Hiring a personal makeup artist

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Table of Contents


With the rise of wedding season, there is a simultaneous jostling among to-be brides to look gorgeous. And this is why hiring a makeup artist for wedding becomes all the more indispensable. Every girl wants to look like an angel from heaven. This can be quite an amazing and anxious experience for a girl. Since a wedding is the biggest celebration day in the life of a girl, she cannot afford to take chances. Hiring a personal makeup artist ensures your transformation into a dazzling bride with convenience

But, it is not about hiring just another makeup artist. And hiring a makeup artist for wedding can be quite challenging. Here, we will be informing you of the key areas that will help in hiring a makeup artist for wedding.

Go through as many profiles before hiring a makeup artist for wedding

Since your wedding day won’t come back ever, you have no second chances. You must be absolutely sure when you are hiring a makeup artist for wedding. And it all starts with browsing through as many profiles of the wedding makeup artists. Wedding makeup artists are available in the hundreds of thousands in every city. And each claims himself or herself to be the best. This is where social media helps you. Wedding makeover artists keep their profiles open. These are available to you for free in the public domain. 

Go through at least a couple of thousand profiles and explore them deeply. This will enable you to short list the ones you may deem fit to hire. The task of going through makeover profiles for hiring a makeup artist for a wedding is a tiring one. Although, it does not involve physical run around, it surely requires you to concentrate your mental faculties. We highly suggest not doing it in a single day. Rather spread it over a week’s time and make sure to grab a cup of coffee while you do it. 

This will help you ease out your work. Moreover, you will notice that no one can select the best profiles in just one go. It requires a lot of patience and a calm mind.

Look for art before you hiring a makeup artist for wedding 

Browsing through hundreds of profiles will give you a fair enough idea of a wedding makeup artist. Now you need to have a look at the art that they present in their profiles. Wedding makeup art includes how deep the makeup is. The amount of neatness is another parameter you must look for. You should look for a subtle wedding makeup which is not loud, yet it speaks volumes. We suggest you develop some senses of color theory if you lag at that. 

And if you understand how colors interact with each other that is even better. This is because you also need to look if the wedding makeup artist is applying color theory or not. You cannot afford to hire a bridal makeup artist who does not even have any basic sense of colors. Colors thrown at random on the face of the bride in the name of makeup can become a huge embarrassment. 

That is why, comprehension of art is absolute before hiring a makeup artist for wedding.

Ensure diversity before you hiring a makeup artist for wedding

Another parameter for hiring a makeup artist for wedding is diversity in art. If an artist does the same type of art with little to no variation, it speaks a lot about him. Wedding makeup are quite diverse in their true form. As you cross borders into different states, you notice a change in clothing, dialect and overall behavior and personalities. All this influences the wedding culture and hence the look of the bride as well. 

Talking about India in specific, with over 28 states and 8 UTs, wedding makeup shows drastic change. Not to mention brides from different faiths. You need to look for a wedding makeup artist who has as many different wedding makeup looks as possible. We would suggest a minimum of at least 10. This will enhance your level of confidence before hiring a makeup artist for wedding.

Professionalism before hiring a makeup artist for wedding is absolute

Art and diversity weigh heavily in the profile of a wedding makeup artist. But, there is more to it which lays the foundation of art and diversity. This is professionalism and you must deliberately look out for it before hiring a makeup artist for wedding. Professionalism encompasses attributes like discipline, punctuality, constant learning and many more. 

You see, a great artist who is not disciplined is the artist on decline. Once you are through with the art and diversity in the profile of a wedding makeup artist, look how serious he/she is. If you are wondering how to do it, don’t worry, we shall inform you. You see everything leaves a trail. The profile of a professional wedding makeup artist would carry views, likes, shares and even comments. More their number, chances are decent is profile. 

Be very cautious with fake views, likes and comments. Many even take this route to earn easy money and fool people. Positive comment of appreciation will help you in hiring a makeup artist for wedding.

Talk directly before hiring a makeup artist for wedding

When you settle all the above points you now have to reassure yourself with your selection. And this is by far the toughest in hiring a makeup artist for wedding. There is a recurrent theme we see among the to-be brides. That is happiness intertwined with anxiety and confusion. To-be brides are most concerned with the way that they would look on their wedding day. And for obvious reasons, as all the eyes lock themselves onto the bride the moment she enters. 

That is why the to-be brides have questions bombarding their heads like tiny rubber bullets. How will my wedding makeup be? Do I have the right skin type? What should I do to attain the right skin texture? Should I take any facials for an all bright face? These are some of the many questions. And this is where you now need to talk to the ultra-short list of wedding makeup artists. By the time you come to this short list, you must not have more than 5 wedding makeup artists. 

You must meet each of these 5 before hiring a makeup artist for wedding. This is because a personal interaction with them would clear out a lot of things. Make sure to meet the wedding makeup artist who would take charge of your makeup. You can start to put forth all your questions.  All you need to do is to observe how patiently they listen to you and your problems. Focus on not what they speak, but how intently they listen to you. This is a good indication of their understanding of you. 

A great wedding makeup artist would give you honest solutions to your problems. Would definitely reduce your anxiety by removing all your apprehension. And of course he would provide you with his honest suggestions to enhance your skin conditions.

Finally, hiring a makeup artist for wedding 

Once you have made up your mind as to which makeover artist you want to hire, finalize him at the earliest. Hiring a makeup artist for wedding must take place by giving him a small token amount in advance. This is to confirm your booking with a dedicated time slot. You can make pay via internet banking or make a cash payment. Make sure to take the receipt of your payment and click its picture. This is so, because even if you lose the receipt, you still retain a copy. This seals your time slot and it ensures hiring a makeup artist for wedding. You should never make the mistake of selecting a makeup artist and nor securing a slot. 

Simply selecting or choosing a makeup artist in your mind will not do. This can land you up in serious trouble as we explain ahead. 

A word of caution before hiring a makeup artist for wedding

Many people make the mistake of waiting till the very last moment of the wedding. This mistake can prove to be very costly both in your pocket and on your peace mind. 

Let us explain both the cases. As the peak of wedding seasons approaches, you would find the prices for hiring a makeup artist for wedding rise exponentially. You would most likely end up paying double of what you could have paid a month ago. 

And secondly, you would find it quite hard to even find a decent wedding makeup artist to book. Since there are countless bookings every day of the season, most wedding makeup artists are overwhelmed. You most likely won’t get a spot with the top tier makeover artists. And you would then have to go with the options left. The situation would change from you selecting the wedding makeup artist to them choosing you. 

There are many great looking profiles when you want to hire a makeup artist. But, there are very few of those who know their art. By following simple steps as we have outlined above, you can be rest assured about your wedding day. There are many platforms for hiring a makeup artist for weddings and The Monsha’s is one of them. You can hire a personal makeup artist for the biggest day of your life and relax. Our bridal makeup artist will turn you into a stunning beauty.