Benefits of Online Parlour Service

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Table of Contents


No one wants to wait in this modern age. It is fundamental for humans to stay within their comfortable surroundings despite wanting something urgent. Whether it may be regular day to day grocery or electrical appliances that come for thousands of rupees; everyone orders them online in this day and age. Online parlour services are not lacking behind in this new trend. Everyone wants to be dealt with like a king or queen. This gives entrepreneurs and professional officials the opportunity to get new at home business ideas. Providing services at home can be beneficial to both the parties involved. Especially in the field of beauty treatments and salon services at home.

What is a Beauty Parlour?

A beauty parlour is an establishment where cosmetic treatments are conducted. Bridal makeup, threading, rica wax, plucking, facials, hair spa, manicure, pedicure etc are done in a professional manner. All kinds of skin types can be treated here. People involved in this organization hold some kind of expertise to conduct these treatments and services.

You must not confuse yourself with the concept of parlours and some other concepts. Examples such as Ice cream parlour, tattoo parlour, pizza parlour etc are different. Parlour is pretty much synonymous with beauty parlour.

Types of Beauty Parlours

Walk in beauty parlours 

These parlours follow the traditional outlook in which the customer should physically come into the parlour to get their cosmetic treatments done. This technique is quite outdated yet they refuse to change. 

 Parlour at home (web-based parlour platform)

This is the new method in which the customer can command the time and place to get their cosmetic treatment done. They get in contact with the service provider that is the beauty parlour through the world wide web and the mobile personal beauty parlour comes greets them at their doorstep.

What are Beauty Parlour Services at Home?

If the companies can deliver products and groceries to your doorstep. Then what hinders beauty professionals from providing their skills of the beauty industry to you, in your very own home sweet home? Online parlour services enable you to book your beloved beauty and grooming services through the internet. Just like any other web based platform, you can now parlour services online as well. They reserve a beautician at a particular date and time and the need to go to a  is eliminated. The beautician herself comes to the home of the customer with the necessary tools and equipment. She then provides all the services that the customer has booked or paid for.

Benefits of an Online Parlour

Terminate the issue of traffic

Who likes the bustle of the dozens of cars stuck at the same location for hours? Moreover isn’t the sound of multiple horns blowing together music to your ears? Taking the heat of a jam packed road is surely upto no one’s liking.. While it completely upsets a person and ruins their entire mood it also wastes time. As per the reports, an average person spends 60 hours in idle traffic in an entire year.. While here in India the estimate may be much longer. Hence, the need for online parlour services.  You can completely sort out this problem by inviting the beautician directly to your home. It pulls you up from the drudgery of driving amidst chaotic traffic. You may relax with a cup of your favorite beverage. And get the treatments and beauty procedures done at your pace and in the comfort of your home.

There is no time constraint on the process and things happen calmly

While physically going to a parlour may drain your body, waiting in line can exhaust your mind. Moreover if there is a long queue during the process of your treatment your beautician may rush the process in order to satisfy the long list of waiting customers. It may end up spoiling your entire experience and in addition, the fashion of job may become lethargically slow.

 However, booking a beauty treatment at home via online parlour services turns to a bliss. You no longer have to queue yourself up with customers before and after you. The major advantage of such a calming atmosphere reflects directly in the quality of the services. This enables the beautician to give you service satisfaction.. She can take her own sweet time to perfect the art of the procedure. You too do not have to be scrutinized for using up a lot of time.

The Comfort of your Home is Supreme

While visiting a parlour a woman can be hesitant to undress to get certain procedures done. Not a single girl wants anyone to judge them, especially upon her preferences. All this no longer remains an issue if online parlour services are provided. For example if a customer gets waxed at home she need not worry if her reactions to the pain are a little over dramatic or not. In the secrecy of her familiar environment she is more relaxed and at peace hence the experience of the treatment is also enhanced.

This avoids instant spoiling of the hard work

For this let us create a small scenario. You have been sitting in a parlour for the past 1 hour to get a pedicure. After you receive the treatment you are all set to go back home. But as you wear your flip flops you realize that all the hard work is going to go down the drain. You risk damaging your nails on your way back to home. Honestly, it is like a nightmare for any girl bidding adieu to fresh nail beauty services . Instead of this it will be much easier to manage post treatment activities if the beauty treatment is provided at home. You can schedule your chores after the treatment that will not spoil the effects of the procedure. Therefore online parlour services are a better option.

