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mani pedi at home service

Table of Contents


It is an important hygiene practice to care for our hands and feet. After all, both pairs of limbs get us to do all the physical work and we need to look after them. Therefore, manicure and pedicure at home service helps the limbs to recuperate and revitalize. It helps them to relax after so much week-long hard work. Today, we will discuss all about manicure and pedicure at home service. People often tend to look more towards the hands of a person than face.

Why should you take a manicure and pedicure at home service?

Before we go on to describe the entire process and procedure to manicure and pedicure at home service, it is essential for you to know why you should take them. We will take the aspect. 
You see, when it comes to doing any physically exhausting work, we use our limbs, which are hands and feet. But, many do not think of giving anything back to them after taking so much out of them. But, it is about time you should consider at least giving them a fair bit of rest if not treat them away. Sleeping for a few hours definitely revitalizes our hands and feet, but only a bit. We need something much more substantial than that. 

And this is where manicure and pedicure at home services come into play. They help you to charge up the energy of your muscles and tissues of both the hands and feet. Generally people take mani pedi at home service as a beauty based service, but this is only partially correct. Apart from aesthetics, it also concentrates upon their overall wellbeing. 

Manicure and pedicure at home service takes care of the muscle and tissue fatigue. It reduces the excess salt in the blood and a gentle massage session also helps in reducing all the mental anxiety. In this manner it takes over all care of your limbs very gently. 

The process of manicure and pedicure at home service:-

Usually the process of manicure and pedicure at home service is the same all throughout. The only difference may lie in the product that you choose for the service. We will now describe the process of it. 

  • Soak

The very first step with manicure and pedicure at home services is soaking of hands and feet. The water for soaking contains crystal salt that discharges negative ions. Soaking serves two purposes. First, it makes the feet soft so the following steps of service are easy to carry out. And second, it pulls out all the excess ions from your bloodstream. This, in a way, helps you to discharge yourself from the negative ions making you stress free. 

Now, both the hands and feet are quite hydrated and have become soft. 

  • Cuticle cream

In this step, a gel based cuticle cream application takes place on the nails of the fingers. The beautician may submerge your hands and feet again into a soak or a fresh water bowl/tub. This allows the softening of the cuticle which makes it easy for the beautician to remove. In case you do not know what cuticle is, it is excess and shabby looking skin fold.

Removing cuticles makes your hands and feet look beautiful and soft. 

  • Scrub/ micro peel

In the next step of manicure and pedicure at home service, the beautician scrubs your hands and feet. It essentially exfoliates the skin by removing the top layer which consists of dead cells and dirt. For this, the beautician uses either a pumice stone or a coarse particle based scrub. Scrubbing is basically all about causing intentional but controlled damage to the skin. 

This results in rushing up fresh blood to the site of injury. As a result, new cell formation takes place removing the old one. This helps the skin to look and become healthier and more youthful.

  • Massage

This is the most relaxing step of manicure and pedicure at home service. As the beautician massages your hands and feet and takes away all your anxiety. Massaging makes all the difference as it forces the toxin buildup to wash away and ensures supply of fresh blood to every muscle, tissue and cell. Most of the time, all the pent up harmful toxins are the major reason for causing fatigue and tiredness.

Massaging ensures that not only the muscles calm down but cells receive oxygenated blood supply as well. All of this in the end ensures to de-stress you and preserve your peace of mind.

  • Mask

The beautician now applies a thin layer of mask on your hands and feet. This is the last step of manicure and pedicure at home service. Usually it is kept for about 5-10 minutes. Mask essentially gives your hands and feet a soothing effect and calms the muscles down. If you observe properly, you would realize that your hands and feet took a lot of thrashing. Although, it was all for the good, yet the immunity of our body recognizes exfoliation as an attack. Also, exfoliation makes skin pores quite large and prone to skin infection. And they have to be taken care of. 

Since such is the case, the mask helps to soothe the skin and upgrade immunity

And this is pretty much all about manicure and pedicure at home service. There can be variation in the process of the service but that is because each beautician or a brand has its own style. Sometimes, the beautician also has to follow the steps of the products. This may even result in re-arranging the steps of service. But, the essence remains the same. 

There is one thing for you to note. Manicure and pedicure at home service is almost identical for hands and feet. The major difference lies between using a machine tub for soaking feet and a water bowl for hands. 

Benefits of manicure and pedicure at home service :-

Subscribing to manicure and pedicure at home service makes you unlock a bunch of warming benefits. We are going to shed light on some of them. 

  • Saves time

Now here is the thing. People may end up wasting 1 hour or more if they take a mani pedi service from a salon. This is because when you want to take a mani pedi service from a salon you have to travel at least some distance. And the way the population is increasing, it is resulting in huge traffic problems on the road. Chances are that you may have to face heavy traffic or for sure you would be surrounded by blaring horns. Traveling to and from a salon costs a lot of time. But, with manicure and pedicure service at home you dodge all the traffic quite creatively. As now the beautician makes his/her way to your home. 

  • Saves money

Taking manicure and pedicure at home definitely ensures your savings. You save at least a minimum of 40% in comparison to what you would pay at a salon. Now, many may start to doubt the quality of product and service since it is less priced. But, you need to read this out before you jump on to any conclusion. The real reason that you save money is because you bypass a lot of unnecessary middle expenses. Expenses like rent of a beauty studio, their staff salaries and maintenance charges.

When you take a mani pedi service from a salon, you pay for other factors apart from the service. But, with The Monsha’s manicure and pedicure at home service, you only pay for the service. As a result, we deliver to you services at lower prices keeping the quality of both products and service intact.

  • Convenience

People’s lives have become very busy. Due to this fast paced lifestyle, people look out for convenience as their top priority. Manicure and pedicure at home service ensures you comfort and convenience like no one else. There is one thing common to all of us and that we all take our homes as the most comfortable. And when you call our beautician at your home, you are taking services in your home sweet home.

You can take the service anywhere in your room. You may even choose to wear anything which you feel the most comfortable in. Sure you cannot go to a salon in your boxer for taking mani pedi service. But, it is not so the case with manicure and pedicure at home service. It is your home and no one is going to judge you for that. 

  • No waiting

Manicure and pedicure at home service starts as soon as the beautician reaches your place. You are the only person to whom the beautician has to provide mani pedi at home service. There is no one who precedes you and therefore there is complete elimination of waiting. Surely, we do not want to wait for anyone in this world. But, when we go to a salon, we are almost always in the queue. 

The time of wait depends upon the number of people before us and their services. Manicure and pedicure at home service allows you to save a lot of time by not waiting. Simultaneously it helps you keep your cool as waiting can be quite harassing. Therefore mani pedi at home service preserves your peace of mind while ensuring timely commanicure and pedicure at home servicepletion of the service.

This was all about manicure and pedicure at home service. The entire process, benefits and of course why should you take them. You can try out the real essence of it by simply booking manicure and pedicure at home service from the website. Just book your slot and get ready to relax. At your appointed date and time you will have a diligent beautician all up to serve you.