How to do face clean up at home

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


The face is the part of the body that makes the first appearance. When you walk into a room full of people the first thing they notice is how well kempt this man’s face is. That is why the make-up industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Everyone wants beautiful/handsome facial features. Hence they enhance the pre existing facial features with cosmetic procedures. One of these procedures is the face clean up which helps you pamper your skin. Through this blog you will learn How to Do Face Clean Up at Home.

What is Face Clean Up at Home?

A face clean is a basic cleansing process. It involves simple steps such as cleansing, scrubbing, steaming and products such as scrubber, face mask etc. It is done to extract or remove the dead skin cells present on the surface of the face and allow the newer, more healthy cells to arise to the top, giving the face a delightful glow and keeping it moisturized.

Difference between Face Clean Up at Home and Facial

People commonly confuse the similar yet different processes of face clean up at home and facials. The following are the key points that differentiate face clean up from facials:

Face clean up                                                   

  • It is a simple and basic treatment to cleanse the facial skin
  • The procedure consists of deep cleansing, exfoliating, steaming the face with the help of water vapors and the removal of blackheads and whiteheads.
  • It is very pocket friendly and one can do it within a budget of 50-100 rupees.
  • This process is efficient and not time consuming at all. That is the in comparison to facial it takes a very little time to finish.
  • This procedure is non-specific and one does not do it to only one aspect of the facial beauty.
  • This process is very simple and does not require any kind of expertise or skill. It can also be easily performed at home on a regular basis on any kind of skin, whether it is sensitive, dry, or delicate.
  • Facial clean up in most cases do not require any kind of special equipment or tools.
  • There is no application of serum and/or sunscreen in the post treatment step.


  • Facials are a bit more complex than face clean ups, but they too improve the overall health and appearance of the facial skin type, such as invigorating the skin. A lot more skin care is involved in facials.
  • Being a more sophisticated process it therefore consists of physical exfoliation, chemical exfoliation, steam extraction using vapors, facial masks, facial peel and massages.
  • It is slightly more expensive in comparison to face clean up at home as this requires more expertise and task specific products and tools.
  • The facial process takes more time to complete as one needs to finish many sub procedures to perfection.
  • There are certain specific facial treatments that target a certain feature of facial beauty. Examples of these are classic, anti-aging, aromatherapy, lymphatic, oily skin, intraceutical etc.
  • As mentioned before, one requires a certain amount of expertise, skill, and experience to perform facials in a professional manner. Hence, beauticians or other cosmetic experts should perform it.
  • To take care of the special needs, one requires various different products, equipments, and tools. They can be quite cumbersome to find and therefore it is better to let a professional bring and use them.
  • The final step is the usage of serums or sunscreens and after that it is necessary to massage your face..

How to Do a Face Clean Up at Home?

You shall now get a step by step guide on how to do a face clean up at home:

  • Cleanse your face to remove major impurities

It is necessary to have a blank canvas when you start the face cleanup process. There will be certain foreign products on your face and neck such as previously applied make-up, pollutants dirt etc. Use a face wash to wash away any major form of impurity. It is advisable to use lukewarm water or micellar water. Do not forget the neck, hairline and jaw line areas.

  • Steam to let the pores get the purest form of water

Use a vaporizer also known as a steamer to let steam settle into your pores. The distilled water is the purest form of water and will bring you face pH level to neutral. Cover your head, shoulders and neck with a towel and take steam for about ten minutes. Once done if you have a black head remover, use that to extract your black heads, if not use a soft tissue to wipe your face.

  • Exfoliate the old skin cells

As time passes by the skin cells on the face begin to die. If we keep our face stagnant then they will cover up our natural glow and brightness. Hence it is necessary to use a scrubber to exfoliate the dead skin cells and let the newer, healthier skin cells surface to the top. Better results are procured if  natural ingredients are used. This process will bring out your glow that was hidden behind the layer of dead skin cells.It is beneficial for acne prone skin. Also you will appear brighter. And lastly this process will let the other skincare products to seep in deep to provide best results.

  • Application of a Face Pack

Use hydrating and moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera, turmeric and honey to create a face pack. Let it settle on your face from about 15 minutes of time. Warm water is recommended for washing your face. This may change your face pH level but no need it to worry, we got it covered in the next step.

  • Usage of a Toner

A toner’s duty is to maintain the pH level of the face after altering it due to the face pack. Take some toner and soak it into a cotton pad. Gently rub it across your entire face.

  • Using a Face Mask

Do not confuse this process to face pack application. For this procedure you will need a face mask that can provide your face with extra serum. Apply the face mask for a minimum time of 10 -15 minutes. Then remove it. After removal make sure that the serum dries up on the skin before proceeding to the next step.

  • Moisturize your face to maintain this even look for a long period of time

To lock all the benefits obtained from the above steps, use a light non-sticky moisturizer. This step will not only moisturize your skin but also nourish it.

  • Don’t forget the Pouters

People tend to undermine the importance of lips on the face. They do not take care of them as they deserve. Chapped and dry lips can completely spoil your fresh new face cleaned look. It is necessary to use a lip balm on them.


I hope that this blog has changed your perception of facial cleanliness. Within a small budget you can take care of the most exposed and defining feature of your body: the face! Society judges you off the aura you carry and appearance you portray. Make a bold impact and the seal the deal by doing Face clean up at home on a regular basis.