Men salon at home services vs regular salons?

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Men giving salon service at home

Table of Contents


A lot of men have made this metamorphosis lately of going from rough hairy beast to this prince charming. That being said, With an increased self-consciousness among the men folk of the society, a large number of people have started to opt for grooming services for men and as a result it has unlocked a lot of options and market potential of salons overall. With these many people looking for personal grooming service there are primarily two options that are most likely to go with.
The very first one is a regular salon and the other one is the growing trend of men salon at home service which seems to be the future. Let us explore them both, each one at a time.

Regular salons

  • Prices

There is a difference between earning a reasonable profit and making a fortune and so is the growing trend with regular salons. Most of the salons take a hefty amount for any service, be it waxing or facials, which is completely disproportionate to the worth of the service. 

The margins have been exploited to as high as ten times the actual worth of the service which does not seem to be a fair business practice. 

  • Queue

For sure there is a minimum time spent in waiting if there is a customer and who just at the end of each service increases his wish list of services and it adds to your frustrations. The time spent in waiting could be spent judiciously elsewhere.

  • Hassle to reaching a salon

No matter how close your regular salon is to your home, you always have to take out the time and go through the hassle of stepping outside your home and encounter traffic/people just to make it there which if you can avoid must ideally be avoided.

  • No privacy

While there are people who have no qualms about taking off their shirt and getting themselves waxed or so there still are some people who want to get themselves waxed or take some other such service but in some privacy. Since there is no provision of any private rooms for individual service it might not be an option preferred by shy people. 

  • Duplicity of products 

Since the regular salons use parlour packs, they have plastic jars or containers packed with products. One of the malpractices of the salon industry is to fill up these containers with other spurious products which look and feel the same as the original products except they lack quality. With the outer container boasting of original packing there is little chance that people will get to know this bitter truth but it is pretty much prevalent. 

  • Contamination and disease

As informed above the regular salons use parlor packs that means one pack for multiple customers, which may lead to contamination and further development to primary infections. 

Men salon at home service​

  • Prices 

The prices of any service you pick is literally at least one fourth the prices of a regular salon or even less. Just to give you an example, the baseline price for regular facial ticks around Rs 1500 with a regular salon which is available for Rs 499 or less and with original products and same quality of service. 

  • No queue

As the groomers are specifically dispatched to provide service to one appointed customer, all the attention is paid to him and needless to mention that there is no point waiting behind someone in a queue. 

  • At your convenience

As you can book the service at your preferred time and location, it only adds value to the service since it saves you a lot of time at hand.

  • Complete privacy

There still are some shy ones who want some seclusion for grooming services to take place and salon at home services for men provide exactly that. 

  • Original products

Since the products are all one time use the products to be used are sealed and they are cut open in front of the customer which leave no space for any question aimed at the originality of products.

  • No contamination

Since the beauticians/groomers carry a one-time use kit each kit can only be applied on one customer which automatically removes room for contamination. 


Trying to evaluate each point of regular salons against salon at home services, it becomes clear as daylight as to why an increasing greater number of people are moving towards men salon at home in Delhi services. Salon at home services are not only the future but are also cost and time effective too apart from all the other benefits. And with the advent of salon at home services grooming services for men and also women have now been made available to people in general within the comfort of their homes.