Importance of pre bridal services at home​

Table of Contents

Importance of pre bridal services at home​

Table of Contents


Pre bridal services at home are one of the fastest moving services in salon at home industry. Each year a greater number of soon-to-be brides take these services before their marriages. The importance of pre bridal services at home stems from marvelous results they deliver in just about a month. Every girl wants to look heavenly goddess and pre bridal services help them achieve this look. 

Pre bridal services at home are beauty packages with each package containing at least two services. These services are totally customizable and allows you to knit pick the services if you want to. These services contain face care services, hair care services, hands and feet care services and overall body care services. In this manner whole of the body is treated for beauty over a span of a month or more. This allows the skin and hair to regain their naturalness and fight off the tanned and damaged skin. 

Before we move on and understand what are pre bridal services at home, let us see what really are they?

What are pre bridal services at home

Pre bridal services at home are set of beauty services which uplifts your outer appearance. These services help you regain normal health of the skin. And we recommend the to-be brides to take pre bridal services at home before their marriage. With a wide range of services available to care for the skin ranging from de tan pack to facials. Similarly, body scrub and polish to restore the well-being overall and hair services for beautiful hair. Let us have a further look on these services

Face care services 

  • Face bleach

It involves the application of a chemically activated compound over the face for a few minutes. It helps to even out the skin and to reduce discoloration and patchiness. In a way it defeats the sun burnt skin which results in to blemishes free skin. It is one of the most effective face services which gets you instant face whitening by removing tan and dirt. 

  • De tan pack

It is a service which is responsible for tanning from the face. The major difference between bleach and de tan is that the latter is an organic ingredient-based service. As there are no chemical compounds in de tan, it is considered to be quite friendly and gentle on the skin. 3-5 sessions of de tan pack work wonder as they remove all the tanning from the face and let it come to life. 

  • Facial

This is a premium service for face which gives face a noticeable brightness from the first sitting. This one service is a pack of 5-7 steps depending upon which facial you choose for yourself. People have different skin type, and choosing any facial arbitrarily is like hitting a target in the dark. You would always miss. Hence a variety of facials are available suiting specific skin condition of a particular individual. Facial services include toning, massaging, black head removal, face pack and best of all steaming. 

Steaming of the face is true sense allows the facials to be put separately from the rest of the facial categories. Steaming the face forces the clogged pore to open up hence allowing the skin to breathe easy. This opening of the pores helps flush out all the toxin built up which cause internal damage. 

Hair care services. 

Hair are of extreme importance to girls. But, to keep long and healthy hair is a challenge for all the girls. This is where the hair services of pre bridal services at home play an important role. There are different types of hair service. Pre bridal services at home divides hair services majorly into two groups. First, hair services which are responsible for hair nutrition and health. And second, hair services which uplifts the look beauty of hair. 

  • Hair spa and keratin

These treatments take care of nutrition and health of hair. The former service helps strengthen the hair by removing excess oil from the scalp. The latter helps in maintaining the protein levels of hair and help them fight dryness. 

  • Hair smoothening and straightening

These services are responsible for how the hair look. They beautify the hair so they look aesthetically pleasing. These hair services are majorly responsible to make the hair look smoother and shinier. 

Manicure and Pedicure services

Manicure and pedicure services are responsible for taking care of hands and feet. Companies have specially curated products which range from regular to premium categories. These services take care of cuticle and tiny skin splinters coming out of the corner of nails. Manicure and pedicure services intend not only to take care of the beauty but also rejuvenating them. Let us have a brief look at them. 

Both manicure and pedicure services have common steps. The only difference is manicure services pertain to the hands and pedicure services belong to feet. Your hands and feet are first dipped. This is the process of soaking. Beautician soaks the hands in bowls full of water and feet in machine tub. This contains active ingredients and salts which helps to flush out the toxins from the skin. This discharges the skin of any toxicity and prepares your limbs for other steps of mani pedi. 

Once the limbs become receptive, cuticle cream is applied on the nails and then soaked. This softens the cuticle and the skin around the nails. The soft tissue of cuticle is removed with the help of a cuticle pusher. The beautician then files the nail which make them even and removes sharp edges. Your feet and hands are then scrubbed. This is the process of exfoliation. It helps to remove the dead layer of cells and allows the new cells to come up. The beautician then wraps your limbs in a thick layer of masque. This helps the skin to heal quick as the process of exfoliation took place. 

Your limbs then receive a nice session of massage. Massage helps to improve the blood flow of the extremities. Simultaneously, it helps to reduce anxiety by breaking down muscle tension and allowing them to relax. In the end, it is nail paint application. The beautician applies nail paint as per your choice from the basic shades they carry. You may choose to give them your nail paint for application purposes to which the beautician happily obliges.

What is the importance of pre bridal services at home?

The importance of pre bridal services at home is indescribable in words. They are so crucial yet so less highlighted that people skip taking pre bridal services at home and end up repenting later. These services, as discussed above, helps in uplifting the personality of a girl. In the broader sense, the atmosphere takes a toll on both the body and mind. The deteriorating effects of atmosphere are quite visible as it results in skin tanning or becoming rough and unappealing. The hair also takes a similar beating attracting a lot of dirt if not cared for. If not for pre bridal services at home, only god knows how the girl would be saved. 

But, thank fully, the process of deterioration is a reversible one. Although a difficult one, but positive effects can be attained if the services are taken as prescribed. Pre bridal service at home helps your skin and hair breathe easy and look lively. 

The ease of pre bridal services at home

The most comforting point of pre bridal services at home is you can take them within your home. Since these services come in a package of two or more services, they usually are quite time consuming. One cannot possibly fathom taking these services in a regular salon. Hence taking these services within your own home is a bliss. You can watch a movie or a web series while the beautician pampers you. Or you can choose wind up some of your pending office work. 

Since you take these services within your home, you usually have more access to freedom. If you get tired or feel bored, you can have a five-minute break in your home. It would give you time to recuperate and you can resume the service once you feel all charged up. The services help you rejuvenate both bodily and mentally and allow you to relax further. 

What happens if you skip taking pre bridal services at home?

People who skip taking pre bridal services at home probably can narrate their real importance. Not taking pre bridal services at home leaves behind regret that you can never makeup for. And as a result, you can never make any amends after the moment has passed. Some to-be brides make the mistake of wrongly believing that makeover will take care of their overall look on the wedding day. Makeover can help you, but only to some extent. It is the pre bridal services which preps your face and hair for a fine makeover and hairdo. 

If you have some skin issues and hair beyond manageable, it would obviously show on your wedding day. You do not want to have this embarrassing situation fall on you. Skin issues and non-manageable hair are easy to manage and you can help them look beautiful. What all you need is to book pre bridal services at home. As these services packages are customizable you can take them as per your needs. The Monsha’s beautician can also suggest as to which services you must take for best in class results. 

With this we come to the end of importance of pre bridal services at home. Surely, they play and absolutely important and an indispensable part in your wedding. Pre bridal services at home offers you the convenience of taking these services within your home. And alongside, provides a great skin to work upon by makeup artist and mehendi designers. So do not just wait there and let the moment pass. Book today, The Monsha’s pre bridal packages in Delhi and be the most gorgeous bride of the world.