How to do face wax at home

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


The face portrays it all. Our facial muscles exhibit every possible expression that you can give off from your face. Whether joyous or one expressing concerns.. It is a beacon of emotions and what not. To take care of it by obtaining beauty parlour services, is our responsibility, as the face is what society primarily judges us upon. Unwanted and unkempt facial hairs are an unpleasant sight to behold. Salon services at home that provide face wax is a solution to this tedious problem. 

What is Face Wax?

Facial waxing or Face waxing services are all about removal of facial hair. A beautician does so by applying a very thin layer of wax or wax strip in the direction of growth of unwanted hair. She then rips off wax once it hardens in the opposite direction of grain with the help of wax strips. That is to the opposite side of hair growth. There are different ways for different skin types such as sensitive skin, acne prone skin etc.

Benefits of Face Wax

    • Face waxing:  it is the process of uprooting the hair from the very follicle from which they grow. And therefore, it subdues the growth of hair drastically. As the hair grows back from the root it will take a longer period of time.
  • Reduce the number of waxing sessions: skin waxed at home makes the growth of hair slower. As a result, your hair takes a long time to grow back to their normal length. This saves money as well as the strain applied on such a sensitive area as the face. 
  • The hair strands will be finer and thinner: as you continue the process of face waxing again and again you will notice that the hair re-growth will be much finer, less dense and not as coarse as it previously was. The thinner hair will not be as noticeable and will not grab the attention of onlookers that easily.By repeating the process for a long time may lead to the elimination of hair growth. That is the hair follicles may stop producing hair, hence clearing way for a silky smooth skin. But this will not happen to all facial hair follicles. So don’t expect the same result as permanent hair removal techniques such as laser hair removal.
  • Skin nourishment and protection: most of the commonly used waxing techniques such as Rica waxing and sugaring waxing are chemical free and contain natural ingredients such as honey, lemon juice etc. They not only fulfill the task of hair extraction but also tend to the need of skin care. Facial service exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. Their cleansing may be on an outer level but it helps to improve the skin texture immensely. Face waxing ensures face hydration as face wax contains natural ingredients with ample amount of moisturizer.
  • Less Risk of irritation and ingrown hairs: the face is a very sensitive part of the body. it is a well-established fact and common knowledge that face skin is 4 times as thinner as compared to skin of any other body part.. Therefore it requires more delicate care and expertise while performing the treatment of face waxing. The chance of developing redness, itching, and rashes is always there. There can be severe consequences in case of any disruption of hair linings. It may lead to bumps and white heads. These are more evident and noticeable if developed on the face. This may result in an increase of pain experience if such problems develop. Now there are certain products that help with this and almost completely eliminate this problem.
  • Many parts of the face can be targeted at once: it enables to target may parts of the face in one go. Since, the hair grown on almost your entire face and not just the eyebrows or upper lips. For example the nose, ears, chin etc have hair growth too. The only thing is that these hair strands are much thinner comparatively to those in the eyebrows and mustaches. Just one waxing session leads to the eradication of hair strands completely. This plays in the favor of the customers as well as they achieve an even toned skin for quite a long time.
  • Waxing helps in improving the texture of the skin: fun fact- waxing not only removes the hair present on the skin but also extracts dead skin cells. This leads to brighter and glowing skin. Face waxing also helps de tan the face.

Alternatives for Waxing

  • Usage of Depilatory Creams. -You can buy this product from any of departmental store near your home. They remove hair by dissolving hair follicles at the applied area. They require a little amount of effort but can be slightly expensive. The quantity of the product may be a little low in comparison to the amount of body hair. They may cause an allergic reaction and almost all have a pungent smell that is off-putting.
  • Epilady. – This process requires the usage of a hand- held machine called an epilator. It extracts the hair completely from the roots. This is a painful procedure that some may not be able to endure.
  • Shaving – Shaving is the most common process of removal of hair which is very cost effective. But this process cannot eliminate the hair follicles from their roots. As it is a superficial and last moment way of removal of hair. It leaves the shaved area coarse, itchy and red.  Sometimes may cause blisters which can cause a lot of discomfort and pain.
  • Laser hair removal. – This is a very modern and futuristic way of hair removal for eternity. Yes, it is an everlasting hair removal solution but unlike popular belief it is not a completely pain-free process. The major downside that it one of the most expensive ways of hair removal. Before doing it one must contemplate whether they would ever need the re-growth of hair ever again.
  • Electrolysis – this too, similar to laser hair removal is a very futuristic approach to the removal of body hair. This process uses short wave frequencies to disrupt hair growth. But its downside is that it is extremely hard on the pockets. It targets a very small portion of your body. This also requires multiple sessions to go through before getting the final results.

How to Do Facial Wax at Home

You can do facial waxing at home via any three of the following steps It isn’t a sophisticated process and a little bit of courage and a little bit of skill will do the trick:


  • Cleanse your face with a face wash and make sure no prior product residue is remaining on the face.
  • Dry your face thoroughly by wiping it down with a hygienic towel or tissue.
  • Prepare your wax by heating it to the level recommended on the packaging.
  • Make sure that the wax is not too hot by first applying it onto your wrist, if it burns then the heat of the wax is not suitable. It should be warm but shouldn’t burn the skin.


  • To test out your skills first try spreading the wax evenly on a small area. If the process is a success you may now have gained the confidence to do it all over your face.
  • Spread it evenly across the face in the direction of the hair growth


  • Wait for the wax to dry up upon your face.
  • Once dried hold your facial skin taught using one hand and rip the wax off of your face in the opposite direction of the hair growth.


In today’s judgmental world an unkempt face always closes the doors to opportunities. It is always better to stay one step ahead of the crowd to set an impact. Just like other fancy treatments such as manicure and pedicure and hair spa, face wax helps with boosting confidence. Although it is not as conventional as razoring, it is a better option in many aspects as you have learned from this article. You may now step into the field of self waxing your face. I would like to conclude by saying:
Face wax is the emerging king of hair removal;

Try it once and let the results have you bamboozled!