Hair spa at home preserves the health of your hair

Table of Contents

Hair spa at home preserves the health of your hair

Table of Contents

Hair is synonymous with beauty. Stronger and longer your hair is, enhanced is your outer personality. Women, in general, are more particular about their hair then men. Yet it takes special efforts to keep up with the grooming of hair. Taking hair spa at home preserves the health of your hair and makes them stronger. Women have been taking care of their hair for centuries, and with technological advancements we now have services like hair spa. 

  • What is hair spa and why do you need it?

Hair spa is a hair treatment which specifically aims at nourishing your hair. Your scalp produces a lot of oil. This oil has a protective purpose of protecting your hair from dirt and harsh sunlight. But, if you do not wash your hair and especially scalp, it leads to overproduction and accumulation of oil. From protecting your hair and scalp, the oil production backfires and attracts dirt and dust. The accumulation of dirt then invites fungi and germs to have a feast on your head. All this together detriments the quality of your hair and makes them quite rough in texture and shabby to look.

Hair spa at home in specific helps you remove excess oil and wash off the dirt. Massaging of the scalp improves the blood circulation which provides healthy blood platelets rich in oxygen to your hair. Steaming of the hair helps to aerate them and fight off the dirt, hence strengthening them. If not for a service like hair spa, you would have to bear the gross sight of your unkept hair. 

  • How to carry out hair spa at home?

Steaming of hair and subsequent massaging of the scalp is ages old. Both of them together ensures the growth of healthy hair whilst nourishing them as well. In the olden days, women had to go through painstaking effort in order to look after their hair. Steaming was earlier a tough process and women used natural fruit extracts to massage their hair with. It definitely was a cumbersome process and not every women was patient enough put up through the ordeal. 

But, hair spa at home is now encouraging women to care for their hair frequently and effectively. In a hair spa service, a beautician arrives at your home with all her hair spa essentials. She sits you on a chair/sofa comfortably and starts applying hair cream on your hair. She then takes out a small steamer which is quite portable, yet extremely effective. This way she steams your hair for full 10 minutes and then 

  • Does hot towel work in hair spa at home?

This is one of the biggest myth of people who try to go along with a hot towel hair treatment. No one knows how, but a myth was spread among the masses that you can use hot towel instead of a steamer in hair spa at home. And many people till today believe in it whole heartedly. But, on the contrary, hot towel could never and can never serve the purpose of a steamer. 

And people those who have used this technique can vouch for this. It only adds sufferings and makes your life more miserable due to the cumbersome process. Dipping a towel in hot boiling water in itself is quite dangerous and can burn you severely. Handling it with extreme caution once you take it out is also another terrible situation. And then you have to wrap it around your hair. And still the job is far from done. 

It does not still serve the purpose. As it requires you to steam your hair not dip them in hot water. It rather has a negative impact as it promotes dryness, the very thing you were trying to fight. So hot towel does not substitute steamer for hair spa at home. And our honest advice and suggestion would be to let the things proceed like they usually do. Any uncalled for meddling would only invite terrible problems.

  • The misconception of hair spa at home as a “women” only treatment

There is a common misconception amongst many that hair spa is a women only treatment. This is surely true that majority of people are women taking hair spa services. But, it does not mean that hair spa is exclusive to women. Rather, both men and women have hair, which are fundamentally the same. The only reason why women take hair spa service more than men is because they have to keep long hair. Managing and looking after long hair is relatively tougher compared to short hair of men? As a result, women take them more. 

But, both men and women have equal right to look beautiful and groom themselves. And as there is no change in structure of hair of both the sexes, men too can take hair spa at home. It benefits their hair just as much as the hair of women. 

  • Advantages of hair spa at home

There are many who like going to a regular salon for hair spa and many other who prefer to have it at home. Most of the people are aware about the advantages of having a hair spa service in a regular salon. But majority of people are not aware of the advantages of taking hair spa at home. We would now be discussing its benefits in the following section.

  • Saves time

Taking hair spa at home allows you more time for yourself. You see, once you book at home hair spa, a beautician travels to you with all of hair spa essentials. It helps you to not first of all travel to a salon and struggle with finding a spot to park your vehicle. And secondly, you do not have to wait for long and trying hours for your turn to come up. If you observe closely, you would realize that it saves as much as 2 hours or may be even more. This time may not mean much to some ordinary individual, but makes all the difference to a professional. 

People who work on a time schedule know how important it is for them to meet deadlines. Addition of two hours can give you a lot of leverage. At the very least, you can spend your time with your family or friends. They definitely are way more important than waiting in a queue in a salon.

  • Saves money

You can multiply the joy of saving time by saving money as well. Taking a hair spa at home enables you to save 40% or more. This is because, booking a beautician online enables you to jump over a few unimportant and unnecessary expenses. These are those expenses, like studio rent, infrastructure, etc which inflate the final amount for no reason. 

Unfortunately, you, as a customer, have to pay this whole and bloated amount. Taking hair spa therapy at home is quite cost effective and allows you to save money. You may want to stash this money in your monthly savings or take yet another service with it. 

  • Convenient

Taking hair spa at home makes your life quite convenient. As the world is progressing, the ways of accessing to various services and products is also changing. Salon industry is no exception to this. You can take best spa services at home without having to step outside. You can now book hair spa from your home at your home. Hair professional carries all the hair spa essentials along with them in his/her bag. The professional also carries a small steamer which is portable as well as pretty effective. 

The professional carries out the entire service in a very efficient manner, keeping the quality intact. This way, you get to have a salon like experience within your home. You can choose to watch a TV serial or an OTT series or anything of your liking. In other words, you can choose to do what you want to do while the service continues. If you reflect at this home service, you would realize that it successfully eliminates you from stepping outside. Driving your vehicle to a salon and subsequent waiting is troublesome and eats away your time. Not to mention all the traffic on your way to a salon that you have to face. And, of course the meaningless conversation you have to strike with total strangers while in a salon.

That is why taking hair spa at home is convenient and benefits you directly.

In conclusion, the upside of hair spa at home service totally dominates any of its downside. And booking an at home hair spa service is also equally easy. You may book it directly from the website or call us directly. You may even choose to pay post service once you book your slot. Booking your slot is the key as it confirms your service and allocates a hair spa professional for you. And that professional would show up at your doorstep at your time of convenience. All you need to do is relax as it soothes and calms you down while making your hair healthier and stronger.