All about pre bridal packages

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All about pre bridal packages

Table of Contents


With the onset of wedding season, all the to-be brides are ecstatic for their big day. They look towards it with expectations and dreamy eyes. But there is more than what meets the eye in transforming a girl into an angel. And it is the pre bridal packages that lay a strong foundation upon which the girl stands as a proud bride. All the girls take care of themselves, yet pre bridal services add that subtle charm which otherwise is impossible to achieve. 

In this article, we would discuss the key features of pre bridal packages in detail. Let us move ahead. 

What are pre bridal packages?

Before we move ahead start to explain the advantages of pre bridal packages and its other details, let us first understand what are they. Pre bridal services are beauty services that you usually take from a beautician. But, when it comes to taking these beauty services especially with respect to the wedding of a to-be bride, some variables change. 

In this scenario, two or more beauty services are taken in one sitting. Moreover, you can customize your pre bridal package by deciding how many sittings you need and how many service you want to take in each sitting. You can specially curate these services as per your needs. If in case you are confused and do not know which services you need to take then you can always consult a beauty consultant. Or you may even ask an experienced and knowledgeable beautician. 

Why you should take pre bridal packages?

There are many people who do not understand the relevance of pre bridal packages. They do not know why a to-be bride should take them or what purpose do they serve. Therefore, it is very important for us to clear all the air clouding your vision. Wedding is an event before which people have to prepare a lot, well in advance. As a normal being, you visits innumerable venue before you settle down on one. And there is a similar case with bridal wears and jewelry. You visit tons of market places and try out in different shops to get hold of the best. 

Why would you go to such great length? And the answer is very simple – to deliver your best on the wedding day. You want all your guest to feel how prestigious you are. But, what about the bride and would you be okay if she looks average. Miraculously enough, it is the same thing with bride as well. In order to look like a heaven’s angel, she needs to prepare a lot in advance. Only makeup would is far from enough, plus it is a one day’s deal. Pre bridal packages are much more intense and stick to you for a longer time

When a to-be bride is booking pre bridal services, she is basically signing up for her own personal upliftment. It is these services which take care of a to-be bride and transform her outside in and inside out thoroughly. Because of these services, she is able to become that gorgeous bride that she has always dreamt of. 

What it the impact of taking pre bridal packages?

In this section, we would discuss the true impact of pre bridal services and how the serve you. You would agree that all the girls/females are beautiful, but not all take care of themselves as much. Some take care of them regularly, yet a vast majority does not care as much as it should. The end result is a compromised personality in terms of face, skin and hair. It can be because not all of the females want to take up beauty treatments, while some other prefer to be Tom boy. 

But, wedding guests would have none of it and won’t take anything less than a gorgeous bride. They would not take your personal reasons into account as to why you are below average as a bride. And this is precisely where pre bridal services jump into action. These services are an elaborate and comprehensive set of beauty treatments which enhance your personality. They have been divided into face, limbs, skin and hair and have defined services in each category. 

These services take care of your vital features which speak volumes. They improve the texture of your skin and make it look smooth. Your hair becomes strong and shiny and your hands become extremely presentable. And of course that radiant glow with a rose dew face is all because of extensive face services like detan and facial. And that is how pre bridal packages take care of you and how they promote your self-esteem.

You should however note one important thing. Any to-be bride who has never taken care of herself or has neglected herself her entire life would require more and extensive sittings. Just one sitting of pre bridal services won’t do as it would a long while to correct the harm of lifelong neglect. And on the other hand, those to-be bride who take care of themselves on a regular basis would need less of these services. It is as simple as that.

Impact of not taking pre bridal packages

The impact of not taking pre bridal services is just the opposite of taking them. Now, this section may unnerve you as we would share with you absolute truth, concealing nothing. Picture this, what happens if you do not wash your face for a few days? It would become lifeless, dull and despicable. What happens if you have never applied an SPF cream on your hands? They get suntanned and sunburnt. What happens if you do not wash your hair for a fortnight? They would attract dirt and would become shabby.

There, you have it as your answer. Not taking pre bridal packages would mar your personality and crush it completely. These packages intend to improve you as a bride and lift your personality up. 

How pre bridal services helps makeup and makeup artist as well?

Now here is an interesting thing about taking pre bridal service at home. It not only helps you to look elegant but also paves way for the makeup artist. Many to-be brides have this misconception that their makeup artist would handle it all. But, in reality makeup artist can only accentuate your features further. No one can plough through a desert. Similarly, to have undue expectations from your makeup artist when you have not cared for your face in years is just unfair. 

Not makeup artist in this world can transform you into an angel who if you do not care for yourself. At best, they do give you a stunning makeover, but post marriage, once you wash off your face you sink back into reality. Furthermore, you own husband might have some change in opinion about your beauty. That is why it is pre bridal packages help you to tone up your face skin and make it become supple. This acts like a smooth and friendly canvas upon which makeup artist can exhibit her art. 

Pre bridal packages serves in honeymoon period as well.

This is now the second interesting point to note which usually no one notices. The goal of a to-be bride is to not only look stunning on her wedding day but also to preserve her beauty post marriage as well. Taking pre bridal packages not only make you come out as a bewitching bride that the rest become envious of but also helps you stay beautiful post marriage too. 

It is post marriage that you would embark on your honeymoon period. Post marriage you won’t be wearing marriage makeup each day. You would have to rely upon on you natural beauty with minimalistic makeup. Wearing a heavy makeup does not even make any sense post marriage because you would be out on honeymoon vacations. All you would most likely carry is an SPF cream, lipstick and an eyeliner. And this is where pre bridal packages would help.

Since pre bridal services worked upon your natural beauty instead of just a superficial makeup, it created a strong foundation for you. You can now carry yourself off naturally and with confidence since your face exudes radiance without any external help.

What if you do not know what kind of pre bridal packages should you take?

Now here is a legitimate question that a to-be bride might ask you that “I do not know what kind of pre bridal packages should I take”? This is a very common scenario as not everyone to-be bride is aware about herself. It can split your differentials pretty easily, making you tip over. Since it is a matter of evaluating yourself, chances are that you would misevaluate yourself pretty heavily. 

When such a case arises, you can always have a direct conversation with the beauty consultant of The Monsha’s. We have expert beauty consultants who have deep knowledge about all the beauty treatment and how they affect you. Once you connect with them they enquire you about your basic vitals. Like your skin type, your lifestyle routine and if you are allergic to anything. All of these decide what beauty treatments should be there in your pre bridal packages. 

The beauty consultants also customize a package for you as per your needs and requirements. 

In conclusion, pre bridal packages improve your personality, and also add positive vibes to you post marriage lifestyle as well. Taking them is surely subscribing yourself to a blissful peace and confidence. You may now book pre bridal service at home from our platform – The Monsha’s. Our efficient, knowledgeable and experienced beauticians would give you high quality service. You can directly book from our website or you may even give us a call and book an appointment directly. Since, pre bridal packages concerns the biggest day of your life, you must not take any chances.