It is Pandemic Friendly

The guidelines suggest coming in contact with as few people as possible. Hence being in the vicinity of multiple customers and beauticians in the parlour, let alone the ones you meet on the way to the parlour, can be harmful as this may lead to the contraction of the coronavirus. Booking online services ensures safety in different dimensions. Since, only a beautician would enter your home, less becomes better and safer. It reduces any chances of contamination.

Make it Into a Team Bonding Activity

Having a parlour session along ‘the girls’ will always lead to a more entertaining experience. Just like a girls’ day out you may invite a bunch of friends to have the beauty treatment along with you. Treatments like de tan, waxing services, eyebrow threading and hair color can make the process both fun and relaxing. This will make the process less awkward and more comfortable. Along with the laughs and talks you will also emerge more beautiful and confident after the procedure.

Easy on the Pockets

In a parlour there are a lot of hidden expenses that make the treatment much pricier. The rent of the establishment, the electricity costs, the cost of keeping the place hygienic etc all funnel down to making the customer’s bill more expensive. Booking of online parlour services results in slashing of price drastically. It so happens as the beautician makes her way directly to your home, eliminating all the middle expenses. Those expenses which bloat the final amount like a puffer fish.  

You Can Customize it to your Needs

At home the branded products that the beautician uses may be replaced by the ones of your choice. That may be available at home and can be due to your sensitive skin or medically prescribed. For example if you require a facial skin done. Then you may ask the beautician to use a moisturizer of your choice that suits your skin type. This will lead to a glow facial as well as no after effects of a foreign product used on your face. 


Now that you know all about the benefits of online parlour services you may be more inclined to get them for yourself. Clear your schedules for 1 day every 1 or 2 months and have a day for yourself. Forget all the tensions of life and prioritize yourself for a change. It is necessary for the parlour business to evolve itself along with time as this is what the customers require now. So at the end of the day we would like to conclude by saying:

The benefits of online parlour services are innumerable;

Make each and every beauty session memorable!

Benefits of Online Parlour Service

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Salon at home services is not a new phrase anymore. There was some skepticism and stigma attached to it a few years ago but all of that has been wiped off completely. It took a while for the people to swallow and digest the fact that at home salon service can be provided to the people successfully keeping the quality of both the products and services intact. 

But there are still some people who doubt the authenticity of home beauty services owing to a few factors which we are going to discuss in detail.

V​alidity of beauticians/groomers​

The second important point is from the safety point of view which cannot be neglected as there are strict norms and regulation an individual has to go through before they could join a company as a beautician/groomer. The process may involve submission of government approved documents like aadhaar card, passport or driver’s license to verify the nationality of the individual and which are always at the disposal of the company if in case required. 

One thing must be noted above all that no company will ever risk smearing its own image and face value. 

Effectiveness of the beauticians/groomers​

This is a common qualm amongst a lot many people still if it is safe to invite a beautician/groomer inside our home for such services for obvious reasons. First understanding this is crucial that the beauticians are all qualified, product and service educated as well. They are all imparted a rigorous training of at least 10 days before they can be sent on their first assigned customer. Training eliminates the chances of low-quality service and product knowledge helps them to navigate through different products with a lot of ease. 

Respecting the customer​

This is one thing which stands out in its own self. The customer is respected and deemed above all. Beauticians/groomers in a way are drilled to take customer at their face value where the wish of the customer becomes their demand. Being polite and well mannerism is taught to a great extent.

Original products.​

While many salons and some part time-not so serious beauticians/groomers use low quality/duplicate products, such a risk is completely eliminated with proper at home service providing companies. Since the products are all available in one-time use packs, the seal of which is broken only in front of the customer there is no way a customer would be given service with a low quality/duplicated product. 

No contamination

As mentioned above that the services are provided with the help of one-time use products, one set of products can only last on one product and cannot serve multiple customers unlike the case in regular salons it eliminates any chances of contamination of any sort. Moreover, the use of disinfectant and constant use of sanitizer keeps the rest of the infections at bay. 

While the opinions can be divided but in the light of the above rock-solid points it is only safe to deduce that home beauty services are completely safe and reliable and can be taken without any fear of safety.