Essence of bridal beauty treatments

Table of Contents

Essence of bridal beauty treatments

Table of Contents


There is a strong and overwhelming emotion in soon-to-be brides of taking bridal beauty treatments. It is a result of the inner awakening of the girls regarding their outer appearance. And for good measure the soon-to-be brides have started taking bridal beauty treatments. The very essence of bridal beauty treatments lies not only in the treatments but in what really follows. Nowadays, it is as common for a girl to take bridal beauty treatments before marriage as going through a bridal makeover on the day of marriage itself. 

Bridal beauty treatments improve your overall outer appearance and help you attain the confidence. These treatments are a series of beauty packages which to-be brides must take on regular intervals before their marriage. With these regular treatments, the personality starts to show gradual but definite improvements. By the time it is your wedding day, bridal beauty treatments show their effects to the fullest. 

The essence of bridal beauty treatment. What all they contain. 

The bridal beauty treatments encase a whole bunch of beauty services in them. These services are supposed to be taken in packages form. Each package contains at least two services. These set of services are customizable and either the beautician or the to-be bride can customize accordingly. The basket of bridal beauty treatments contains face care services, hair care services, hands and feet services and over all body services. Taking these services rejuvenates the to-be brides so they look absolutely gorgeous on their wedding day. 

The true essence of bridal beauty treatments lies in the marvelous effect that they give off. Let’s us look at them one by one.

  • Face care services

There are many face-care services like bleach, de tan, sheet masks, mold masks and facial. They can be further sub divided into services suiting the skin type. The primary purpose of face-care services is to look after the patchiness or discoloration of the skin. These services try to even out the look of the face. After the primary purpose is complete, they then rejuvenate skin and brings it back to life. You must have seen some people have a dull and gloomy look to their face even though they are quite young. It is because people do not care about themselves and become passive. 

This is where the face care services act. They brighten the skin by getting rid of dead skin cell on the top layer of the skin. It in turn improves the blood circulation and allows the skin to breath and come back to life. 

  • Hair care services

After face, hair of a bride probably attracts the most attention. But god does not gift healthy and beautiful hair to anyone just like that. One has to look after and care for them. The hair service includes hair spa, hair keratin, hair smoothening and straightening. Hair spa removes the extra build up of sebum from the scalp and helps the hair gain nutrition. Hair keratin fulfills the protein requirement of the hair and makes them healthy and strong. These are primary services which make the hair strong.

Now comes the secondary services which are responsible for making hair beautiful. Majorly smoothening/ straightening work out just well. Both the services remove weak and unhealthy hair. The hair in general becomes smoother, shiner and stronger just like the hair of Rapunzel. 

  • Hands and feet services. 

The appearance of hands speaks volumes on a wedding day. This is why to-be brides need to pay more attention to their hands since they have to wear a wedding ring. You as a bride would not want to bring out a sun burnt/tanned hand in front of a gathering in the ring ceremony. Hence the manicure service come to the rescue. The Monsha’s has specially curated manicure services for your hands. They take care of the cuticle and tiny skin fragments branching off. Removes tan and make them so gorgeous the groom just falls in love with them instantly. 

Similar are the feet services. Pedicure services help you get rid of the dead skin at the soles of the feet. Makes them more presentable. In certain cultures, like in India, the hands and feet of bride are covered with beautiful henna designs. These designs can only pop out and look resplendent if they are drawn on a clear and even toned skin. This is exactly how the hands and feet services help you. 

  • Overall beauty services

The overall beauty services include the therapies for whole of the body. It includes full body waxing including intimate area waxing, complete body bleach and scrubbing. A whole range of body polish services are also available to improve your bodily impression. And top of all there are full body massage services which takes care of your inner peace and help you maintain tranquility. 

