About Us


With a clear objective of providing salon services at home in most affordable prices keeping the quality intact there is nothing clouding our vision. We, as the core team of The Monsha’s, intend to cater the best in class superior services with the help of thoroughly trained and product educated professionals.

While the entire sector is an open end market where there are tens of thousands of beauty product available we select only the trusted brand to be used in serving the customer which are all screened over the parameters of quality.
The monsha’s takes end to end responsibility of the customer’s service experience and we intend to raise the bar ever so high.

Men Facial service given by The Monsha's

About Monsha's

To take The Monsha’s as just another platform from where you can book your salon at home services can be really misleading. The Monsha’s is more than salon at home. The name with it carries this graceful demeanour of superior/rich class service and deep trust with respect to profession.

We have the policy of controlling end to end customer experience which means that the products associated with each service are specific and tested innumerably for quality and perfect result. This leads to erasing all the qualms one may have while booking a service from the monsha’s in relation to both the products to be used in service, service itself and the professionality of beauticians/groomers since all the factors are closely monitored day in and day out for enhanced customer experience.

You don’t just book the monsha’s you book the best.

OUR Dedicated TEAM