at you. Rica waxing at home eliminates this pseudo pressure of wearing something fancy as you have to stay indoors. You can keep on wearing your boxer shorts, comfortable lowers or what have you. 

You literally are free from anyone’s judgment. Even the beautician is well aware of the homely anthem of dressing up indoors for people. Therefore you can take waxing service in the most comfortable way you may imagine. 

In conclusion, Rica waxing at home service benefits people in many stratospheres. It helps the people to save their interest and preserve mental peace. Moreover, as the world is growing rapidly with the help of the internet, it is only becoming easier to access waxing service. You can simply log into the website and select the service. All you need to do is punch in your preferred timing. And that would be enough for a beautician to appear at your doorstep.