Face bleaching at home – Things You Should Know

Table of Contents

Face bleaching at home – Things You Should Know

Table of Contents


Everyone wants to have instantly brightness and youthful looking face. It is common to both the genders. And since so is the case, both men and women have been trying face brightness remedies since times immemorial. Face bleaching at home seems to be one good idea for instant fairness. And for good many reasons as face bleaching at home shows remarkable results in just a few minutes. People have been using face bleaching at home since at least the 1500s. Recently, the companies have reformulated face bleach which gives off instant results and are skin friendly. 

Face Bleaching At Home – An Overview

Before we jump on to the next, let us have a look what face bleaching is all about. 

Bleaching skin is all about chemically treating the skin for reducing melanin pigmentation. It is this melanin pigment which controls the darkness of the skin. The more the melanin, the more dark the skin would be. There are two component of bleaching – one is bleach cream and the other one is activator. This is how a traditional pack of bleach comes. Mixing of these two in right proportions is absolutely important. As a rule of thumb, the ratio is 2:1. That means two parts of bleach cream and one part of developer. 

After mixing the mixture well, apply it on the face and leave it for about a few minutes. Always remember a small rule. People with dark skin should apply it for a longer period, about 15-20 minutes. And on the other hand, people with lighter complexion should go for not more than 10 minutes. It is because light complexion people are more vulnerable to hard action of bleach. Best is to reduce the time of application. 

Steps to face bleaching at home

  • Face prep

The very first step in order to bleach your face at home is to prepare it. Wash your face with a pH balanced face wash and with cold water. This will remove all the impurities and dirt from the face.  Cold water helps the face to gather a sudden rush of blood to the face. It is the skin’s mechanism of defending itself against some threat. This fresh flow of blood rich with red and white blood cells fight off free radicals and pollution. You can now apply the mix.

Always remember to apply the mix ASAP after the mix is ready. You should also do a small patch test it is your first time bleaching yourself. This allows you to see if you are allergic to bleach or not. 

  • Apply cream

Always remember to apply the mix in the direction of growth of hair. This ensures a uniform application of cream. Apply if evenly on your entire face. You may choose to apply a thicker layer over areas which have severe sun tan/burn. Do not apply if under your eyes or around your nostrils. This is because the mix contains chemicals like ammonia. It is acrid smelling and gives may sting your eyes or inside of your nose causing you to itch. Once you apply, leave it like that for 15-20 minutes. 

  • Soothe the skin

After allowing the mix to stay on your face for 15-20 minutes, wash it off with cold water. Bleaching has a strong impact on skin leaving it dry and at times itchy. Take care of this by applying some moisturizer. It provides hydration and maintains the skin acid mantle thereby taking care of dryness.

Caring for face post face bleaching at home

It is as important to take care of your skin as it is to bleach it. Atmospheric pollution and dirt is always active and constantly attacking the skin. As a result the skin keep on losing its vitality over and over again. But, there is a good news. You can now choose to delay it by simply taking care of your face in some simple ways. 

  • Avoid sun

We all need sun but only to a certain degree. The all life giving sun can also wreak havoc on your face if you expose it for too long. Avoid going out in harsh sunlight. Even if you are wearing an optimal SPF cream on your face, try not to have its direct exposure. Rather prefer to travel during the early hours of morning or of late in the evenings. 

  • Avoid soap 

Well, yes we have to mention this. There are people who use soap on face despite doing otherwise. Using soap on the face promotes further roughness and dryness of the skin. The general soaps that are available are quite basic in nature with disrupt the acid mantle of the face. This is why you should not use soap on face. 

  • Bleach face only at right intervals. 

While face bleaching at home brings out marvelous results, too much use can be disastrous. You should bleach your face not more than once in a month. This is because the bleach uses harsh chemicals on the skin in order to reduce the melanin production. The skin has to heal itself which usually takes about a month. Overly bleaching your face may trigger some auto immune disorder reaction.

  • Keep the skin hydrated. 

Post bleach your skin becomes quite brittle and flaky. You must under all conditions keep it hydrated with an enriching face masque. The best way is to use niacinamide based cream. It provides the best hydration to the skin for the longest. 

Benefits of face bleaching at home

There multiple positive facets of face bleaching at home. Let us have a look at them.

  • Saves time

Face bleaching at home definitely saves time. No need to wear your best clothes to a beauty studio and then wait for your turn to come. You can right away hop onto the process of applying the mix. The whole process would not take more than half an hour. You would have to spend one fifth of the total time you would spend otherwise. 

  • Saves money 

This is one of the marvelous benefits of face bleaching at home. It would cost your three times less than a regular beauty studio. You would agree that price does play a pivotal role while going for a purchase. And when a “do it yourself opportunity” shows up, it presents some learning and challenge along with saving money. All this while keeping up with the quality sure does seem like a great idea. 

  • No facing the traffic

As the population is booming, it only results in traffic and subsequent parking problems. This is what happens while driving to your favourite beauty studio. While it is always a great idea to go to one, there are some difficulties that one has to encounter. With face bleaching at home, you stay put and let the bleach happen inside of your home. 

  • Convenience and no stares

Your home is the most luxurious place of all in this entire universe. And generally, we want everything within the confines of our home. And this is what we get with face bleaching at home. But, this is not all. Not everyone likes the idea of covering his face with a thick layer of bleach and sit in a studio. For some, it is a rather disgusting experience. With face bleaching at home you escape the judging stares of the people in a studio. And can lay around during the entire duration of bleaching.

You can do face bleaching at home or call a professional. The difference. 

When it comes to face bleaching at home, you have two options. One is to do it yourself and the second one is to call a professional at home. Let us explore both of them.

When you try to face bleach at home all by yourself you simply have to follow all points we mentioned above. Although you can do most of it by yourself there might be certain hurdles. Nevertheless, simply tie your hair up, wearing a head band and apply the mix. Wash off after a few minutes and there you are. 

If you opt to call a professional at home you simply have to relax. The beautician/professional will take care of everything. The best with a beautician/professional is they know the right proportions and how to apply them. There is definitely a difference in application, if you apply it yourself and then you compare it with a professional. Professional will make sure to not apply around the eyes and nostrils which usually is a beginner mistake. And of course the wiping of the face is so gentle. 

Safety profile of face bleaching at home

There has been much debate as to how safe is face bleaching at home or in general. The problem that exists is the chemical treatment of skin. And the chemicals are quite abrasive towards skin. It also depend upon the company you choose the bleach of. Since all the companies have their own ways of manufacturing bleach, they adhere to different chemicals and in different strengths.  

There was a time when all the bleach contained mercury as a primary ingredients. Most of the companies have either reduced the strength of mercury of removed it all together. Yet, hydroquinone and steroids form other important ingredients of bleach. They have the potential of causing chemical poisoning of the blood. This can be a very serious medical condition threatening life. 

Other risk includes dermatitis. This is acute inflammation of skin triggered due to some unknown chemical reaction of bleach with skin. Steroid acne and blue-black pigmentation can also occur, especially where the skin is sensitive of allergic. Over bleaching your face can trigger some auto immune disorder. This may disturb the internal rhythm of the skin affecting the production of melanin cells. This may go on to cause their complete destruction resulting in vitiligo or a similar skin disorder. 

In nutshell, it would be safe to conclude that face bleaching at home under supervision and care produces marvelous effects. You can now choose to call a professional beautician who will bleach your face at home. Or you may go on and just do it yourself. No matter what you choose, face bleaching at home definitely brings out bunch of positives. You can simply relax and get instant brightness within your home.