Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you will find answers to most of the questions being asked by most of the people. 

You will find a lot of product knowledge and differences between certain products so you may choose the right service for yourself.

Q1. What is Salon at Home?

Salon at home means bringing of the salon services (facials, waxing, haircut, etc) to your home rather than you travelling to some salon.

Q2. How to book an appointment?

Salon at home appointment can be easily booked through website or app or you may even call to book your slot.

Q3. What is "Hygiene & Visitation Fee"?

A small kit consisting of gloves, mask, sanitizer and other hygienic stuff which is used at each customer separately as the kit is one time use only to ensure the safety of customer and to keep contamination under check. And visitation fee is a small amount the beautician spends in visiting each customer.

Q4. What is "Premium Slot Fee"?

Premium Slot Fee is a small amount that is charged when there is a huge demand of services like Sunday or some holiday on which people being free make most appointments. It may also be charge for peak hour rush time for each day.

Q5. If i need urgent appointment, how much do i need to pay extra?

There is no need to pay any extra amount on urgent appointments and it only depends upon the availability of beauticians. If the beauticians are available, they are dispatched immediately.

Q6. How to get my appointment confirmation?

The appointment is confirmed via e-mail and/or message as soon as you book your appointment. You can also call on the number to know about your booking confirmation.

Q7. Do you require deposits for appointments?

The services that are booked have their valued written below them which are to be paid immediately as that is what confirms your appointments and the beautician could be dispatched.

Q8. How long do I have to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

In case of cancellation or rescheduling of appointments, they should be changed at least 4 hours before the time of appointment.

Q9. What is included in your services?

Our services include waxing, facials, hair service, Mani Pedi and literally everything that is counted under beauty/grooming services that you take from a regular salon.

Q10. How can I make a reservation online?

Simply book an appointment through website or app and there you go. You will get an appointment confirmation through e-mail.

Q.11 How Book The Monsha's At Home Salon is different from the other salons?

The Monsha’s at home salon provide you both premium and regular services at affordable prices. Professionals are expert, polite and helpful and we use only top tier quality products.

Q.12 Can I trust on the beautician coming to my house?

The beauticians are trustworthy individuals as they only get aboard after a thorough background check.