Threading (Men)



The rising popularity of threading services for men at home

Grooming is equally important for both men and women. Lately men have started to care for themselves more than ever. There is a whole range of treatments available for face like facial and beard grooming. And now, threading services for men at home are gaining increased acceptance among men. Threading services were primarily thought to be a “girl thing”, but not anymore. Men have started paying attention to the style of eyebrows rightfully deducing they play an important role in their looks. After all, men have equal rights to look dazzling as much as women.

Threading services for men at home help them to put their eyebrows in right shape. Most men have either bushy or thick eyebrows severely impacting the overall look. Threading services for men at home take care of these overgrown eyebrows putting them in proper shape and improving appeal altogether. There are some people who have unibrows. This kind of eyebrows make one look like he is very angry and you should thread them

The uniqueness of threading services for men at home

Men have a lot of facial hair for obvious reasons. You can shave off your beard and trim your hair but surely you cannot do the same to eyebrows. As eyebrows are very small with an even smaller space available to trim them, it naturally becomes hard to tackle them. This is where threading services help. It allows the beautician to wrap your singled out hair in twisted cotton thread. The hair is then pulled out. It is so precise that it literally knit picks even a single hair. This helps to add precision and attain that perfect looking eyebrows. 

You hence get the desired shape which uplifts your whole look altogether.


What are threading services for men at home?

Threading services for men at home are those services which remove facial hair from your face. These are not easy to remove hair like shaving your beard off rather involves much more complexity. Threading services for men at home trim eyebrows and put them in a defined shape. Some people have quite bushy eyebrows and some have only one eyebrow instead of two. This type of appearance may mar your otherwise dashing looks.

Threading services for men at home involves plucking out overgrown eyebrow hairs using a cotton thread. This is a special thread which is quite strong and is made specifically for this purpose. Where the thread wraps around hair and pulls it out. This is a preferred choice over wax when it comes to shaping and styling eyebrows. 

People even choose threading services for men at home to remove thick and stubborn hair from their cheeks and ears as well.

What to do post threading services for men at home?

One must care for skin post threading services for men at home as the skin tends to get red and itchy. For this you may choose to apply some moisturizer or any sunscreen will do. Simply massage it and do not forget to apply each time the skin dries. Threading services for men at home may cause some accidental cut or scratch on the forehead. This is quite rare but may happen as twisted thread is as sharp as a surgical blade. Do not panic if this is the case as you can apply some alcohol based astringent. Even an after shave lotion will do as it would heal the scratch in seconds. 


Why choose The Monsha’s for threading services for men at home?

The Monsha’s is a popular name when it comes to personal grooming services at your home. And it is because of the professionalism The Monsha’s brings while providing high quality services. Let us look at all the points.

  • Highly skilled professionals. 

The Monsha’s hire people on attitude and not on qualification or experience. This means that we as a company select people who love the profession of caring for people. As a result, the company invests in the training of professionals for the purpose of adding high value skills. You would not want your eyebrows to mess after one threading services for men at home session. Therefore they are made to practice on dummies for a few days after which they are assessed for their skills. This ensures the development of the right skills and techniques and hence high quality threading services. 

  • Interpersonal skills

It is not just about threading for men at home, is it? The most important skill in a person after he delivers high quality services is how he presents himself. We, as a company, train our beauticians in there soft skills. Which starts from the very basic of greeting the client before entering his home. Listening to his concerns carefully and suggesting the best possible way of proceeding with the services. Our beauticians respect and obey your wishes and express polite gratitude towards you which is quite visible. 

A good behavior of beauticians providing the services speaks volumes of the ethics and culture of the company.


Threading for men at home scores over waxing. 

Threading for men at home definitely scores a lot over waxing and in many aspects. Let us have a look. 

  • Covers smaller areas effectively. 

Waxing is and has always been the most popular way of removing bodily hair. But, the scenario fully changes when it comes to waxing eyebrows in particular. That is because waxing is effective for large and flat body parts like arms, legs and back. But the curvature of the face does not allow easy application of wax and ripping it off. Waxing of eyebrows in particular can do more harm than good since it may stick to more hair. This imprecision carves a way for threading for men at home since thread can mould itself as per the structure of face. 

  • More precision

Threading for men at home allows more degree of control in removing hair. It has more precision and there are literally zero chances of error. As a result it is more effective in removing facial hair than waxing. Whereas waxing always has a chance of sticking quite a lot to eyebrow hair all at once. This may remove more hair than intended and may even damage the shape of eyebrows. 



Q: Does threading for men at home service hurt?

A: Removal of body hair is always painful and there is a slight pain associated with it. The degree of pain varies from person to person but it is usually within tolerable limits.

Q: How long does it take for threading for men at home service?

A: Threading service takes about 10-15 minutes on both the eyebrows. And about 5-10 minutes for threading cheeks and forehead. 

Q: Are the beauticians skilled enough to provide precise threading services at home?

A: All the beauticians are highly skilled with a love for the profession. They continuously upgrade their skills and uplift themselves.

Q: Do the beautician sanitize thread before providing threading for men at home service?

A: Yes, the beauticians sanitize the thread before providing threading for men at home service. 

Q: Can threading for men at home cut or scratch my skin?

A: There are very low chances of scratching or cutting your skin while doing threading for men at home. The beauticians are quite professional, but still there are chances however small they may be. 

Q: What should I do if my skin gets cut accidentally while having threading for men at home?

A: If you ever cut your skin while having threading for men at home, relax and do not panic. Simply rub some astringent or any disinfectant. Even an alcohol based lotion will stop the flow of blood and heal the wound within a couple of hours.