How to book best bridal makeup artist for your wedding

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best bridal makeup artist for your wedding

Table of Contents


In the wake of wedding season, to-be brides are quite intrigued over getting a bridal makeup artist on board. They are falling head over heels as they try to figure out the best bridal makeup artist for their biggest day. And as a result a bride would move heaven and hell to hire one. But, the question still stands: how to book best bridal makeup artist for your wedding. And if you are looking for a solution to this problem, then this read is for you.

In order to find the best bridal makeup artist, you need to follow the steps as given below.

Checkout the profile best bridal makeup artist for your wedding 

Many best bridal makeup artist for your wedding options pop up on your screen in one social media search. Well, this made your finding all the more difficult. How would you know which one is better as each claims himself or herself to be the best? Therefore, the very first thing you need to do is make a list of the best bridal makeup artist for your wedding. Simply spend some time browsing their profile on social media. Since all of their work is available for everyone to see in the public domain it is easy to browse. 

A casual search will result in refining the list. Make sure to do this process very calmly. You may grab a cup of coffee as it would surely take a lot of time. This will ease your work out as now you would have a shorter list to work upon.

You must look for how rich a profile is. How diverse is bridal art? How much skill does he have? Can he pull off being the best bridal makeup artist for your wedding? A talented bridal makeup artist showcases diversity with elegance. Only one type of bridal makeup in a profile is definitely not the way to go. There must be a diversity in bridal makeup. A rich profile would house bridal makeups across different faiths and cultures. Since each culture has a stereotypical look in terms of its rituals. These rituals obviously influence the look of the bride. The more you find these specifications, the more are the chances to book the best bridal makeup artist for your wedding. 

The more bridal makeups from different cultural backgrounds the better the skill.

Choosing the best bridal makeup artist for your wedding

Once you are through checking out the profiles you may want to consider the best bridal makeup artist for your wedding and now you need to choose one. After browsing all those profiles, you must now be left with only a few of them. You now have to pick one bridal makeup artist out of a reduced list. This becomes quite perplexing as you have to choose the best among the best. We have already listed what exactly you must look for in a bridal makeup artist while browsing his profile. 

And just to reiterate, you must look for diversity in matters of skill. Once you have about 3-4 bridal makeover artists in the final list, you can now proceed to talk to them. Talking to your bridal makeup artist is quite indispensable. This waives off a lot of your doubts and confusion. Usually, the to-brides are confused and quite scared as well for their biggest day. Questions like how I will look, how should I treat my skin to make it better? Or is my skin ok for makeover or do I need to do something extra to start to creep inside their mind. 

The only solution to this is a direct and frank talk with a bridal makeover artist. All you need to do is pay attention to his attentiveness towards you and your problem. That is pretty much it. The better he understands and addresses them the better the chances of a great bridal makeup. 

Seal your slot with best bridal makeup artist for your wedding 

You may end up talking to 3-4 bridal makeup artists and may even finalize one. But the actual process of finalization takes place when you make some token payment. Consider this as absolutely important and indispensable. This can be a common mistake with you as a to-be brides as you may finalize the best bridal makeup artist for your wedding, but only in your minds. And once you re-approach them for the sake of bridal makeup they might get a total shock. 

The shock can come in two forms. First, you may find the prices hike up and second, there might be no slot available. Let us explain both the scenarios. The bridal makeup artist may increase the price because he might not have time to give you a bridal makeup on your decided date.  It is because you did not book your slot and he did not consider you for bridal makeup. He might have to arrange some other at par makeup artist immediately. And as there are hardly any good makeover artists available readily, the once available charge more. This is what causes the real price hike. 

The second one is obvious that the bridal makeup artist is overwhelmed. He/she cannot accept any more bookings because they are all packed. This ruins your dream to book the best bridal makeup artist for your wedding. Therefore, if you do not make a confirmation by giving some money in advance, then you do have a chance of ending up disappointed. Upon making payment, make sure to collect a receipt with your particulars properly filled. 

Caution while selecting best bridal makeup artist for your wedding 

Under no circumstances should you talk to the receptionist or junior makeover artist for your questions. You should not pose your apprehensions to even the closest subordinate of a bridal makeover artist. Rather always direct them to the person who would be carrying out your bridal makeup. It removes all of your doubts and confusion.

Usually, when you book the best bridal makeup artist for your wedding, his/her subordinates would say yes to almost every problem. They do so because they do not want to lose you as a client. But, the situation may backfire on the wedding day when the actual bridal makeup artist would not be informed of your situation. And there might not be any immediate remedy to the awkward condition. Therefore, always direct your qualms to that bridal makeup artist who would be doing your bridal makeup. 

This removes any chance of confusion and it ensures you receive a great bridal makeover. 

You must help out your best bridal makeup artist for your wedding 

While we have discussed the necessary steps you, as a to-be bride, need to take to ensure booking the best bridal makeup artist for your wedding. Yet there is a need for us to inform you what you must do on your wedding day. This would ease out the process of bridal makeup artist and in turn you would be the ultimate beneficiary. You can consider this tip as a bonus. 

On your wedding day, make sure to reach the beauty studio before your time slot. This is quite important as literally hundreds of thousands of brides share their wedding day with you. Naturally, there is a lot of rush in the makeup studio. The atmosphere is all lively and thoroughly bustling. And your best bridal makeup artist for your wedding is already overwhelmed. Your timely or before time arrival would make sure that the bridal makeup artist gives you his/her attention. As the entire process of bridal makeup is a lengthy one, there are good chances of brides getting late. 

And although a day of celebration, getting late can spoil anyone’s mood. And someone may consider your late arrival as your own cause of getting late. Therefore timely arrival is absolutely necessary. This way, your presence reminds them of your punctuality and they make sure to treat you like wise. 

Second important thing is that you should carry all the accessories the bridal makeup artist told you. You must not take this lightly as these, albeit small things, put you out of your rhythm. This fills you with a lot of anxiety and builds undue pressure. 

And lastly, make sure to not go alone. You must have somebody by your side readily available to your aid. You can take your sibling along or may be your friend or relative. They are as important as your bridal makeup. They help you through the entire process of makeup and keep you organized. If in case you forget something at your home, they can make a quick to and fro trip. If something is asked for by your best bridal makeup artist for your wedding, let us say some hair accessory or some skin care product, then they can quickly arrange. Their presence saves you from tons of misery. 

With this we draw to a close. Following the steps that we have mentioned above, you would be able to have that dream bridal makeover. Following the caution and keeping in line with bonus tips would ensure no hassle. And there are multiple methods to book best bridal makeup artist for your wedding. The Monsha’s is one such platform from where you can book a dream bridal makeup artist. You may either log in to the website or simply message on the Instagram profile. 

This way you can get in touch and if all goes well, you may proceed with the booking.