Waxing of whole body makes sure the body becomes smooth. Waxing also helps removing sun tan and dirt alongside removing dead skin cells. Nowadays, the to-be brides are requesting for bikini waxing on a greater scale. This helps to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the intimate area. Bridal beauty treatments also offers great body bleach services. Bleaching whole body at least once before your marriage helps dissolve any discoloration of skin. It helps to remove tan and promotes evenness of skin tone.

Furthermore, to improve skin tone and remove dead layers of skin cell and dirt, scrubbing is a great idea. Scrubbing coupled with polishing of body exfoliates the dead skin. This allows the new cells to come up to the top. This also helps to improve the blood flow. Exfoliation is a deliberate process of causing controlled and minimal damage to the skin. This allows the blood to flow the affected layer. As a result, new cell formation takes place with improved supply of blood. 

And lastly, the bliss of bridal beauty services unfolds whole bunch of massage services. We know how hectic all the rituals can be before the marriage. Catering to so many guests and keeping up to their expectation is a challenge. Amidst all this, you have to go shopping for clothing, jewelry and what not. This definitely calls for a break to both your mind and your body. You can choose a relaxing Swedish massage session at your home. The masseuse carries her own bed. These are comfortable and portable bed made solely for the purpose of massage sessions.

The masseuse recreates an atmosphere by lighting up special sweet fragrance candles. The dimming of the light also helps to recreate an aura for body massage. With right massage technique you can now bid good bye to all the anxiety of marriage and allow yourself to revive altogether. Massage sessions generates a new you all set for the big day. 

Bridal beauty treatments expressing themselves

The bridal beauty treatments express themselves in a more subtle manner than you may ever imagine. These treatments do show their results with each sitting. And by the time you arrive on your wedding day, you see a great deal of difference. But, you see, it is when the time for makeovers and hairdo comes the actual strength of the bridal beauty treatments is put to test. If you take bridal beauty treatments religiously as prescribed, you will help yourself at a great makeup. 

MUAs love smooth canvas of a skin to turn you into an angel from heaven. As smooth and flawless face skin helps the MUA work things out easily. Similar is the story of hair. If your hair is strong and smooth then it can be easily managed into the toughest of hairdo. And how can we forget the henna designs on hands and feet and wearing of bangles and ring. Spotless and even toned skin help to enhance the overall outcome. 

A lot of people might not pay attention but in reality, it is the bridal beauty treatments that work in silence. Their role is more of a supportive one where they clearly back the bridal makeup services taken on wedding day. 

Till now we have covered the essence and benefits of bridal beauty treatments and how they affect the brides to-be. Now, let us also have a look at what happens if a bride to-be does not take these services. 

While taking or not taking these services is a matter of personal preference but they do have consequences. If taking bridal beauty treatments affects you in the positive, not taking will affect you in the negative.

Impact of not taking bridal beauty treatments.

The bride to be would have a broken skin. It can be patchy and discolored with an uneven skin tone. This can get particularly worse if there is a sun tan or the face of the skin is burnt in sun. 

The hands and feet can show similar negative results. It includes the obvious uneven skin tone or skin discoloration. But they may exhibit off matching of the skin color and tone from the rest of the body. This results in a ghastly sight and people generally avoid looking at such a mess. 

The hair might also come out as frizzy and unmanageable. Long and dense hair truly express the beauty of a girl are more valuable then gold. Bridal beauty treatments help to maintain beautiful and strong hair which express their dominance on the wedding day. 

With non-maintenance of self, it shows on the wedding day. The lack of upkeep is firstly noticed by MUA who finds it exceedingly difficult to do a great bridal makeup. As a result, the final look of the bride is heavily compromised. The saga continues where there is not much room for the hairstylist to perform the art. The hairdo meets a similar fate as that of face. And lastly the overall personality looks tarnished and shabby. 

In the end, taking bridal beauty treatments enhances the appeal of to-be brides. You can now book bridal beauty treatments at home from The Monsha’s. We take care of all your personal grooming and beauty services. The beauticians are all dedicated to their profession of serving you, today and always.