Benefits of waxing at home service

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Society demands certain norms; one of them being, keeping your persona and physical appearance kempt and tidy.  This includes the removal of hair all along the exposed part of the body no matter what may be the skin types.  Ideally, you must opt for hair waxing from your intimate body parts as well like underarms and groin.

Waxing at home service provides a simple yet efficient way to get rid of this problem. Parlor services may be quite cumbersome. Modern age has raised the bars of living, making it more quality oriented. Comfort, hygiene, cutting down on travel costs, more efficient work without pressure etc are all the issues that can be sorted by waxing at home service. If you don’t believe me, book an appointment and reap the fruits yourself!

What is Waxing?

Waxing at home service is the process of removal or forceful extraction of unwanted or visible hair from the body. It is a fundamental and indispensable part of a woman’s life especially on certain major occasions such as pre bridal, anniversary and other festive days. The most prominent and proficient way of doing so is waxing. Alternatives may include shaving, threading or the usage of hair removal creams. But these alternatives come along with their consequences. They may leave the skin pigmented, they may cause rashes or infections and the hair grows back coarser making the hair removal process more tedious for the next time. 

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Different Types of Waxing at Home Service:

  • Hot waxing is the most popular form of waxing. It is really painful yet effective.It involves heating up of a gooey solution on your body parts from where you have to remove hair. This process may lead to slight burns on the skin and pain while ripping away the wax as the adhesive sticks on the skin as well.

Advantages: this process can benefit those with sensitive skin. The heat of the wax also helps in the opening of pores and hence is also helpful in the process of exfoliation and extraction of dirt and impurities in the skin.

Disadvantages: the heat may be a little too much for first timers to bear. The removal of wax is also a very painful process.

  • Cold waxing is the new competitor of hot wax. This process requires the availability of a waxing strip. As the name suggests, there is no need for heating. The beauty professionals place a strip on the body part so that you intend to go hairless. They then gently press on the wax strip so it sticks to the underlying wax. And finally they quickly rip the wax strip apart, leaving behind a smooth glossy skin. An example of such type of waxing is rica wax.

Advantages: it is a mess free process and the waxing takes place in a much easier fashion. There is no risk of burning the skin with overheated wax. This method of waxing is very much effective for thinner and finer strands of hair.

Disadvantages: This process might not remove all the required hair strands in one especially if they are thicker and deep rooted. This process also causes a lot of pain while executing and may lead to itchiness, rashes, bumps and redness.

  • Hard wax: another name for this process is strip-less waxing.In this process, the beautician applies a thick layer of wax on your skin. In this procedure the wax does not stick to the body and is beneficial to people with sensitive skin. After wax application, the wax hardens making the hair stick to it. The beautician then rips the wax strip apart..

Advantages: since wax application does not include the sticking of the wax to the body, it is less painful. As it does not pull your skin while ripping the hair, there are no such issues as redness, itchiness or development of skin bumps. The amount of pain is also much lower in comparison to other types of waxing. This kind of waxing is proficient in the removal of fine hair strands.

Disadvantages: even though it is a more preferred option for those who have sensitive skin, nothing can be 100 percent guaranteed. Rashes and infections may spring up post procedure.

  • Sugaring wax: This is a natural way of getting the procedure of waxing done. This process makes use of ingredients like sugar, water and lemon juice, ultimately leading to a sticky solution. The beautician then applies this solution to your skin in the form of a very fine layer.

Advantages: since it is all natural chemical allergies don’t stand as an issue. Since it is an easy to do process it can be performed alone at home.

Disadvantages: it is a slightly painful treatment. It is not suitable for thin and fine hair. Also there is a need for multiple applications since one application may not present the required results.

Advantages of Waxing at Home Service:

 It is quite a hassle to travel to a salon and hair spa, for just a waxing session. Especially when most people crave for quite the opposite – that is luxury and convenience. Making an effort is really a big deal. Customers now rely on web based waxing at home service solutions. It offers more convenience and comfort with the same level of quality and satisfaction. The following are some of the reasons why waxing at home service has become more popular:

  • Saves time: by choosing waxing as a home service, you cut down on non-productive and time consuming activity. Activities such as, traveling to and waiting at a salon. Now, there is no need to face traffic jams and get hot in your head when you can opt for ease. No more queues or waiting for your turn
  • Saves money: contrary to popular belief, the amount of money that you spend waxing at home is actually quite lower than the other way round. This is because booking waxing service at home enables you to not pay for unnecessary expenses. Expenses like salon rent and staff salaries, all of which inflate your final amount. But, waxing service at home omits all the other costs you end up paying just for the service. This cuts down on the bill and eases up the brunt on the pockets.
  • Hygiene: at one’s home the factors of sanitation and hygiene are not an issue since it is your own humble abode and you have taken every step to keep it slick and clean.
  • More comfort: one is at more peace and stress free in a recognizable environment in comparison to a foreign, alien one. The customer does not need to pay attention to the judgmental eyes of the other people in the salon vicinity. One is able to enjoy the process completely in the privacy of their own home.
  • No more rushed treatments:  the beautician does not need to conduct the treatments in a rush as there is no time limit or limited time slot. The beauty expert can devote a longer period of time perfecting the art of waxing at home service. 
  • Post treatment measures: You no longer have to worry about reaching back home post waxing. This can be quite a concern for many as there is a constant sticky feeling which accompanies them back home. By taking waxing service at your home, you can take a bath immediately after your service. Hence pulling you out of your drudgery.
  • A plethora of side-benefits: Along with the removal of hair waxing also provides multiple side benefits as de tan, better circulation of blood, exfoliation of dead skin cells, emergence of healthy skin cells that lead to a glow facial.


We hope that this article has cleared all your doubts about the benefits of waxing services at home. It is now almost essential to keep your physical appearance in pristine condition which includes not only waxing but other services like manicure and pedicure, facial etc . The world judges you by the way you look. The saying “the first impression is the last impression” stands strong in today’s world. So make sure the first impression is a powerful one. It is only smarter to book for your waxing service at home due to the above reasons that we just mentioned.

Since, you can opt for waxing about once in 20 to 30 days, you need to do it in an efficient way. Thus keeping all the issues pertaining to health aside and opting for just the comfort and beauty services at home which are to follow. Waxing is an indispensable part of one’s life now and to ignore it would be to lower your self esteem and respect in the eyes of your fellow members of society. We would like to conclude by saying:

Waxing at home service is beneficial to all

All you have to do is pick up the phone and call!