Benefits of bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi

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makeup artist at home in Delhi

Table of Contents


Wedding day is the most important day of a girl’s life. It is when she embarks on a new journey of her life once and for all. As it is the grandest day of her life, she must look like the best bride of the world. And this is where the quest of finding a bridal makeup artist starts. You have two options for an MUA, either go to an MUA or he/she comes to you. Although, it is a matter of personal preference, there are benefits of bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi.

Bridal make up is a special make up which is captured and embedded forever in the life of a bride. It requires a deep knowledge of color theory, lighting and of course makeup products. Hence, the makeup artist cannot be of average skills. Average skill delivers average results and a bridal make up demands nothing less than the best. Therefore, one must spend considerable time selecting a bridal makeup artist. 

People are generally aware of the pros of walking into a bridal makeover studio. Here we will embark on the benefits of a bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi and discuss in detail.

Benefits of bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi

  • Convenience of bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi

The very first benefit of booking a makeup artist at home in Delhi is the convenience of your home sweet home. The makeup artist arrives with his/her team of hairstylists and a spot boy. As it is your home, you can always rearrange the furniture (if the need be) as per requirement of space. You are made to sit comfortably on a chair before the bridal make up begins. 

This has a huge advantage as it allows you to stay put and get all dressed up. There are many things that you need to tend to at home and while the makeover happens, you can pay attention to that. There are so many which are working side by side that usually cause a disorder that you may forget upon something. Since, as the bridal makeup is taking place at your home, there is nothing you can forget of your belongings. 

  • Bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi gives you a makeup studio like feel

Some people might think that about the flashy and high-power lights of makeup studios. They naturally start doubting the low light condition of their home. This is a valid point to ponder over, but, The Monsha’s MUAs carry entire lighting set up with them. This includes at least one ring light, one soft light which is the key light. Other light can be carried as well for further lighting but generally this will do. The use of these high powered, low heat light to lighten the entire room up. 

This creates a powerful lighting set up which helps the MUA to do flawless makeup. This is the professionalism of a bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi.

  • Bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi gives you all the attention

It has been rightly said that focusing is the key to excellence. With an MUA at home you get all the focus that is concentrated on just one bride. Such surroundings are way more preferable for doing bridal makeup meticulously. And since a bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi focuses upon you fully, it brings out the marvelous results. 

Contrast this with a beauty studio, where there are multiple brides all expecting fabulous makeup. With so much divided attention, it generally results in lower quality of service rendered. Bridal makeup is a skill-based task which requires optimum time to produce flawless results. But the usual studios are all bustling with clients and staff running out and about. Moreover, there is a pressure of completing all the bridal makeups of that day which in turn creates a time pressure.

People should always bear in mind that a bridal makeup artist is an artist. And an artist has to fly freely instead of bound in chains of time in order to deliver the extraordinary.

  • Bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi does not make you wait in a queue

Getting a bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi has this unique feature of not waiting in a queue. There is no one before you for bridal makeup. This means as soon as you are ready the makeup artist starts with the makeup. In no time you are all dressed up in a long flowing gown/lehenga. This has yet another advantage as makeup artists focus entire efforts on only one individual. Since bridal makeover is not something that one should rush with, one should give it ample amount of time. 

As a result, the makeover artist concentrates his/her entire attention on one bride. This results in yielding marvelous results and speeding up the process.

  • Bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi helps you be on time

We all know how hard people are trying to make the ends meet on a wedding day. The most difficult of all is the moment when it is the time for the bride to enter. With a bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi or at your venue, you do have the luxury of fiddling with time. There is no one before or after you in the queue of makeup. It results in timely completion of the marvelous makeup plus reaching the wedding venue on time.

  • No facing the traffic with bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi

One knows how hard it is to beat the traffic and get back home on a usual/even day. But, when it is wedding day, it is not only you but thousands more getting married. With the people of the whole city preparing to go to respective weddings, it leads to traffic problems. With a bride stuck in a traffic jam it is like a nightmare which does not seem to stop. 

But when a bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi dresses you up, the traffic problem solves itself out. The venues have room inside where after getting all dolled up you can wait till it’s the time to go. 

  • Bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi or at your venue can be a bliss in destination wedding

Some people try to make their wedding a bit more special and memorable. And there are some others who want to get married but away from the bustling city. This is when they take their wedding to some exotic location. Though a destination wedding sounds cool, it gives you chills when it comes to a makeup artist. Your best studio would surely not send any MUA to far off locations to hamper the business that is already available. And it is about time you seriously start thinking about some MUA who provides bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi or your venue. 

  • Makeup artist at home in Delhi surely costs less

Once you believe in the quality of services an MUA delivers, it comes to the charges. This is where a bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi steals away all the spotlight from the beauty studio. The beauty studios charge an overwhelming amount for bridal makeup. The first quoted price is so high that even if you negotiate it still ends up extremely costly. 

Most of the time the quality of the makeup is completely disproportionate to the amount charged. It seems earning money through dishonest means has become the only available option for the owners. Upon booking a bridal makeup artist at home or at a venue the final price is one-third the price charged by the beauty studios. And with the quality of service

Do not wait till the very end for booking a bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi

In the end, there is a word of caution. Try to book a bridal makeup artist at home way in advance. This is because with the dawn of the wedding seasons, all the makeup artists start receiving tons of bookings. The best one gets all booked up within a matter of a week which is pretty obvious. But, even the not so famous ones have bookings in advance. Waiting till the very end may prove to be fatal as you may have to go to someone who is not talented. And worst still, you may still have to pay the same amount that you would have paid otherwise to someone way more talented.

You can now book a bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi pretty easily. All you need to do is pick up your phone and just book your slot. It will save you from tons of hassles and your path to looking gorgeous will become clear. On your wedding day, a professional bridal makeup artist at home in Delhi will transform you altogether. There are many platforms for you to book a bridal artist, yet, the Monsha’s is a class apart. It helps you get on board with the best makeover artist highly competent in makeup skill set. 

With The Monsha’s you can be sure of a dazzling bridal makeup.