How to do facial at home?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


They say that the eyes are a gateway to the soul. I say that the face is the portrayer of all emotions to our fellow human beings. The contraction and relaxation of the facial muscles propagate emotions. Hence it is extremely important to know how to do facial at home. It is of the utmost to keep the face in pristine condition. People judge others based on the way your face is displayed. Society looks down upon those who keep their face scraggly and unkempt.

What is a Facial?

Most people do not know what a facial is. They also do not how to do facial at home.

Facial is quite a simple yet effective way of cleansing the face. Someone with expertise in the grooming field or a beautician performs a facial, which is a cosmetic treatment that caters to the needs of the facial skin and hair.

Beauticians or skincare experts conduct facials that can work wonders for the person receiving the treatment. It also helps with curing skin issues such as blemishes, acne etc.  Hence they promote overall healthy facial skin. It doesn’t matter if you have dry skin , oily or sensitive skin. To have a regular facial routine is a must in today’s day and age. No matter the gender one must reap all the benefits of facials. So now you want to know how to do facial at home. Don’t worry we got you! But first let’s go through the advantages of conducting facials.

Benefits of a Facial

Cleanses Facial Skin

The face and neck are the parts of the body that are always exposed to the harsh environment. They deal with the exposure to pollutants, dirt, oil etc. This makes the skin filthy. To cleanse it to bring it back to its natural state we must conduct facials. Facials help in the detoxification of the pores of the facial skin. The bigger these pores are the more unattractive you look. So, small and negligible pores are the best for a more appealing look.

Helps Slow Down the Natural Process of Aging

Aging is something that we humans have no control over. It is a natural process however it can be slowed down through the right processes such as how to facial at home.  Facial can boost the generation of new cells. It also helps in the production of collagen that slows down wrinkles, spots etc.

Reduces stress

In today’s modern world stress has become a common issue. Everyone deals with it at some stage or the other. Therefore it is becoming a threat to the mental health of many citizens all over the world. People living in metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore etc deal with a much higher amount of stress. However researches have shown that facials can be beneficial to those suffering from stress. Following easy how to do facial at home step by step can simulate your nervous system which directly helps lower your anxiety and stress level to ultimately improve your mood. The face has hundred of pressure points. To simulate these pressure points directly impacts on the functioning of your body. Placing cucumber slices on the eyes while having a facial also helps.

Helps Cure Acne and Blemishes

At a certain point of age acne and blemishes are common but the worry is whether stay for long or cause long lasting distasteful appearances. Facials can help reduce the burst out acne and fight stubborn acne scars and other blemishes

How to do Facial at Home DIY

Facial is not a complex process to do at home.  Also it can very easily be accomplished without going to fancy salons or calling in pricey beauticians. The following are steps of how to do facial at home:

  • Create a peaceful and tranquil environment 

It is necessary to try and imitate a spa like session. Therefore the ambiance should play the part too. Hence by lighting a few aromatic candles and putting a playlist of relaxing music can help soothe the stressful mind.

  • Cleanse your face

It is absolutely necessary to rid your face of previous applications of beauty products or some form of pollutants. Also use a cleansing lotion that suits your skin type and clear away the entire residue of dirt, filth, soot, oil and pollution.

  • Exfoliation of the skin

The exfoliation process helps the newer skin cells to surface as the old dead ones are scrubbed away. Skin peels are also useful for this process. If can get access to an enzyme or chemical exfoliator (such as glycolic acid) and leave it on for the recommended time listed on the bottle.

  • Extraction

The extraction is quite a tricky process but provides amazing results. If you have an extraction tool that sucks out blackheads this would be very advantageous for this process. If not, this step can be skipped and only be provided by beauty experts such as trained and skilled beauticians.

  • Use a vaporizer to steam your face

If you have a vaporizer available for this process then nothing better but you do not have access to one there is no need to panic. Therefore boil a couple of glasses of lukewarm water on a stove. Carefully transfer the boiling water into a glass bowl. Keep your face about a foot away from the bowl and cover your shoulders, neck and head with a towel. Let the vapors hit your face for a period of about 5-10 minutes.

  • Application of a face mask

Now that the pores are clean and open they can absorb beneficial ingredients. It is now the best time to apply a sheet mask. It is advisable to use a mask that suits your skin type to prevent any after effects.

  • Application of a toning treatment

Now that the face is all clean and clear it’s time to restore the face to its original pH level. A toning serum will aide in that. It is recommended to apply the toning serum with the help of cotton pad.

  • Application of hydrating serum 

Use a hydrating serum to rehydrate your skin after such a lengthy process of detoxifying your skin. Even though you may have oily skin it is recommended to do this step. Based on your needs use an appropriate hydrating serum.

  • Application of a skin moisturizer 

It is mandatory to end the facial at home with a good moisturizing treatment. This will help replenish your skin’s natural essential oils

  • Facial Massage 

Last but not the least gift yourself with the soothing pleasure of a massage. Gently massage your face in a circular motion to stimulate the blood circulation and flow in the face giving a different type of glow. This will help the moisturizer seep deeper into your skin.


Now you have understood the meaning of facial, benefits of facial and how to do a facial at home. I hope this blog provided you with the adequate information of everything related to facials. In this ever so judgmental world a glowing and kempt face might be the only thing that sets you apart from the crowd. Take care of yourself on a regular basis and let the results of a glowing face do the talking!